Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Margot Cleveland's Moving Tweet, Plus ...

Margot Cleveland put out two particularly good tweets this morning. The first I found particularly moving in what it says about our country, our courts, our public office holders, and yes, our citizens:

She then followed that up with this:

Everyone is focused on "fraud," but more devastating is election officials intentionally ignoring law established by legislature to prevent fraud. 1/ 

2/2 Criminals commit fraud & will always try to find way; but we entrust election officials to safeguard our vote-not disenfranchise us by giving it away to criminals. 

Post-Twit: After typing this I FINALLY realized this is what has soooo unnerved me since election & why putting fraud down as unproven or not enough to change election (or even some theories as tin-foil-hat nutso) wasn't a satisfactory answer. Fraud wasn't the worst issue. 

I'm not sure whether Margot had Bill Barr specifically in mind, but she captures the astonishing triviality of his statement about the election, coming from a supposedly serious man. Well, anyone who wants to can quibble about what's most devastating about this American Tragedy, but you get her point.

Now, back to my online dictionaries. I can't seem to find out what 'womeningitis' is. Any ideas? Maybe it's, like, a womental disease?

How low will America sink?


  1. That’s easy, it is a substitute for meningitis.
    But why would any sane woman want to claim that particular disease?


    1. Where does Margot use that expression?

      Misogynists everywhere will glom onto it… always looking for new material.

    2. "dewomentia" is one that Margot retweeted.

  2. I think womeningitis is a type of womanure, but I'll have to double check.

    1. LOL!!

      I guess ya hafta laugh to keep from crying. How degrading to see this degree of ignorance in the People's House, and nobody can call it out as pure ignorance.

      Meanwhile Kama Sutra (soon to be Prez?) is plagiarizing MLK.

    2. ummm - meningitis very real/dangerous - ever know someone who survived it?

    3. @Anon, as a medical student, I have helped taken care of patients with meningitis, and at least all of the ones I helped survive. Viral meningitis is less dangerous than bacterial meningitis, and this is especially true in children. Its overall fatality rate is <1% if you are older than 12 months old or otherwise immunocompromised. Bacterial meningitis is indeed very dangerous, with a fatality rate averaging about 15% (risk rises with age), and that number rises to 50% or more if it's missed and not treated in time.

  3. I love the above suggestion, but here's another suggestion for womeningitis

  4. "the astonishing triviality of his statement about the election...."
    Yeah, but He likely had much encouragement from powerful quarters.
    You Know Who today has a post on Tim Scott vs. the EVs challenge, in which is discussed the March 2016 mtg. of wheels, to try stop DJT in the primaries, at the exclusive enclave in Sea Island, GA.

    "A few of the billionaires included: Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google co-founder Larry Page, Napster creator and Facebook investor Sean Parker, Tesla Motors and SpaceX founder Elon Musk. Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Arthur Sulzberger publisher of the New York Times and billionaire Philip Anschultz who owns Sea Island.
    It is critical to accept who the political attendees were – including:
    Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY),
    political strategist Karl Rove,
    House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI),
    Republican Sens. Tom Cotton (AR), Cory Gardner (CO),
    Tim Scott (SC), Rob Portman (OH) and Ben Sasse (NE).
    ... many more “#NeverTrumper’s” including:
    Energy and Commerce Committe Chairman Fred Upton (Michigan),
    House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA),
    Representative Kevin Brady (TX),
    Cathy McMorris-Rogers (WA),
    Budget Chairman Tom Price (GA), Financial Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling (TX) and
    Rep. Dianne Black (TN).
    Bill Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard, also attended...."

  5. so I guess it will be "womenstruate" from now on, sigh. Which leads me to the obvious discussion of the virgin - does she have a "hymen" anymore? Or a "hywomen"? The mind boggles and I'm only half way thru a bottle of fine Trump wine!

    1. Good point; can't wait to have a discussion with my wife and daughter on this subject LOL.

  6. Days ago, I referred to a Quillette piece, a gripping view of the recent evolution of thought on the right.
    I should've stressed, that this article has much about Deneen, and one of his allies, Sohrab Ahmari, "whose public joust with former National Review writer David French became an inflection point for the New Right."

    1. @Mouse; just perused this article on quillette. Quite lengthy and some "heavy" subject material. I like Ahmari's position on the topics he willingly shares. Too bad he didn't relinquish to an interview.

      Countering French, Ahmari suggests “Our society is fragmented, atomized, and morally disoriented. The new American Right seeks to address these crises—and to do so we need a politics of limits, not of individual autonomy and deregulation.” - I kinda agree with him on this point.

      Further, the author suggests from Ahmari that in order to defeat collectivism we must implement collectivism. - Frankly, that scares the crap out of me, for my kids, for my grandkids.

      Also, a nice summary of the Reagan era conservatism to the "New conservatism". Much to digest. Thanks.

    2. Am Card, I'm still digesting it too.
      The last part was a waste.
      Why would anyone ask for/ write about the views of Jonah Goldberg, other than that he gets on with Deneen?
      I'll say more tomorrow, once I've digested it more.

  7. I sincerely understand Margot's frustration. The fact that there are laws, and that these laws are not enforced is the true kicker. Why have them if they won't be enforced AND allowed to be changed by unelected election officials while supported by the Judiciary. Yes, that is the real crime here that devastates and creates the risks to the Republic.