Thursday, January 14, 2021

How To Turn Victory Into Defeat

Suppose you were leader of a major political party, albeit the minority one, in Congress. Suppose further that a goofball in your leadership team tried to help impeach the President--a member of your own party. Finally, suppose that influential members of your party demanded that member be dumped from her leadership position. Here's how you could turn what looks like a victory into an own goal: you could protect the goofball member. I kid you not.

Trump said people would get tired of winning. Right again.


  1. The GOPe has a long and successful history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory...

  2. To counter Republican McCarthy ... things have passed you by. Y’all had a chance, but rejected it. Woe be to you.

  3. The President bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding. These facts require immediate action by President Trump, accept his share of responsibility, quell the brewing unrest and ensure President elect Biden is able to successfully begin his term. The President’s immediate action also deserves congressional action, which is why I think a fact finding commission and a censure resolution would be prudent."

    Said House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, speaking on the House floor in yesterday's debate on the impeachment.

    The commenters are very negative on him. I don’t think he escaped political damage on the impeachment, he mis-read Trump voters. By keeping Cheney he is just marginalizing himself more.

  4. The CofCpublican Party has more reach than most give it credit for. Many of those elected ostensibly as Trump candidates will quietly choose perfidy now that they have a seat. That is the Republican way. Anyone that thinks a leopard can be commanded to change its spots, or have them bred out, is deluding themselves. And Liz is correct, she ain't goin' nowhere, except maybe as Nikki's running mate.

    Tom S.

  5. McCarthy does what he's told to do by whoever pays big $$$ to the GOP. Mercer & Koch? I don't know. I just know Trump needs to put the GOP out of its misery by announcing a new party. He had 4 years to purge the GOP of RINOs and couldn't' do it. Enough.

  6. Trump actually only had 2 years to purge the GOP of quislings.

    He did not realize how corrupted the GOP was till the midterms, and Ryan’s betrayal became evident. And he has had a few other things on his mind in the last two years. He was trying to play nice with the eGOP and let them select their own candidates, like those two losers from Ga. Trump was not willing to have open war against the eGOP.

    I have this crazy thought, that may be the eGOP threw the Ga Senate elections so they could get rid of Trump and have a Democratic majority in both houses of the Senate. McConnell sitting on the $2,000 Covid relief just does not make sense to me otherwise.

  7. Spineless politician in the mold of Paul Ryan. He will slither back to his former style soon after Biden takes the oath.