Sunday, January 10, 2021

Intended Or Unintended Consequences?

Isn't the reality that the Deep State simply brought these tactics to the Homeland?

And more perspective: 


  1. The GOP is finished if they give a green light to impeachment and actually convict. They are finished if they convince Trump to step down 10 days till he leaves office.

    Also, the GOP is finished if they continue ti oppose their own, unlike the Democrats (see AOC).

    I was asked on a different thread who would I vote for now? Well, it won’t be Democrat and there is an extremely, almost positively, to 99.9% chance it won’t be Republican.

  2. Shows how little they understand Trump.

    >Democrats and the Republican leadership in the Senate
    > right now is convincing

    He knows his congressional opponents have a glass jaw.

    The true threat is from the NY AG, which is not covered by a pardon.

    Great post on understanding the rage.

    Good points about how other countries are looking at the censorship by the tech giants. Big tech due to hubris just themselves in the foot. And cost the US a huge amount of credibility on free speech. How short sighted.

  3. Another point Republicans miss because... well ... there Republicans...

    Democrats almost exclusively hang together.

    Dem Rep Jerry Nadler called Antifa a myth. He was very focal in Trump’s impeachment.

    He also convinced Bill Clinton to pardon domestic terrorist Susan Rosenberg. She was part of an a female faction of the Weather Underground. She helped plant and successfully detonate a bomb in the Senate offices attempting to kill Republicans.

    Get it?

    Democrats stick together like family. Republicans look down and hate other Republicans.

    At times you truly have to use fire to fight fire.

    How many Democrats repudiated James Hodgkinson who tried to kill Republican Congressmen?

    Pelosi got mad that anyone would blame her or Democrats for that.

    So, vote Republican anymore?


  4. THERE IT IS: Evil Pelosi Admits in “60 Minutes” Tongue-Bath Interview that Motivation for Impeachment Is To Ensure “He Never Runs Again” (VIDEO)

  5. Off topic question for you, Mark.

    Is there a possibility that Michael Flynn is/was a black hat? It's something I've always considered, and am now leaning more and more towards.

    There are those that have maintained all along, that he was. As a former Democrat, and a former intelligence agent, maybe he was put up to get close to Trump in order to besmirch him?

    FWIW, here are some analysts that have claimed all along he wasn't a Trump ally, and the logic behind their analysis:

    As we have all realized that Bill Barr was just a fixer, it does beg the question why he dropped charges against Flynn. Furthermore was the mode he chose - to do it on a technicality (immateriality) rather than publicly confirm that the DOJ and Mueller SC were full of shit. If Flynn was an intel asset, some of this answered.

    Further curious is Sydney Powell's Kracken, and the association wit Gen. McInerney which fizzled mightily, the association with Lin Wood, who is clearly insane, Flynn's nods and winks to Qanon, and some of the recent drama between Tracy Beanz (associate of Flynn) and Fiona Mikayes (an intel analyst with years of excellent analysis). Further suspect is Sidney and Flynn's association with Patrick Byrne, who is quite clearly a disinfo agent, whether a willing asset or not.

    Another point - the fact that Trump pardoned him and trusted him means it's actually likelier he's a baddie - Trump's greatest weakness is his judgment of others' character.

    There is so little that we plebs know, and there is a great amount of fog of war about.

    At this point in time, I think it possible that Mike Flynn is running one of the greatest ops of all time, and we are the target.

    1. I'm extremely skeptical of such theories. For various reasons I wasn't actually in favor of the Flynn appointment, but the fact remains that he was clearly being targeted for retribution by both CIA and FBI well before Trump took over.

    2. I say that while acknowledging that I was burned badly by Bluto Barr.

    3. We were all burned badly by Bluto Barr.

    4. @Charles Z

      Ha! Good questions!

      And déjà vu all over again.

      Mark may remember that several times in years past I have gone far out on a limb (or limbs) here to argue that 'Brennan' infiltrated Trump's campaign from the get go with moles and spies. If memory serves, (even) Mark may have believed I have speculated a few speculations too far.

