Saturday, January 23, 2021

C'mon Man, This Is Perfect!

The Executive Orders have been coming so fast and furious(ly) that it's hard to keep track of them all. I missed this one yesterday:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Joe Biden signed an executive order this morning granting citizenship to everyone who voted for him.

Some ten million people are expected to receive citizenship through the executive order, making it the largest instance of amnesty in our nation's history.

"If you voted for me, darn it, man, you deserve to be an American," Biden said at a press conference this morning. "Thank you for your service, and welcome to America. You're all Americans in my book -- clean, articulate ones."

"Now let's build back better!" Biden pulled out his phone and played "Despacito" in honor of the votes he received.

There was some confusion as he then appeared to hear a voice in his ear and said, "Breathe in, breathe out." The statement was praised by all media outlets as being "a powerful reminder that we need to just calm down and breathe."

One guess


  1. So they will keep comin', for the free stuff.

  2. I had read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy years ago, and found it funny as hell.

    I've just come across the passage about Golgafrinchans:

    I can't find it funny anymore.

  3. Totalitarian government is on the way

    1. From , a gripping take on 6 Jan.:

      "This would bode very ill for our freedom. It could be the death knell, in fact.
      This could also reveal the governing class’s panicked realization, that they are heartily hated by a large portion of the populace –and that they know that they are hated for good reason, due to their abject incompetence, irredeemable corruption, and sneering disdain for vast swathes of Americans.
      We have the worst governing class in the country’s history –and that includes the 1850s, during which the previous holder of this dubious distinction led the country to civil war....
      A hated “elite,” all too conscious of its failings and unpopularity..., will out of self-preservation, *engineer* crises that justify the employment of the government’s vast coercive apparatus, to *crush* those who wish them gone.
      It is extremely illuminating, that actually burning things down, which occurred not just in DC, but around the country in May and June, did not elicit such a hysterical response.
      Only when the precious denizens of DC feel personally threatened, by the people they ostensibly govern, do they go to Defcon 1.
      Don’t fall for it. Don’t let a stupid, but wildly *exaggerated*, rampage in the Capitol (that never would have happened, had the most *basic* measures been taken –which should make you wonder, why they weren’t) provide the *pretext*, for purges and “domestic terrorism” legislation.... <

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