Friday, January 15, 2021

Sobering Thoughts On A Friday Morning. Plus ...

Christopher Roach has an overall insightful article today at American Greatness. It won't astound you with brand new ideas, but it's put together well and reinforces the perceptions that many commenters have been offering. Certainly there's a close kinship to the ideas that Tucker Carlson, for example, has been offering for some time now:

A MAGA Bay of Pigs

After the lockdowns and election issues of 2020, the MAGA movement is now a full-on “anti-regime” movement rather than a Trump-focused one. 

I recommend it all, but here are some excerpts that were, for me, highlights. First, Roach sets the stage:

The domestic spying, impeachment, and election irregularities of the Trump presidency matter because of what they tell us about the managerial system. All the public talk of democracy is for show; the whole point of the bureaucracy and the party system is to prevent any popular, democratic movement that would threaten the ruling class’ privileges. 

As President Trump put it, “They don’t hate you because they hate me. They hate me because they hate you.” 


I'll skip over Roach's analysis of January 6. Here, in what follows and following on from his intro, he gets to the heart of where conservatives are at this point in history vis a vis the ruling class:

Antifa was always a tool for those in power, in spite of their uncouth appearance. 

The attack on the Capitol, however, has made the ruling class enraged and a little scared. They are now acting accordingly. Everyone involved will be prosecuted, and many will be charged with serious offenses that carry long prison sentences. Adjacent people and institutions will also feel the heat. Denying Biden’s electoral legitimacy will be deemed the equivalent of denying the Holocaust. 

We have already seen the strength of this effort with the coordinated censorship of social media, the mass arrest of demonstrators, financial harassment of right-leaning organizations and figures, and the suddenly bellicose rhetoric of the Defense Department. The FBI hinted at the coming crackdown with the ludicrous suggestion that right-wing terrorism is a bigger threat than Antifa and BLM. 

This is like the Reichstag Fire for the Left. 

In other words, the crackdown in response to the Capitol protest will far exceed the event’s magnitude. This is certainly not the worst violence our country has seen, nor is Trump alone in loose talk. Former President Obama bears a lot of responsibility for the BLM murders, including those of five Dallas police officers for his similarly incendiary rhetoric.  Moreover, last summer, many prominent Democrats now calling mere trespassing an “insurrection” were encouraging violent action in the name of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Selectively condemning violence because of the offenders’ political affiliation, along with the overwrought talk of a “coup” and pious incantations of how the protests defiled the sacred “House of the People,” is all a little too much to bear. The Capitol has long been a den of thieves, replete with sexual offenders, crooks, and sycophants for the oligarchic class. What happens there on an average week is a greater offense to the Constitution and principles of democracy than the January 6 protest. 

Unfortunately, Roach doesn't offer much in the way of a way forward. His idea is to wait while the ruling class overreacts and creates more and more "dissidents." For my money, the suggestions I've read about creating alternative platforms to communicate in the Public Square are far more useful than such passive counsel. Nevertheless, it's useful to remind ourselves of just where we stand.

A good place to start, of course, is staying up to date with the revelations that are about to come from the Russia Hoax declass. Today John Solomon fleshes out his podcast that I covered yesterday. Nothing new so far, but a more finished offering compared to Solomon's hurried podcast:

Trump declassifying trove of FBI memos exposing Steele's motivations, ties to impeachment witness

Once-secret documents will show Steele told FBI he leaked Russia collusion narrative to counteract Clinton email scandal.


  1. What do people think about the analogy of the Capitol unrest with the Reischtag Fire? Is it actually an apt analogy or no? Here was a recent AmericanThinker blog post who thought it wasn't a good analogy:

  2. A couple of items Christopher Roach did not mention:

    1. State anti speech efforts
    2. Trump will still be around
    3. There’s alternatives such as Gab
    4. Impact of foreign governments on the censorship by big tech
    5. State gains by the gop
    6. Expected electoral bloodbath in midterms of anti Trumpers as both the state and federal levels
    7. Discrediting of anti Trumpers
    8. More alternatives will be created, the big tech crackdown has exposed huge business opportunities.
    9. The state of panic created by Covid will soon be over
    10. Tightening of voter fraud prevention at a state level
    11. We survived Obama’s administration, I don’t expect a huge increase in competence with a Biden Administration
    12. Trump survived the last 4 years of attacks by the establishment, unlike the tea party. What Trump has done is reveal the corruption and incompetence.
    13. Trump actually built 450 miles of wall. This is not going away.
    14. Trump is changing the gop into a multi racial workers party. This destroys the Democratic playbook of victimization to increase votes.
    15. The us is a federal system, and the states have a lot of power.