      In my speculative nightmares 'Brennan' planted all of Michael Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Sam Clovis and Mike Rogers (former Michigan Rep and House Intelligence Chair) in the 2016 Trump Campaign. Their day job was to act like loyal campaign volunteers. Their real job was to be available to be confronted from time to time by operatives (spies) employed by 'Brennan' (Stefan Halper being the main one, but Joseph Mifsud also comes to mind) and provide embarrassing and inculpatory information (whether true or not is irrelevant) about Trump's connections with Russia.

      Here's the thing about Flynn, Page, Papadopoulos, and Clovis. None (except Flynn) was a very credible high level policy adviser but each had very real connections with the IC before coming to Trump. Was their job to burrow into the campaign and then provide 'incriminating' evidence to 'spies' Halper and Mifsud? Whether Flynn, Page, Papadopoulos, and Clovis knew exactly what they were doing or were simply dupes and useful idiots may well be irrelevant. So might be their subsequent public 'outrage' at being used. Their job (for which one assumes they were amply paid) was simply to get set up.

      Flynn, of course, had real credentials to act as a Trump policy adviser. But I still strain mightily to buy the theory that his actions with Kislyak were in any way actually incriminating (what is a security adviser supposed to if not talk to adversaries?) and I have never completely bought his initial guilty plea (to a false statement) when there was in fact no evidence (the 302s were doctored) against him which could be used at trial to prove the false statement.

      I have also always wondered about Former House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Rogers who purported to be a Trump adviser during the 2016 campaign (although his wikipedia entry has since been wiped of this involvement). Read the following interview which Rogers gave on Trump and Putin and ask yourself whether, in hindsight, Rogers worked for Trump or for Brennan...

    5. Just as a data point, here's a piece of an interview of Flynn with Alex Jones, presented by a body language expert. She concludes that Flynn is not engaged in deception.


    6. That is the kind of sly stuff that comes sailing in out of left field without any sort of support or attribution. Doubt-planting.

    7. If you track Chalet Books and David Reznor around, you find (eventually) that Chalet Books is Randy McDonald (apparently a well-known Scientologist) whose real name is Jon Randall McDonald, but who has gone by and still goes by a slew of other names. David Reznor, Jon Storm, Ashton Gray. A prolific writer, he peddles his books, written by his various personas, on Chalet Books.

      I’ll stick with what I know about Flynn and skip this stuff. Those who hide behind multiple names and subterfuge are not reliable sources, IMO.

    8. Here is the link to the information about Randy McDonald/John Randall McDonald/David Reznor/Chalet Books/et al:

      I am a very strong believer in checking out those who make allegations like the ones about Flynn. On the internet especially, we never know who is pushing “information” unless we try to find out what their story is.

    9. I see that while I was writing my last comment wondering about Flynn, etc. Mark pooh-poohed the notion that the 2016 Trump Campaign was infiltrated by 'Brennan' operatives.

      I get it. But there's lots of stuff I used to think was unthinkable that is no longer unthinkable.

    10. @Bebe

      Yes. Thanks. In particular I had been wondering who 'Ashton Gray' is.

      But I'm not going to stop wondering about things that don't make sense to me because someone tells me they are 'baseless'. If I were to do that I'd have to believe Joe Biden actually won the election! :-)

    11. What I'm saying in that regard is that Brennan was very careful to ensure that it was FBI fingerprints on all the anti-Trump ops. Rogers, for example, would have been very well known to Brennan, but Rogers was ex-FBI and would have worked with the FBI in a CI op.

    12. Completely agree. One aspect of the operation was undoubtedly to make it look like a (by-the-book) FBI investigation.

      This is also why I cannot rule out 'baseless' speculation. Brennan would be an embarrassment to his profession (well, more than he already is) if he didn't know how to make speculation look 'baseless'.

      Lest we forget, Brennan's profession is SPY and not NETWORK TV ANALYST.

  6. Here is a link from the Chronicle of Higher Education. I put it up to show how totally, completely, beyond repair the bridge between left and right is. You can't talk to people like her, a college president. This is a glimpse into the mind behind "insurrection" and "impeach."

