Monday, January 25, 2021

What Was Biden Thinking About With That China EO?

I'm glad you asked. It's like this. It's complicated. I'll circle back ...

 On a more serious note ...


  1. We'll have to, we'll have to flat spin back into you, er, the ground, later. As you know, Zhou Bai-Deng is committed to undermining US energy- and health security by allowing the CCP to provide critical infrastructure and pharmaceutical precursors and finished products to their enemy, us--the US--so as to cripple our response to future crises. We will have to circle jerk back to you...

  2. In one week she has done more spinning back to you....anyone keeping a log of those questions....!!???

  3. One of the best things about Trump’s election was the disappearing of hideous Jen Psaki. She and Marie Harf were the dreadful spokespersons for State and ? during the gloomy lying Obama siege. Harf went to Fox causing more remote controls to be clicked than ever before. But there was no Psaki!!! Yay!!!!

    And now Biden has dragged her back. I’d rather have a dead cat in our living room. It would at least be better-looking.

    1. And smell better.

    2. I think Tony Shaffer shares the view:

      Tony Shaffer

      Wow... stump the chump!
      @EmeraldRobinson asks a completely cogent, pertinent question regarding @JoeBiden's actions regarding China and @presssec is completely unable to answer...why?
      Should we call for a special counsel regarding the Biden's relationship with China?

  4. This blog is even better post-election...much funnier. T.S.Eliot says one of the gifts reserved for old age is “rage at human folly”...but Jane Austen knew that high hilarity at human folly is even better!