    1. "Impact of foreign governments on the censorship by big tech", meaning such govt's fighting big tech? How?
      "bloodbath in midterms of anti Trumpers", only happens if "Tightening of voter fraud prevention" happens, which I'll bet will be stopped by the open borders, and the DS.
      "states have a lot of power", until Congress/ courts take it away.
      "state of panic... will soon be over", until the Dems/ MSM gin up rationales for a new one.

  3. One of the ideas that I have heard from the left is that they regret not moving fast enough or far enough during Obama’s administration. Based on what has been happening in the aftermath of January 6th indicates that they’re not going to make the same mistake twice.
    The overblown rhetoric that is being used to implement a variety of draconian measures to silence all conservatives has taken on a religious fervor when you start characterizing any government building as “sacred”.
    Religious fervor and a sense of urgency in the hands of politicians is never a good thing. Especially when those same politicians have control of both houses of congress and the presidency as well.
    If the push to punish and silence the Right proceeds at a relentless pace, which I fully expect, how much time will we have to create new digital public forums and viable economic alternatives to Amazon and Apple?
    As you pointed out Mark, the article was excellent but failed to offer a way forward.
    And we desperately need a way forward before an armed military becomes the “new normal”.

    1. Um, aren't militaries by their nature "armed"?

    2. “patrolling government buildings in D.C. becomes the new normal” is what I left out. Ouch! I promise to proof my comments better in the future Mark.

  4. Since im not a lawyer, if these declassifications happen, is it likely civil lawsuits will be filed by people caught up in the hoax?

    1. Obviously each case would depend on the circumstances, but certainly these declassified docs would be very powerful evidence if relevant to the specific case.

  5. Patrick Byrne is on video testifying that he personally delivered an $18 million bribe to Hillary--which was engineered by Obama. Obama needed to control Hillary when she became President (oooops!) and that was the mechanism.



    “ Screenshots from a Discord chat channel allegedly hosted by John Sullivan – a far-left, anti-Trump activist who appears to have incited violence at the U.S. Capitol while posing as a journalist – reveal he and his followers infiltrated the January 6th Save America March in Washington, D.C.”

  7. I'm seeing a faction split right now where the GOP supporting class is bailing as far away from the Trump class. John Solomon had a blurb up today showing a new poll saying that only 18% of republicans are trump supporters, which I do not believe.

    I think you will see the GOP forces in mass movement trying to rein in Trump's base and by rein I do mean manipulate.

    I had put up posting the other day noting that every article, every blog, every anything is devoid of taking up a solution or as mentioned, a way forward.

    Everyone is being overly cautious about saying the quiet part out loud! Do-over, restart, revolution, civil war, no one wants to be "that guy" but at the same time the writing is on the wall.

    1. WATCH:
      @FrankLuntz is forced to admit that over 91% of Trump supporters would vote for President Trump again

    2. showing a new poll saying that only 18% of republicans are trump supporters,

      The biggest mistake Republicans make is the assumption that people who voted for Trump are "Republican." Why? Ronald Reagan was elected by "Reagan Democrats", not Republicans.

      Start here: how many people actually signed up and send money to the Republican Party?

    3. Link to poll... I don't believe this in the least. I've also no idea how anyone calls themselves a republican anymore but there are MANY still defending the other side of the single party coin.

      Habits are hard I guess...

  8. I’d vote more than once. I hear that’s a thing now

  9. Looks like the documents we've been waiting for are now available:


    1. Not exactly. Those are senate interviews, but what Solomon is talking about are internal FBI docs.

    2. Never mind.

      Emily Litella aka Mohawkian

  10. I think the GOP is fractured, but this fracture is at leadership level.

    1. Both parties are fractured. The Republicans between the Nationalist populists lead by Trump and the Corporatist globalists lead by the old guard. The populists are winning because the benefits of globalism accrue to fewer and fewer. When the Chamber of Commerce left and endorsed Biden that shows the globalist are on the decline. They will be replaced or have their sails trimmed dramatically. These ideologies are not totalitarian in outlook because they just want people to be left alone.

      The Democrats have a bigger problem coupled by a generational shift. It is the Technological Class vs. the Communists or Totalitarians. Many in the Techno class are going to be retiring or retired this election cycle. Who replaces them is an open question. They indeed want control over you and your thought life with their "approved" social construct.

      The next year or so will provide answers to which strain is in control of each party. The Republican's were able to subsume the Tea Party (Ryan and Rubio). Can they get Gaetz, Nunes, Jordan and Hawley? Tune in.

