Thursday, January 14, 2021

Solomon: Trump Orders Declass Of ALL FBI Russia Hoax Docs

 Pretty much just breaking news. The documents should be available in 24-48 hours:

Solomon is saying that the docs comprise a huge stack--a foot or foot and a half thick, and that there will be bombshell revelations. For example, having listened to his 9 minute podcast, Solomon offers some sneak previews. ...

The Steele debriefing documents will contain many bombshells. The primary revelation, however, will be that--as Steele explains--the entire Russia Hoax narrative was created and leaked to the news media specifically to neutralize Hillary Clinton’s concern that her email scandal hadn’t gone away. The whole Russia Hoax was predicated on a political dirty trick.

Here's another major revelation. As suspected, Steele didn't have any sources worth anything--that was all just BS. His "main sub source" was "delivered to Steele by Fiona Hill."

There will be "all kinds of revelations about Stefan Halper." Solomon believes that written "tasking orders" to Halper will show that the FBI fully intended to spy on the Trump campaign. Halper was codenamed "Mitch". He was instructed to join Trump campaign if possible and to target specific people, like Sam Clovis, George Papadopoulos, Carter Page, and others.

A final preview:

In December 2015 the FBI was warned by the CIA that Steele had too many contacts with Russian oligarchs and they ought to reevaluate their use of him as a confidential informant. The rest is history! They didn't do that. Instead, the FBI gave Steele sensitive information, despite the CIA warning that he might be compromised.

This should be interesting, and should set a certain tone for the Biden Inc. regime. Solomon promises more soon.

Meanwhile, what's-his-name promises that virtually his first act--first day--will be a Tranny EO to let boys into girls' restrooms. Which will get more attention? I'm betting on declass.



  1. T is the new civil right!

    I was talking to a friend and I commented I expected the T issue would be re-ignited with the Biden Administration.

  2. Can we get these in a single pdf file?

    Asking for a friend.

  3. Any bets Durham drops indictments Friday?

    1. Friday? Tomorrow? Not holding my breath even that long. Shoulda happened months ago as also the declass. These are just docs. Everyone knew what was in them, and bullshit isn't sensitive sources and methods--it's just bullshit. It was only classified as a coverup. Declass months ago wouldn't have jeopardized pros.

    2. Would the indictment be against Trump for Obstruction of JubwAHaaHaaaaHaa!
      Something like that, probably.

    3. Durham? Indictments?



  4. What are they going to do to Trump, impeach him for a third time?

    Obstruction of justice would be the charge.

    1. or Obstruction of Destiny...

      He obstructed Hillary's rightful succession and that was bad enough. Now he is obstructing Joe's rightful selection.

  5. "The whole Russia Hoax was predicated on a political dirty trick."

    Wouldn't these documents, if they show the FBI knew that the Steele Dossier was Mrs Clinton's fraudulent invention, prove that the entire Mueller Investigation was a total sham?

    I've left Twitter so I can't see how Andrew Weissmann is spinning this...


    As we try to wrap our minds around the impending release of more declassified documents showing the lies of the Democrats and the Deep State in inventing the Russia Hoax to destroy Donald Trump, along comes Julie Kelly at American Greatness to rightly remind us that the Dems didn't invent 21st Century Lying For Power and Profit, as the playbook was written quite successfully by George Bush and Dick Cheney and their neocon friends when they lied to sucker the United States into nearly two decades of Endless War.

    And the cost of those wars, in lives and in dollars, has been enormous.

    The Costs of War Project at Brown University has found that since Bush and Cheney started their war on Iraq:

    • At least 800,000 people have died in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Syria due to direct war violence,
    • The US has already spent about $6.4 trillion,
    • The US will spend an additional estimated $8 trillion in future interest costs on borrowing for the wars over the next 40 years,
    • At least 21 million people have been displaced and are living as war refugees, and
    • the US government has expanded its counterterror activities to 80 countries, vastly expanding the war across the globe.

