Saturday, January 9, 2021

UPDATED: Rasmussen Gives GOPe More Pause To Reconsider

Obviously it's too late to take back what they've already done, but the GOP can still step back from the brink of the abyss. Because they're playing with fire.

Last night commenter Ray So-Cal cited a story at Newsmax claiming that Trump's polling since Wednesday is actually looking quite good. This morning Thomas Lifson confirms that report with details: Stunning Rasmussen poll shows rising approval of Trump in the wake of the Capitol incursion

Here's the money quote from Rasmussen:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll, Sponsored by SLANTED from Sharyl Attkisson, for Friday shows that 48% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove.

The latest figures include 35% who Strongly Approve of the job Trump is doing and 42% who Strongly Disapprove. This gives him a Presidential Approval Index rating of -7. (see trends)

This survey includes the first full night of polling following the events on Wednesday in Washington, DC.

The messaging of the MSM and Big Tech may not be all it's cracked up to be. Or perhaps they'll have to work much harder than they ever imagined to overcome what may be behind these numbers--not only a very strong base of support for Trump's agenda but also a visceral distrust for the Imperial City on the Potomac, and all its works. Bear in mind, these numbers were produced at the height of the Establishment outcry against Trump's supposed 'insurrection'.

With any luck, Trump will indeed get into the social media field, as has been rumored. There would appear to be a vast market awaiting such an initiative.

UPDATE: In a totally related development, Monica Showalter has smartly noted that Twitter's banning of Trump has backfired big time. That is, if Twitter is actually running a business. Here's the graph that Showalter provides, along with commentary:

Showalter's conclusion:

I'm not a stock trader, but based on the figures cited, this doesn't look like an auspicious picture for the Twitter stock. Multiple factors included, it might still be a star performer, but it clearly has some weakness.

And amazingly, it was a self-inflicted wound, given that Twitter banned Trump on its own volition, chasing more users out. Smart companies don't alienate and lose customers. Memo to Twitter: Remember MySpace.

Just more evidence that the Left is out of touch. Again, Trump may well see a business opportunity in this.


  1. The left is pulling out all stops to destroy Trump and his supporters. Rasmussen should run the same poll on Biden/Harris.

    1. I believe they did a few days ago and what's-his-name had a 45% approval. More confirmation of the hoax, IMO.

  2. Both Twitter Twatter and Google banned Trump based on an employee survey. That's how business there is run.

    1. If true, this employees aspect likely counts for far more, than temporary drops in stock prices.
      These moguls have enough $$, and so likely prioritize avoiding the guillotine, to which they could eventually be dragged, if they balk on expressing the requisite Virtue Signalling.

    2. An internal employee survey is the easiest thing to manipulate, for those who stole a presidential election.

      Juuust sayin'

  3. So, Twitter and Facebook have banned President Trump and many other conservatives. Apple and Google are shutting down Parler. They have us cornered, and they're not about to let up.

    Twitter, Apple, Google, Facebook, and supporting players are, I believe, painting targets on their CEO's backs, and others of high rank in those companies, as they continue their (so far successful) attempts to deplatform everyone to the right of Marx. When it all hits the fan, as it must if this isn't rolled back, they may be among the first to go.

    We've all seen stories of battered spouses who, frustrated with the continued abuse and with nothing to lose, fight back violently, often successfully. Conservatives, and most normal people, are the battered spouses. When their frustration becomes unmanageable and they have nothing to lose, I expect many will react with viciousness and great violence.

    I'm a Christian, proudly deplorable, and stand in wonder at the gall of the left.

  4. I agree with your thought that Trump should get into the social media arena. It is ripe for a conservative platform. Imagine the number of users FB and Apple would lose; even if accounts are not closed but just go dormant. My next phone will not be an Apple product...


    1. I'm waiting for the first liberal, not all of them are morons and socialists, to step forward and say, "Hold on. This purge leads to totalitarianism."

      If no one on the more rational left does so, it will tell us how completely terrified they are of the crazed left (their children) and how much of a dead-end we face if we think we can talk sense into them.

      The left, not content with trying to goad Russia into war, seems hell bent on waking the heavily-armed giant sleeping in their midst. They tell themselves they want a civil war.

      The picture they should hold onto on that front is of yellow congress critters, in face masks, cowering under their desks. What they should be listening to, as music, are the shrieks of chubby tattooed white girls when cops wrestled their boyos to the ground.

    2. "Trump should get into the social media arena"

      That cannot succeed so long as an "app" is required, as in FB, Twitter, and Parler; Google and Apple will simply ban the app, and they own all the platforms (and us).

    3. "Trump should get into the social media arena."
      Why didn't he get that already done?
      For lack of $$?
      Does it take billions to set up such a system?

    4. "not all of them are morons and socialists, to step forward and say, "Hold on...."."
      Greenwald & Taibbi have written to this effect, but I doubt their influence to be nearly enough to dent things much.
      Until someone of Bernie's stature steps up, the current trend will continue.

    5. @DFinleyJanuary 9, 2021 at 11:48 AM
      "That cannot succeed so long as an "app" is required..."

