Wednesday, January 13, 2021

UPDATED: Go Ahead--Spit Into The Wind

Red State has an article up titled: Poll Reveals Democrats Pushing Impeachment Are Spitting In The Wind. It's a discussion of the results of a John McLaughlin Poll, which is covered in detail at the Washington Examiner. As you'll see, the poll covers more than just the impeachment. It was conducted before the latest impeachment, but also included questions on the Dem censorship drive:

Exclusive: 60% call impeachment a ‘waste of time,’ Big Tech backlash for censoring Trump

Here are the findings:

• 89% of all voters think it is important that President Trump lead an orderly and peaceful transition to Joe Biden. 70% say it is very important. Only 11% do not think it is important.

When voters are told that Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th, but Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants Congress to impeach and remove the President in his last week in office, 60% of all voters say that this is another waste of time and money. Only 40% agree with Pelosi.

• 77% of all voters think that Congress should make its priority this week dealing with Coronavirus. Only 23% prefer impeaching President Trump.

74% of all voters agree that efforts by Pelosi and the Democrats to try to impeach the President after Joe Biden is sworn in would be politically motivated to prevent the President from running again, stripping his Secret Service protection, and preventing him from having a Presidential Library. Only 26% disagree. 

65% of all voters agree that by continuing to attack the President, Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are making this worse and keeping the country divided. Only 35% disagree.

48% of all voters are less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes to impeach the President. Only 36% are more likely.

80% of Trump voters and 76% of Republicans are less likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes for impeachment. 

74% agree that if Twitter, Facebook, and Google can censor and take away the President’s right to free speech they can take away the right to free speech for any American. Only 26% disagree.

70% of all voters agree that Big Tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Apple have too much power and need to be regulated to protect the freedoms and privacy of Americans. Only 30% disagree.

The President has a 49% job approval rating in the battleground states.

The generic vote for Congress favors the Republicans over the Democrats 49% to 42%.

Congress receives an extremely negative job rating: 28% approve to 72% disapprove.

Nancy Pelosi favorable to unfavorable rating: 33% to 59%.

Chuck Schumer favorable to unfavorable rating: 27% to 51%.

76% of Republicans are less likely to vote for these ten GOPers, who somehow thought it was a good idea to vote to impeach today:

Adam Kinzinger of Illinois

John Katko of New York

Liz Cheney of Wyoming

Jaime Herrera Beutler of Washington

Fred Upton of Michigan

Dan Newhouse of Washington

Herrera Beutler of Washington

Tom Rice of South Carolina

David Valadao of California

Peter Meijer of Michigan

And somewhere north of 60% of all voters are disgusted by the Mean Girl behavior of Progs--both in Congress and in the Big Tech companies. Trump's approval remains at a very healthy 49% and--defying all odds--the generic vote for Congress gives GOPers a healthy 7 point lead. Dems must be counting on everything going right for them, to overcome these numbers. Is instituting the Big Steal to inaugurate a Biden Inc. hoax administration the way to do that?

If I were Trump I think I'd double dog dare the Dems to impeach him one more time--make it a hat trick.

UPDATE: Gotta Luv This:

Trump Blows Off Second Impeachment, Awards Medal of Arts to Tobey Keith and Ricky Skaggs at White House Ceremony During House Votes

And did you hear that Gab imported all of Trump's tweets from Twitter? Gab could turn out to be a very big winner from the Big Tech censorship gambit.


  1. While I view any poll with distrust, how did Trump lose with those numbers in the battleground states and overall approval at nearly 50%? He didn't. Glad to see on TGP that Texas authorities arrested one of the vote fraudsters. Color me surprised if any of the major fraudsters in GA, PA, MI, AZ, NV and WI ever see a jail cell.

    Trump knows Biden is in more trouble of being removed from office than he is - and said so...


  2. From Pelosi's perspective impeachment makes sense. It's an opportunity to further divide GOP, marginalize and suppress Trump and his supporters, prevent election hoax from resurfacing and suck the air from upcoming bombs Trump might detonate.

    See, Demsheviks no more need to look nice to win voters. They don't need voters anymore, so these polls are meaningless. They can manufacture whatever poll results whenever they need. At least that's what they believe.

    The only way out from this Dante's inferno is through a long path in a maze full of swamp creatures, attacking from right and left. A grassroots organization with long term plans. I'm afraid it would take generations to right the ship if possible at all. A calamity would hasten the process, albeit very painfully.

  3. @Kirk

    I think the cognitive dissonance we're seeing in 'voter' approval numbers, as reflected in the polls, and Dem actions, is that Nancy and Chuckie aren't seeking 'voter' approval.

