Tuesday, August 23, 2011

PDF Version

I'm in the process of constructing a PDF document containing most of these posts to date.  I'm also editing the documents to varying degrees--some very little, some to a greater extent.  The PDF document is somewhat differently ordered.  While it remains basically in historical order, there have been a few changes.  So far I've completed work up to Biblical Interpretation in Crisis: The 1988 Erasmus Lecture, which is a rather heavily edited document.  In addition, some document titles have been changed.  Here's the Table of Contents for the PDF document:

Part 1: Toward a Theory of History

Eliade: Cosmos and History
Eliade: The Regeneration of Time
The Terror of History
Misfortune and History
Religion and the Origins of Civilization (Dawson)
Misfortune and History - Continued
The Rise of the World Religions
Islam and Christianity--Modernity v. Tradition

Part 2: The Religion of Israel

The Religion of Israel I: Issues, Canaanite Origins
The Religion of Israel II: Archeology and the Exodus and Conquest
The Religion of Israel III: Origins of Ancient Israel
The Religion of Israel IV: Historical Overview of Ancient Israel
The Religion of Israel V: Frank Moore Cross on Israelite Religion
Mark Smith: History and the Israelite Scriptures
Mark Smith: Challenges to Israel During the Biblical Period
Mark Smith: Monotheism and the Structures of Divinity
Mark Smith: Collective Memory and Amnesia in the Israelite Scriptures
Mark Smith: From Scriptures to Bible
Death and Immortality
Frank Moore Cross: Theogony, Cosmogony and Philosophy

Part 3: Early Greek Thought

The Early Development of Greek Thought
Eliade: From Theogony to Philosophy

Part 4: Toward a Theory of Revelation

Biblical Interpretation in Crisis: The 1988 Erasmus Lecture
Israel and Revelation
Messy Revelation
The One Who Is To Come
According to the Scriptures
According to the Scriptures - N. T. Wright
Scripture as Tradition
Jesus and the Israelite Scriptures
A New Counter-Reformation?
Benedict XVI and the State of Israel

Part 5: Early Christianity 

The Identity of God: Creator
Creation Ex Nihilo In Early Christian Thought
The Identity of God: Trinity
Trinity and Revelation
Paul and the Yetzer Ha-Ra
Early Christian Thought on Original Sin
Original Sin: The Later Fathers

Part 6: Christianity in the West

Benedict at Regensburg
Augustine and the West