    1. @Titan

      If you are a racist, everything is about racism.

    2. College presidents are just as eager as politicians not to let a crisis go to waste. Last June, they seized on the death (not murder) of George Floyd to declare war on their vaguely defined notion of structural and/or systemic racism, and are now trying to smear all conservatives with white supremacist insurrectionism. In lockstep, they declare their commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equity, but work to silence or intimidate all opinions that challenge their own far left views. It’s very bad now, but will get much worse, as hiring, tenure, and promotion decisions will now be made on the basis of these criteria.

    3. " hiring, tenure, and promotion decisions will now be made on the basis of these criteria."

      You left out admissions/graduations.
      Tom S.

  7. Completely off-topic but I need to ask. Is anyone having a gmail problem? I'm freelancing for a company and have been unable to send them any gmails for the past week -- in

    They go to sent folder, but get a notice not delivered. Emails elsewhere are all delivered. The company says all systems are go.

    Is anyone else experiencing anything similar?

    Hoping it's easily explained, but have a bit of dread that Google is acting up.

    1. I’m suspicious on gmail.

      Some person on a marketing list I’m part of brought up something about “adults in the room” and I nicely asked her to stick to marketing, and stop the gas lighting, and then after some spoiler space wrote a political reply.

      The email after I sent it ended in my trash. Very strange...

    2. No, he was just naive and as usual, the GOP, left him out to dry, as the FBI and Mueller Team did their best to get him to flip through actions beyond the pale.
      > Michael Flynn is/was a black hat

      Contrast with the support Leftists / Democrats provide to:
      - Trump 300+ inauguration rioters. Legal and lodging. After 18 months charges dropped.
      - Aswan Brothers
      - Fusion
      - BLM “protesters”

    3. Call me 'paranoid'.

      My suggestion to family and friends (anyone who will listen) is to start ridding yourself of anything Google/FB/Amazon - entirely; the writing is on the wall, and there ARE legitimate alternatives to counter what they are doing.

      Think about this..

      Google owns 97% of every web search, image search and video search that happens on the web. In other words, they know everything* there is to know about your digital behaviors.

      If you smash this together with your location data being transmitted to them (provided you use Google Maps), they know everything there is about your physical* behaviors, the routines of your movement (unless you shut off your location services).

      Taken together with the multiple hacks of the health records of 170 million people, drivers license numbers, dates of birth, social security numbers in September of 2019...

      GMail is just one, small chunk of what Google owns, and it's clear their motto of 'Don't be Evil' is completely out the window.

      Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Mozilla are specifically targeting conservatives with 'just' censorship, just right now.

      It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out they're now providing your political profiles to people who have zero qualms of physical violence.

      If you aren't taking control of your digital life - aggressively - then I don't know what to tell you.


    4. No, I won't call you paranoid. You didn't add that Google was basically a creation of the Deep State.

    5. Almost the first thing I was taught when I went on the Internet was to be paranoid! It is a jungle out there and those who roam around, willy nilly, clicking on this and that, often end up in a world of hurt.

      Don’t do social media. Some family members, who like to share photos on Facebook, know they can send them to me directly.

    6. People who have reason to care about their privacy can use burner phones. (Why walk around tethered to all day? It's weird.)

    7. For a few dollars a year (much less than $50), you can get your own domain name and buy non-google hosting – the registrar will probably offer it to you. GoDaddy (I don't like) and Namecheap are only two of many available. Then you have your own email and, if you wish, your own web site. My domain name is ~$13 a year, and hosting is a similar amount (up to 3 domains). Setup for email is super simple, and you have total control.

      The only weak link is the internet itself. If Comcast, AT&T, and a couple of others decide they don't like you, you have a problem.

      I also have a hotmail account I rarely use, and a googlemail account I never use – just in case.

      Personally, I will suffer a lot of inconvenience before using Google.

