Thursday, January 14, 2021

Open Up!

 As if on cue ...

Next up, maybe: A coherent explanation for a vaccine for an ever changing virus? And why effective remedies had to be--still have to be--suppressed. Is it because without dead people the lockdown couldn't have been sold to a fearful public?


  1. It's just unbelievable and infuriating.

    ..yet exactly what we've known from the very beginning.


  2. It would be nice if hcq was pushed as effective by our elites.

    I don’t think it will happen due to big pharma, but I would be very happy to be proven wrong.

    I’m surprised the recent change in the narrative on the origins of Covid.


  4. Milwaukee 'opens up' today 1/15. Saw news that Groot of Chicago wants 'open' within a couple of weeks.

    But we're crazy to think it's a conspiracy.

  5. Someone need to explain the lack of increases in US deaths in 2020. It's another science'e data issue!

    Apparently everyone stopped dying of everything else and instead die of covid, or covid made no difference... Both can not be true.

  6. But wait! Biden Inc. will love this:

    Previously, the CDC noted that so far, there have been a number of mutations to the virus.

    “Among these possibilities, the last—the ability to evade vaccine-induced immunity—would likely be the most concerning because once a large proportion of the population is vaccinated, there will be immune pressure that could favor and accelerate emergence of such variants by selecting for ‘escape mutants,’” the CDC said. “There is no evidence that this is occurring, and most experts believe escape mutants are unlikely to emerge because of the nature of the virus.”

    But they don’t know, do they...

    1. Tx, Bebe.

      No, they don't--because this is an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine. The MSM ignore that fact, the politicians ignore it, but that's the reality. This mRNA vaccine is totally new, and there are problems cropping up--especially among the most vulnerable, the elderly. That talk of making this mandatory is way premature.

      Escape mutants are one problem, but just normal mutations could be enough to require repeat vaxxing. I've seen that discussed. That's why coronaviruses are generally regarded as poor candidates for vaccines and why flu vaccines have to be constantly rejiggered and don't achieve even 50% effectiveness.

      Fabulous amounts of money have been invested in the vaccine process, but there are highly effective and COST effective treatment regimes that have been ignored or, effectively, blocked by the establishment that would be a far better IMO investment.

  7. They wouldn't dare brazen this 180 if they weren't extra confident in their continued ability to fix elections.