Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Who Knew? WuFlu Came From A Lab!

It's OK to call it the WuFlu or the China Flu or whatever. It's even OK to say that it came from a lab--cuz New York Magazine has confirmed it! Like, who would have ever figured that out, otherwise?

It seems that only yesterday--less than a week ago, anyway--this was the public orthodoxy:

Zero evidence! Conspiracy theory! Trump! Deplorables! Settled Science--or something--let it speak! Trump, Trump, Trump! Racism!

But now, virtually overnight:

And it gets worse:

And who was the guy who funded that project over in Wuhan? Oh, yeah: St. Anthony Fauci, patron saint of Lockdowns. Progressivism is never having to say you're sorry. Or admitting that anyone else was right.

And by the way ...

Rate Of Adverse Reactions To COVID Vaccines Already 50x Higher Than Flu Shot


  1. Some folks mention UNC-Charlotte as a pre-source of the Wuhan virus. Apparently work was done there and the work-product was shipped to Wuhan where it was enhanced.

    1. One way or the other there was definitely collaboration of personnel. That type of research was banned in the US--where it had been going on at UNC-Charlotte--and Fauci funded it in Wuhan.

  2. I urge you to change this sentence to
    "Progressivism is never having to say YOU'RE sorry."

    You'll be amused to read that, at , they say (in April) that
    "While Dr Fauci did not respond to Newsweek's requests for comment, the NIH defended the funding, saying that there was *no proof* that the virus was created in a laboratory."
    I'll rather bet, that they already knew better.

    1. The question I am hearing from friends in California is wheither the problem is BOTH the flu and covid and the public health people are mixing them together.

      Rob S

    2. Laura tonite had a segment on this Baker pice on the Wuhan angle, and showed her early 2020 exchange w/ Fauci on related matters.
      Worth a look.

    3. "segment on this Baker PIECE..."

    4. @Rob S

      Either covid cured the incurable influenza that is currently 1-2% it's norm. Or influenza is being logged as covid.

      Both can not be true... Just sayin.

  3. Agree - the amount of deflection / lies has amazed me.
    >Oh, they knew, all right.

  4. No one is spared in this extremely rare piece of investigative journalism.

    W and the Patriot Act was highly noted and W’s legacy lasted into Obama’s admin. The effin US of A funded and actively worked on this from 70 some odd years ago to today.

    China fully effed the world, but it had help from the world.

    Eff it all.

    Why do I feel a Charleton Heston dystopian movie is appropriate?

  5. From March / April of 2020 Luc Antoine Montagnier has been all over the subject of its creation leaning towards lab based. He's also been beat sideways for it. Brilliance one day and a Nobel prize, dumb AF and cast out into the street the next. That is acidemia for you!

    You can believe a monkey screwed a bat that ate a tainted cave dwelling fish in a wet market. Or you can question the bio lab next door to the monkey, bat, fishery market that had covid-19 from a cave a few years back.

    I contend it's irrelevant really, were up to just over 20,000 deaths FROM covid and 300,000 deaths WITH covid + 2.7 other comorbidity factors. Point being, this is so low we shouldn't even be talking about it anymore.

    Positive side, it cured the incurable influenza!!

    But we need a boogie man and since you need and electron microscope to see this bugger, so it's much more convenient than a Russian. 👍

  6. Does anyone trust the results of the Georgia runoff?

    I don't see how they could use the same process/machines as last time and expect a different outcome from what they got.

  7. I would be surprised if they didn't cheat again. Because if they didn't, Republican senators would win in a landslide, and their scheme would become so obvious.

    By cheating exactly the same ways, they confirmed their scheme to 80 million though.