    Yes, its true that the Dems don't necessarily need 'voter' approval to win, but this particular show is being run for their political masters...Big Tech, the Elites, the Deep State. The Big Money. Those who have the most to lose from a continuing and vibrant Trump Party. Not for the 'voters'.

    As has been expressed here today several times already in different contexts, this act of arrogance and, in fact, dis-regard for the voter, will surely, sooner or later, backfire on them.

  4. The problem is, nothing "has to be" and no partcular thing "has to happen."

    Catholic Esquire

  5. Shipwreckedcrew gets it. Did he get it before, I do not know, but he gets it and eloquently states it.

    1. I'm a bit surprised by this. He's been saying some rather squishy things on Twitter lately.

    2. He still downplays the election hoax, effectively enabling the perverse.

    3. Yes. The anomalies that he does acknowledge are to me conclusive--as many intelligent observers (Roger Kimball, Ryn Claes, etc.) have maintained.

    4. SWC said:
      "Setting aside all claims of fraud—which the Trump campaign has never demonstrated with substantive evidence in a proper forum."

      SWC knows damned well that Trump was never given the opportunity to adduce the most promising and significant evidence in any proper forum. The courts repeatedly denied him access for procedural and other reasons. Only a few minor cases were rejected on merits--indeed probably the only reason they were allowed to go forward was because they were the weakest cases. The killer cases in PA, CA, and MI were assiduously denied Trump. Stupid sentence, SWC.

    5. That's the kind of thing I meant by "squishy." After all, the Constitution doesn't set up a post election process that's conducive to reversal by litigation SWC knows that as well as anyone, so stop comparing apples (politics) to oranges (litigation). By the same token, his characterization of what was going on Jan 6 is also weak.

  6. video of an undercover operative being inserted into the Capitol protest:

    infiltration, action, exfiltration, change disguise


  7. Everyone: read this:

    >> <<

    John Solomon reporting that Fed law enforcement knew of evidence of preplanned violence at Capitol on the 6th -- had nothing to do with Trump's speech.

    Appears info was withheld from NSC and others in Trump admin officials.

    IOW, it appears they were set up, so Trump could be blamed, and impeached.

    Even CNN reportedly running some of this info.

    1. In broader terms that's essentially what SWC is suggesting--not specific to Jan 6, but that the Uniparty was consciously targeting Trump.

    2. I still don't see how he could've failed to expect this, and prepare obvious defenses, e.g. pvt. security by the Capitol Bldg. doors.

  8. One thing that puzzles me from the polling data is that the first datum states that 89% of voters want to see Trump lead an orderly and peaceful transition to the incoming administration. Yet a whopping 49% APPROVE of the President. How can that be when Trump refused to concede and continued to press his case that the election was stolen? I suppose the answer is that the public wants contradictory things. But maybe someone else has a better explanation.

    1. Yes, and it depends as well on the wording and sequencing of questions, how easy it is for the respondents to sandbox the different issues.

    2. An orderly transition does not preclude fighting for a true and accurate account of what happened with the voting. We all know it's to late but we still need closure.

    3. That continues. I saw that yesterday in MI a judge ordered the SoS--a Leftist type--to turn over email communications with Dominion and a list of Big Tech outfits.

  9. In other news, JCS issued a memo to all DoD personnel.

    I don't see anyway any of the internet theories could be true at this point and any defense Trump had in place regarding pre-planned theft of the election was ineffective.

    The coup is complete. The impeachment is just trying to drive more nails into the coffin. Once out of office they'll come at him with everything they have to make sure no one ever tries what he accomplished again.

  10. Our local Nashville morning radio host, Brian Wilson, formerly of Fox News, referenced FNC's Jennifer Griffen's report that national guard personnel were sleeping in the capital building when off duty. I was wondering where the government would find quarters for them, even though there are numerous military bases within a short drive: McNair, Belvoir, Andrews, Anacostia, Bolling, Meade, etc., etc.

    The Deep State is either trying to ramp up the fear factor, or is really worried as also in Griffin's report, Wilson stated, that the threat level is high but has not been publicly released by law enforcement officials...


    1. I suspect that any credible threats will ultimately be traced to Leftist provocateurs of the sort who have been marching through Manhattan in full riot gear. The latest news accounts of the info the FBI is said to have received weeks ago now points to 'individuals' rather than formal 'organizations'. IOW, incitements to disorganized mob behavior rather than any targeted takeover of anything.

    2. The authorities will present this information in whatever way it takes to boost the Pretender President. Facts are going to be increasingly difficult to come by now.

  11. Makes sense on McConnell’s impeachment theater:

    Basically he thought he could safely impact Trump and destroy / discredit the movement behind Trump, as was done to the tea party.

    And then he figured out that would destroy the GOP.

    Write up on the Capital incident that makes sense...

    1. Yes, I'm working on a post that will incorporate those refs.