    8. Thanks. I should probably look into that. The problem I'd have is migrating everything.

    9. Thanks for the feedback. Any suggestions re safe email provider?

    10. For email I've moved to proton and tutanota

    11. Yup. Proton email is a great start. Putting yourself behind VPN is also now becoming table stakes, for both desktop and mobile. I have uninstalled Mozilla as well after they came out last night.


    12. Following mistcr's suggestion, I have opened a account...

      Over the weekend I closed my twitter and facebook accounts (facebook was a little tough with 13 years worth of pictures) and uninstalled my firefox browser (easy after reading this:

      I then installed the browser and switched my default browser from chrome (with google search engine) to brave and designated duckduckgo as my default search engine.

      I'm watching Bongino daily on Rumble, so that's pretty much it for youtube. I was able recently to load the Rumble app on my smart tv.

      I've got a six year old iPhone so apple isn't making much money off me there.

      So far so good. Brave and duckduckgo are working fine.

      Onward and upward!

    13. Opera has integrated free VPN, which you can switch on and off. It seems to me that browsing can be a bit sluggish with it turned on. The interface is annoying to me.

    14. @Cassander - ditto, just about down the line. I've been particularly impressed with Brave as a mobile browser; it's slick. Turns out it was developed by one of the principals at Mozilla...who was run out by the progressives there. ;0)

      Another two alternatives to Google products:

      1. StartPage - it queries Google but strips out tracking info. I like it as default search engine.
      2. - I just found this super light-weight app for mobile maps/directions; it's a great alternative.

      They don't track, and you can use the maps off-line - all free.


    15. I use StartPage as well as Duck Duck Go--one in each of the two browsers I usually keep open. I like them both.

    16. Leaving amazon for books, home supplies and electronics will not be so hard. There are plenty of alternatives.

      Harder, for us, will be finding an alternative to amazon prime for movies and tv. Suggestions?

  8. With Google, Twitter, Amazon, etc., driving Parler out of business, at least for the moment, this reminds me of the Anti-Trust lawsuits against the oil magnates and industrialists in the 19th century. Not being a lawyer, can only the government bring such a lawsuit or can individual companies being harmed by these actions file suit? If it is only the government, then Parler (and any others) is doomed until it can find or purchase servers to support its business as the incoming fascist government is totally onboard with suppressing speech, e.g. the latest being trying to criminalize Trump rallies.


    1. Very true, the difference being that while the threat is clear to all, the Congress and courts are doing NOTHING.

    2. Anti-trust and the driving of Parler off the web is just the start.

      Congress has no respect for the Constitution, and that's not hyperbole; for them to allow FISA to continue to exist is PROFOUNDLY unconstitutional.

      We now know the level of corruption in the ranks of Federal agents. To think that the abuse of FISA was/is limited to Trump in 2016 is just delusional.

      Their appetite for illegal surveillance was off the chain before Trump came to office, accelerated while he was in office, and now with the January 6th protests will be pushed to the max.

      If memory serves, Judge Napolitano wrote an op-ed on this late last year, and the numbers of Americans 'caught' in the abuse of FISA were staggering...and those were just people caught up in the 'incidental' intercepts.


    3. The FISA court is just like any grand jury - one side walks in and spins the evidence any way they want and the walk out with their ham sandwich indictments. The judges are a rubber stamp so we need to start there. Of, course that is pie in the sky thinking that anyone will look to reform themselves. Exhibits A and B are Stacy Abrams sister and judge Sullivan.

    4. On the contrary Mark. They are playing their part well. They twiddle their thumbs and utter an occasional harrumph in order to placate those that will cling to any slender reed of normalcy, like children pulling up the blanket, shutting their eyes, and whispering "eat me last" when they get an inkling of a monster in the bedroom, while the DS beavers away at running things for the masters they both serve.

      Congress is the very template of institutional corruption.
      Tom S.

  9. For what it’s worth, Mark, Aaron Mate at RCI this morning is calling on Trump to use his remaining time in office to declassify, though he limits his argument to Russia collusion and related matters.

  10. Zerohedge reports Parler sues Amazon for anti-trust violations and breach of contract. I suspect this is only the beginning. Google and Apple could be right behind them.