      On the other side, will the squad accolytes overtake the Schumer, Jeffries and Waters? So far they have had the energy in the white urban areas but the appeal has flowed out to the ex-suburbs or minority areas.


    2. "will the squad accolytes overtake the Schumer, Jeffries and Waters?"
      Not if the Techno class still has the $$, unless the squad crowd gets to take over the DS.
      As long as the Techies and DS are mostly on the same page, the squadies' leash will be minimal when chips are down.

  11. Sobering statement from AT:

    1. Outrageous. Can we the people storm the corporate
      halls of Dominion?

    2. I believe that, like so many others, they have the story but not the proof. Dominion is shutting them down because they can. Only a few have the actual proof. That will be coming - eventually.

  12. This was a good analysis though incomplete. Trump HAD to rely on a small trusted team. Trusted does not mean competent in certain areas. What Kushner did in the Middle East was game changing but his domestic ideas didn't help. Trump believed he could co-opt the other parties by doing deals. That he could develop win-win all for everyone. That was his operating style in the business realm. But he didn't realize until later that they were out to destroy him and by extension us.

    Trump withstood the most concerted extra legal assault that any man has endured. The fact he got so much done is a testament to his force of will. The people know that he was a champion for those discarded by globalism (Hillbilly Elegy - JD Vance). He was one of us. That is why the deep state will continue to go after him after he is out of office. As Plouffle said "he must be destroyed and his kind never allowed to rise again". But he has awoken us to our power and the deep state is afraid of us. Very afraid of us. Not just in this country but other countries too.

    The upcoming debt crisis will provide provide a lot of clarification to who gains and maintains control. In this regard the Totalitarians will lose because they can only live off a host. If the host is weak then they can't prosper. Now it comes down to the National Populists, Tech Overlords and the Corporatist Globalists. I stand with the Populists.


    1. Very nice, Spartacus. As it happens, I was discussing Kushner's role with my wife today. I was blaming him and Ivanka--in a probabilistic sense--for Trump's caving on Covid policy: he had it right initially, but backed off and turned it all over to the incompetent and dishonest Fauci. Then, however, I realized that Kushner probably had a hand in some of Trump's real successes. It's a mixed bag, as you say. Very frustrating.

    2. Don't forget Dr Birx too. She provided a lot of believability to the task force. However her experience was with Ebola which does require total lockdown. I have stated many times in other places that we put into place an Ebola response to a flu pandemic.

      I have no respect for the sainted Fauci (as Tucker calls him) after his radio interview about on line hook ups and he stated take medical precautions. I knew he was a fraud then.

      Imagine what the people who got sick or lost loved ones when they discover that the institute he heads covertly funded gain of function research at the Wuhan lab after Congress banned it in the USA in 2014. When I tell people this they just find it shocking.

      Trump was in a terrible place in April when he allowed the states to determine their responses. The onslaught of bad information was overwhelming. Remember videos of Chinese dying the streets? I do. Funny how that disappeared once the Western world went into lockdown.

      But now that the goal has been achieved to remove the bad orange man you will find things just aren't as bad as they thought. Already New York and California are saying we have to re-open IN THE HEIGHT OF THE FLU SEASON. Same with the cities. Also they will crank down the replication rate for Covid testing. But mask control will stay. That makes us anonymous and distant for each other.


  13. Win some loose some, I think the issue with covid was if it had been more than political, the down play would have gone badly.

    Issue is, you give these jerks a inch they leap 5 miles.

    Eventually ole mommy natural will slip us a genuine covid / pig flu / plague... We'll finally get to see how those masked hold up.

  14. The challenge Trump had was until he experienced the incompetence, corruption, betrayal, backstabbing, and / or bias of an institution / people, he was not ready to challenge them. He had a huge learning curve, while under the Mueller debacle and later impeachment. I’m surprised he got anything done.

    Trump through his actions have ripped off so many masks. I had no idea DC was this bad.

    1. When Obama was elected 12 years ago, the majority expectation was to stop the wars and fix the economy, after Bush disaster, which was really created by both father and son Bush as well as Clinton in between.

      Obama did the opposite and was a bigger disaster.

      Trump actually did stop the wars and fix the economy. And he was punished for that great success, how dare he! Along with him all the normal people (normal as in people with families and a life).

      I'm afraid the next 4 years will be the worst in US history. It will only bounce back and start getting better with the genZ reaching adulthood, in about 10 years.

    2. I’ll vote for him again in a heartbeat. Anyone else? Nope.