Thursday, January 28, 2021

UPDATE: Back To The Future: Climate Change

Yesterday I noted in passing that Zhou Baiden stated recently that "climate change" would be the centerpiece of what he termed "his" foreign policy.

Why should that be the case? Why not Covid, after all?

Well, Stephen McIntyre offers an answer:

As I understand McIntyre's argument, despite the vast wealth transfer from normals to the Oligarchs that has been effected by the Covid Hoax, "climate" policy still offers a yet more effective means for the Oligarchs to strip mine wealth and power from the rest of us.

It's pretty hard to argue against McIntyre--even if I were inclined to do so--based on what we've seen so far from the Zhou regime. It all seems designed to enrich and protect the Oligarchy.

ADDENDUM: What the heck, since we're talking about wealth transfer ...

UPDATE: Oh My! The Bee Explains: What The Heck Is Going On With GameStop?

Babylon Bee explains it in terms even I can understand. Bottom line?

Is what's going on here legal?
It depends on how much money you have.



  1. Yeah, I remember the news yapping about global cooling ...

  2. Can’t you just see the tough old cross country hauler type when they issue him his first electric semi? My elder son was crazy about trucks - could identify them on the road before he even went to kindergarten: “That’s a Peterbilt! And there’s a Jimmie Diesel!!!” No more Jimmie Diesels, sonny…

    What next? Pedals?