    1. Same writer here...Margot Cleveland has a thread up about the lawsuit:

      Interesting highlights point out a recently signed deal between Twitter and Amazon connecting their financial interests. Also, despite public facing positive sentiments but as one might suspect, Parler asserts in their filing that AWS's refusal of services serves essentially to put them out of business permanently. All their alternatives for hosting them have fallen through as they have become blacklisted.

  11. The Parler case is beyond strong. I'd call it a slam dunk, but the last time someone used that phrase we ended up in Iraq. What's terrible, I don't trust the judiciary. All Amazon has to do is to get the case before a, say, Judge Sullivan.

  12. Scott Adams has a new pledge of allegiance that we would all do well to memorize if we want the Tech Oligarchs to allow us to stay online:

    I pledge allegiance to the official narrative. And I affirm that our election systems are the only digital systems that are 100% immune from hacking. I further affirm that there was no election fraud of any kind because we are not allowed to check.

    Amen and awomen


  13. PubliusFlavius says:
    January 11, 2021 at 3:33 PM

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”
    ― Benito Mussolini


      Tom S.

    2. LOL! The GOP may be forced to do the unthinkable--go to the nation!

  14. No surprise at all - I wondered when we’d hear something like this.

    Navarro: Trump ‘Itching to Defend Himself’ Against Impeachment

    Peter Navarro.

    1. The Senate will not let anything approaching a trial to take place. It will be a trial in name only, and all about politics--which is to say, the second impeachment trial will look a lot like the first one, but this time the Dems will cram it through on their terms.

    2. They cannot try a civilian.

      Impeachment is removal from office. He’ll be out of office by 1PM ET on January 20.


    3. Correct. The whole notion is quite absurd.

    4. Unfortunately, with the active aid of the propaganda collective, they have had a lot of success making lemonade out of the absurd over the last five years.
      Tom S.

    5. Besides, the primary purpose is a shiny object to hold high while, down low, fundamental changes are quietly made to the mechanisms of gov't to, " the darkness bind us."
      Tom S.

    6. "changes are quietly made to the mechanisms of gov't....", and to the whole means of commo amongst the public.
      For all we know, sites like this may be banned w/in, say, 12 days.

    7. Ah, yes. Shiny objects. The Left should be very grateful it has a compliant media arm to distract us with shiny objects.

      Shiny objects we must talk about:
      • Trump incited insurrection and must be impeached
      • All conservatives are guilty of insurrection
      • Conservative speech is dangerous and must be suppressed

      These are the only things we can talk about.

      Stuff not to be talked about while talking about shiny objects:

      • Was there material election fraud and illegality which permitted Biden to 'win' the election
      • Did antifa infiltrate January 6 assault on Congress?
      • Does Biden have meaningful health issues or cognitive deficiencies which should be disclosed if he is to hold and while he is holding office
      • Did Biden benefit from money family members took from China and other foreign state actors which has not been and must be disclosed
      • Have Eric Swalwell and other United States officials been paid by or compromised by the CCP
      • Did FBI and other government agencies act illegally to investigate Trump during the 2016 election and afterwards and should they be prosecuted
      • Did Mueller committee lawyers act illegally or unethically to frame and convict political enemies during Russia Election Investigation
      • Did Adam Schiff and other House Democrats lie and falsely accuse Trump of Russia Collusion and impeachable offenses in relation to Ukraine
      • Is Big Tech violating United States antitrust laws and improperly suppressing free speech in deplatforming political voices it disagrees with
      • Was George Floyd 'murdered'?
      • Are COVID lockdowns and related policies doing more damage to the country than the illness itself?

      I'm sure there are many other things we are not talking about which we should be if we were not distracted by the shiny objects.

  15. The NYT is having a swell time:

    Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, has told associates that he believes President Trump committed impeachable offenses and that he is pleased that Democrats are moving to impeach him, believing that it will make it easier to purge him from the party, according to people familiar with his thinking.

    Now, there’s a well-sourced piece. /s