      Based on what I'm reading, a social media site can offer its app itself. No need for apple or google 'store' middleman.

      Plus, apps are not necessarily 'required'. Social media sites can be reached directly through dotcom, etc, URLs/web addresses.


    6. Trump could start his own platform with his money. His family are proven and successful business leaders. I'm not a business person, but if he did start his own company and opened it to public investment, it seems the IPO would skyrocket. Not sure how he keeps the thugs from investing and then trying to take over, but like I said business was not my profession.


    7. Then he would need to create his own ISP, or risk being kicked off any existing ISP.

      And then Paypal and banks can refuse to do business - they already are refusing business to some conservatives.

      Seems to be a long road.


    8. Replying to DFinley's reply to an anonymous reply to him:

      Man, DFinley! Now you are making our man open his own bank, his own payment service, his own messaging app, his own web site, his own web hosting service ... hey! Good idea, D Finley!

      (And I am actually being serious about the possibilities. He knows how to run multiple businesses, he knows how to run a country, and he has learned where a lot of secrets are buried. What else would he need, if he had all that? How would they shut him up or stop him then? God is good! He put our man Trump in place for a time such as this.)


  5. If Trump even begins to try to commercialize his appeal he won't be having to jawbone Forbes any longer that he's a bona fide billionaire...

  6. Funny, a federal judge stated that Trump could not ban commenters due to constitutional issues because his account was being used in an official, presidential capacity.

    Yet, now, Trump having his account that was used in an official manner deactivated is deemed just.

  7. Twitter deleted, Facebook deleted, You Tube deleted no more Google now using Brave, and Duck Duck Go, and Parler and CloutHub. Seems to trending very nicely.

  8. The AM Thinker headline is nonesense: there is no statistically significant change, and therefore one cannot say his approval rose.

    The measured change is 1 point. The Rasmussen POTUS approval poll's Margin of Error is +/- 3% (a six point wide margin of error.)

    One cannot measure a change in a sample that has a MOE larger than the magnitude of measured change in the value.

    Statistically, the result is a "no change," not "stunning rise."

    1. EZ, what's your problem with reading before writing, and with quoting accurately?

      To start from the second point, the title of the article does not state "stunning rise"--it says "stunning poll". Since you put your deliberate misquote within "" what you wrote amounts to a lie.

      Further, if you had read the article you'd have read this passage:

      "The movement may be small, but it is the direction that is important. Far from deserting Trump, the public is staying with him and even increasing approval (within the margin of error)."

      Finally, to address your half full glass argument, even granting your claim of no movement that remains stunning in the face of the coordinated onslaught against Trump.

      Lifson's point stands. Yours doesn't.

  9. What is more important is his approval did not nose dive.
    >The AM Thinker headline is nonesense

    Interesting Nikki Haley, fair weather Trump supporter, after condemning Trump at a fund raising dinner, compared the censorship of Trump to China’s actions.

    1. She must've done a quick check of polling numbers.

    2. Your Monthly Reminder That Nikki Haley Is A Social-Climbing Political Opportunist

  10. A result of "no change," not "stunning rise" is a bit of a boost to DJT, in that the massive MSM assault on him seems to not be inflicting the (expected?) drift against him.

    1. Precisely. Lack of change or small rise is what's stunning--as Lifson says. If a heavyweight lands a solid punch to the head and gets no reaction, that's stunning. And that's what MSM/Big Tech thought they had done.

    2. In contrast to Trump, I've been rendered unconscious twice from headshots. I'm no boxer. Out cold. With no memory of the events. Thank God for memory loss.

  11. Sidney Powell sued by Dominion – off topic if I may.
    Hope you will have some thoughts on the subject.

    Specifically, hopefully Ms. Powell does suffer cataclysmically.

    However, some good may come from the suit for all the election challengers, it seems to me, in that she will be able to get her ‘evidence’ in front of a court.

    So far she, like other rejectionist has, as far as I know, been ‘ruled out of court’ for “lack of standing”; now she will be asked by the court to defend herself by proving evidence of voter fraud visa vis Dominion.

    1. She wanted her day in court so I guess she will get it. I have some experience with civil suits, so the main objective for the parties on both sides and in most of these suits is to actually avoid a trial and settle. The settlement favors the side with the strongest case, up until you have to potentially show your whole hand to anyone other than a judge. By suing for such a ridiculous amount - they will never get a billion dollars out of it no matter what happens. Sydney doesn't have that kind of money - the intention is the threat. They want to destroy her - like Flynn - e will ruin you. I don't think Sydney will fold because she will be ruined if she doesn't get the chance to present her case. This is actually an opportunity for her. it will take months and months for a true forensic analysis to determine what may have really happened with these machines and both sides will have experts. Within that time she will be able to pursue whatever she thinks she needs from Dominion to help her case. Dominion will fight every discovery request and each day and each fight will cost Sydney more and more money every day. They will attempt to wear her down. What can Sydney do? I don't think Dominion has yet considered that each of the 74 million voters who want to know truth just might send her maybe $20 - maybe skip the NR donation this year :). Now do the math. Suddenly money is not an issue and it is the absolute strongest support she needs right now to fight the fight. She needs money. She needs to hire the best forensic tech team she can afford. She needs to to hire process servers and pay other expert witnesses and pay for shipping and staff and travel and.....toilet paper...She needs our help.