    Julie Kelly points out (in the article I've linked above) that Liz Cheney's pathetic denunciation of Trump can be directly attributed to his (justifiable, many would say) criticism of her father and Bush for their responsibility in the initiation and conduct of these wars.

    1. Totally agree and, yes, it was a major factor in Trump winning two elections. Interesting for those of us who were in college late 60s into the 70s that the Left seems unconcerned about all that you detail.

    2. I think I despise Bush (who I voted for twice) for what he did to this country as much as I despise the Clintons and Obama for their contributions.

      I would blame myself for my stupidity and ignorance in not having seen this earlier and more clearly, except that maybe one has an excuse when one has repeatedly been lied to.

      I suppose the lies are what Trump has been trying to expose since he rode down the escalator.

    3. I feel similarly. I always believed that the Iraq invasion was mostly about 1) surrounding Iran and 2) controlling the flow of Central Asian gas. Iraq has a huge US aircraft carrier in a Middle East dry dock.

      The other side, of course, is the need to vote against Dems of all sort, holding one's nose.

      I'm currently not experiencing that team player vibe like I used to.

    4. Yeah, Cass, and w/o Dubya's failures/ BS, such an untested guy as SparkleFarts would've never become PotUS.

  7. Here's a little thought experiment...which requires some arithmetic...which is not my strongest suit, but which I think is roughly correct:

    I earlier posted that the Costs of War Project at Brown University estimates direct costs of at least $14.4 trillion for the Endless War (if you include interest on the money borrowed to finance the War). I hesitate to even guess what the figure is if you include more indirect costs.

    So let's stick with $14.4 trillion. If you estimate that there are 150,000,000 voters in this country (probably more or less accurate), then the Cost of War divides out to $96,000 per voter.

    [14400000000000 ÷ 150000000 = 96000]

    Why divide the cost by the number of voters you might ask. Why not the whole number of Americans? Let's say the population of the country is 330,000,000. Then the Cost of War is only $43,636 per American. Or, for a family of four, only about $175,000. Deal!

    Of course, only about 140 million Americans are federal income taxpayers, which is only 42% of the population. If you divide the $14.4 trillion cost over 140 million, the cost per taxpayer is about $103 thousand per taxpayer. And if you're in a higher tax bracket, you can bet you'll be paying a little more.

    When Bush and Cheney were forgetting to tell you the truth about weapons of mass destruction, I bet they forgot to tell you about the IOU they signed for you for a hundred thousand or more dollars. Just like they also forgot to tell you that they were also handing your job over to a needy and deserving Chinese worker who was willing to do your job for about 1/4 of your paycheck. If you'd like a refund on that IOU please contact Eric Swalwell. Or Nancy Pelosi. Or Mitch McConnell.

    This is the arithmetic behind what Trump has been trying to tell America. Its actually not that complicated.

  8. @Mark
    "The other side, of course, is the need to vote against Dems of all sort, holding one's nose".

    Yes. There has been a lot of chatter here and other places I go about never voting GOP again or starting a third party. It feels like some of the opinions expressed by Never Trumpers who couldn't vote for Trump because of the terrible things he says. And then they would go and vote for Biden?

    I'll agree the eGOP needs a lot of fixing. But voting for or enabling a Dem win? Never.

  9. Perhaps it may be useful to explain here why I didn't enable Rich's comment. In his comment he stated that two named persons should be "stood up against a wall". Nuff said.

  10. Why were the Russia Hoax documents not declassified and released until January 15, 2021?

    1. If true, that makes him not just a RINO or a GOPer or 'Bob' Mueller's friend, but a Black Hat.

      Was he a plant?

      I guess he did fool a few people.

      Probably including Donald Trump.

    2. Rick Grennell said on Hannity tonight that the reason for holding back the Russia Hoax docs was not to protect 'sources and methods' (as one of the excuses ran) but to protect the 'institutions'.

      If it was Barr, you can certainly see how he might have felt that way.

  11. I wonder if the deep state will manage to run the clock out?

    It’s been over 48 hours.