Thursday, January 7, 2021

UPDATED: Jonathan Turley Hates Commissions, But ...

Is Jonathan Turley maybe the only person in DC who actually wants to find this stuff out? To conclusively prove or disprove just about anything to do with the "election"? To do him justice, Turley recognizes that something is broken and he thinks it should be fixed. Something like government of the people, by the people, and for the people, instead of of, by, and for "a small number of ambitious elite factions and coteries." That alone is at least a bit refreshing, given the amount of twaddle being propagated about our "sacred" capitol and blah, blah, blah. 

I hate federal commissions, but Americans need one to look into the 2020 election 

To restore faith, we must review how mail voting worked, analyze problems like uncounted votes, and conclusively prove or disprove fraud allegations. 

I have always hated federal commissions. Federal commissions are Washington’s way of managing scandals. They work like placebos for political fevers, convincing voters that answers and change are on the way. That is why it is so difficult for me to utter these words: We need a federal election commission. Not the one proposed by some Senate Republicans. And not like past placebo commissions. An honest-to-God, no-holds-barred federal commission to look into the 2020 presidential election.

Turley goes through a lot of history about the 1877 commission and commissions in general, which you may find interesting. However, given that Turley openly states that he does not personally believe the election was rigged or stolen, he says some things that reads like a pointed rebuke--specifically to Mitch McConnell's remarkable disingenuous speech last night but also to all the other usual suspect pontificators. He offers three reasons why an election commission is needed, but here's the key paragraph. I'll break it down into specific points, each of which give the lie to the narrative presented by McConnell and other RINOs. Indeed, these points actually call into question Turley's own assertion that the election was neither rigged nor stolen:

  • Roughly 40% of [the] electorate have lingering doubts about whether their votes actually matter. 
  • Most of the cases challenging the election were not decided on the merits. 
  • Indeed, it seems they haven't even been allowed for discovery. 
  • Instead, they were largely dismissed on jurisdictional or standing [grounds] or under the “laches” doctrine that they were brought too late. 
  • Those allegations need to be conclusively proven or disproven in the interests of the country.

This sounds a bit like Turley listened to Tucker Carlson last night. However, as I said, this type of transparency is probably the last thing that anyone in the ruling elite is interested in.  The name of the game now is to suppress all dissenting voices--starting with Trump's. To censor even references to election fraud as statements to dangerous--to our rulers--to be spoken in the public square. Our rulers are off to a bad start if they really care about elections as traditionally understood.

UPDATE: Paul Sperry warns against facile optimism /irony:

Paul Sperry


If u think vote fraud cant get worse, think again. Now that Dems won Senate, theyll pass "HR1" bill to make vote fraud radically easier across the nation rather than just in Dem-controlled counties like Fulton. Dems will also pass the Voting Rts Advancement Act, forcing states to submit to Biden admin AG's approval before making any changes to voting procedures, including ending "no-excuse" absentee voting, removing drop boxes, requiring voter ID & stopping voting beyond Election Day

After the COVID hysteria, we're left with a Rube Goldberg-style voting system that has so many layers & is so complicated, w/ disparate deadlines & methods of voting in different battleground states, that nat'l results are effectively unauditable & unverifiable. To restore trust in the integrity of elections, the voting systems must be streamlined, but who dares reform them when Stacey Abrams & other voting-rights activists will scream "racism!" and "disenfranchisement!"? Can anyone really put the mail-in vote genie back into the bottle?


  1. Last month when Texas attempted to bring an original action in SCOTUS against Pennsylvania, et all, Ohio filed an amicus brief in support of neither party that. Its argument ends on page 6 with:

    "It may prove difficult at this late date to fashion a
    remedy that does not create equal or greater harms.
    But there will be an election in 2024, another four
    years after that, and so on. If only to prevent the
    doubts that have tainted this election from arising
    again in some future election, the Court should decide,
    as soon as possible, the extent of the power that the
    Electors Clause confers on state legislatures and withholds from other actors."

    I remember thinking I completely agreed (that it was unlikely that there was any meaningful remedy available given Roberts kicking the can before the election and the threat of Antifa violence), but that "one last steal" in return for meaningful judicial clarifications and future enforcement mechanisms would at least bring some "making lemonade out of lemons" solace.

    A real forensic audit and investigation to truly to get to the bottom of things would be worthwhile. Which is why Turley's idea is almost certainly stillborn.

  2. If there is a Commission, it will be run by Democrats who will refuse to believe the evidence if it is presented to them, with tame Republicans on the Committee who know it is in their best interest not to find any evidence. Moreover, by the time they get around to it, much of the evidence will either have been shredded, or bleach-bit(ted) out of existence. Heck, I suspect they'll be crushing the voting machines before the Committee, if there is one, gets to work.

    So, sure, we can have a Committee. I could write their report for them, in about 10 minutes, with one hand.

  3. No commissions. A DC commission would be like the old Black Bart joke:

    It seems that Black Bart was shot up and near death after a bank robbery and his gang left him to die. Bart rode up a hill and fell off his horse. On the other side of the hill, an old rancher looked up and saw this and ran to Bart. He got Bart home on his old buckboard wagon where the rancher's wife nursed Bart back to health even while caring for her infant child.

    To repay the rancher's kindness, Bart helped out around the ranch all spring and summer. In late fall, the rancher needed to travel for two days into town for supplies for the winter.

    Upon his return as he came over the hill in his wagon, he saw that all his cattle had been slaughtered and his hay fields burned. As he drew nearer, he could see that his barn and ranch house had also been burned down, that his wife had been raped and left dead in the dirt. Lying next to her was his little baby that had been chopped up into little pieces.

    The rancher swore an oath to find Black Bart and rode throughout the West for ten years but never caught up with him. At last, having given up all hope of ever finding Bart, the rancher glumly turned his old mule back towards his ranch. Stopping for the night in a dusty town in Arizona, the rancher spied a large black horse with a black saddle tied up in front of the saloon. Dismounting from his mule, the old man pushed through the swinging doors and squinted towards the bar where he saw the back of a tall man dressed all in black, wearing a black hat, and with two black pearl-handled Colt .45 revolvers.

    The old rancher approached the man, reached up, and tapped him on his shoulder. The man turned around and faced the rancher, a trace of recognition in his eye.

    The old rancher said, “Are you the man that killed my cattle and burned my hay fields?” The man looked down at the rancher, looked him in the eye and in a deep voice said, “Yep.”

    Then the old rancher said, “And are you the man that burned down my barn and my ranch house, and raped and killed my wife?” The man said, “Yep.”

    Then the old rancher said, “And are you the man who chopped my baby up into little pieces?” The man said, “Yep.”

    The old man nodded slowly and then said, “Okay. Well, you better knock that stuff off, you hear?”

    The election commission may figure out what went wrong, but they can never do anything but make toothless recommendations.

  4. The last commission resulted in the GOP betraying its founding and all black Americans. This allowed the Democrat South to institute Segregation for 100 years ignoring the constitutional amendments passed by Republicans.

    Oh, this ignoring of the constitution was supported by the Supreme Court.

  5. Roberts kicking the can down the road due to his apparent fear of violence surely worked out well./s

  6. Does anyone really believe a commission would find that there was massive fraud that changed the results of the 2020 election. Who would be on this commission. Deep Staters and DC whores. Would any of the data specialist that found real problems be invited to testify. Would Governors and SoS's be asked to explain the anomalies that were found and why weren't these questions answered when they were initially found. I have great respect for Mr. Turley but I cannot imagine the Biden administration finding an objective panel that would really want to find the truth.