      When the go fund me or whatever gets set up, we need to send her some money.

    2. I think this whole "discovery" thing once they sue is highly overrated and misunderstood how these things work... not to mention that the judiciary is just another adjunct of the abdicated state, so not sure why we would expect much justice to come of it.

      She is in a heap of trouble.

    3. I think this is what she wants as she has been egging them to do so. They are claiming loss of business. She is a Texas resident and so she can present the Texas evidence of a poorly made product. Also the various presentations about how the machine operates and so forth. The two instances where the machines were examined in Atrium Mi and Copper Ga. showed issues also. The fact that software patches had to be installed on an emergency basis.

      I think Dominion will drop the suit or settle once discovery starts.


    4. How dumb is Dominion? She now has access to discovery and deposition. DVS as well and its 'partners' have been protected under a cloak of secrecy. No longer. Will DVS still be able to use 'contracts' as an excuse to evade scrutiny?

    5. “Specifically, hopefully Ms. Powell does suffer cataclysmically.”


      I agreed with Neill in advance on another thread. I believe this is a stupid move on Dominion’s part. They have been hit with a lot of complaints in numerous states, anecdotal reports of bad operation from their own contractor, have been shown to have lied about the ability for interference with their system via the internet, and consequently have a great deal of doubt attached to their name. Right about now they are notorious. Not a good look. If Sidney can’t muddy them up with what she has and what she can get in discovery, she isn’t the lawyer I believe she is.

    6. Spartacus is correct. Texas’s expert tested their equipment and, I believe, turned it down more than once. Their negative reports are floating around the internet. Like here:

      “Denied” in multiples.

  12. IMO we should be openly demanding that congresspeople stand in SUPPORT of the previous and future capital protests.

    It was one of our finest moments where the people FINALLY expressed their righteous anger at the RIGHT PEOPLE, in the RIGHT CITY, and the RIGHT VENUE, to directly address all the chaos and destruction that they have wrought. And they did it with remarkable restraint - I have nothing but contempt for anyone who would suggest that the broken glass they got back to business in a few hours later was somehow beyond the pale when they've destroyed thousands of small and inner city business forever. If I am being honest, in my moment of weakness watching it Wednesday, I was rooting for it to burn to the ground.

    And the cowardice shown in the hours that followed hiding behind antifa skirts and listening as congressmen take turns reading their limpd--- condemnations has only increased my resolve since then.

  13. Comments posted on the stock trading app Webull are hilarious. Here’s a sample from just the past hour:

    $Twitter I have 50k invested in big tech. That will change Monday.

    $Twitter F*** Twitter! Let this stock drop to the floor!!

    $Twitter anyone getting puts on this POS and FB!!!

    $Twitter ban the president you lose money guaranteed

    $Twitter have an order ready at 48.50. gonna short this thing ALLLL the way down


    1. I quite urge holding off on any shorting plans, esp. seeing as TPTB have vested interests in propping Twatter up.
      Aside from the specifics here, the $$ guy I most respect, Gary Savage, always opposes shorting, as too low-percentage.
      Instruments go down differently than they go up, and
      Shorters can too easily get whipsawed, by stunningly powerful rallies.
      Unless you have a *firm* target for when to sell, and clear criteria for how you picked that target, you're begging to be creamed, all the more so in such a volatile political atmosphere.
      He puts it thusly: "1. Never, never, never, never, never, never short a bull market", which stocks clearly are still in, as long as the NASDAQ stays above 13,000.

    2. The only chance I'd consider taking would be on gold (coins), if Spot Gold broke below $1800 toward $1750, or if it got back up near $1900.

  14. Sydney Powell already has a donation site.

    I think this is the site;

  15. I will contribute to Sidney's defense fund.

  16. Eliminated cable the day after election so we were not contributing to cable news. Logged out of Twitter Friday, and my account is now suspended. We're not shopping at any big box (costco and Walmart - none!) if at all possible until our governor opens our state again. Just 4 voters in our family (one more in 2022), but we're still fighting.

  17. Rich, I don't think Sidney Powell has paid a single tech expert. Those individuals are working on a voluntary basis and are some of the best experts in the world.

    Those who working on a field as an avocation should scare the shit out of those who do it as a vocation.

    Don't think Sidney Powell is worried for a second.

    Dominion has a very good idea about what Sidney Powell knows and can proves. If they didn't, why bother sending a letter threatening a lawsuit. The letter is a desperate attempt to get an apology, and Powell is not going to do that.

    Putting someone onto bankruptcy in Texas is a waste of time in most cases. Her house is untouchable no matter how much it is worth.

    I'd bet her legal practice in incorporated with next to no real assets. She probably has most of her assets in retirement vehicles that can't be touched by a creditor.

    Powell is not going to lose. She could very well take Dominion to the Cleaners for a billion.