Saturday, January 16, 2021

Important: It's Not Just Censorship

If you read one thing today, make it Lee Smith's latest--the whole thing:

It’s Not Censorship, It’s a Coordinated Effort

A time to strengthen families and communities

It's a simple point, really, like most important truths. What's going on currently goes beyond censorship alone--the censorship has to be understood in the broader context of the crisis of legitimacy that the American regime has been struggling through for several decades now. We've emphasized this point--the importance of understanding the concepts of legitimacy and authority--over the last several months.

The reason censorship--heavy handed and visible--has become necessary, in place of the less visible forms of social manipulation that were used in the past is because, despite the Uniparty regime's best efforts, assisted by its Tech and Media allies, is that Trump's unprecedented turnout has challenged the regime's legitimacy in an authoritative way. People are seeking, and finding, alternate centers of authority, and those centers of authority have allowed people to credibly challenge the regime's legitimacy. The other hoax efforts of the last four years have definitively failed, replaced now with fully armed boots and armored Humvees on the ground. Censorship is simply a part of that desperate, but misguided, effort to fool the people one more time.

With that intro, here are some of Smith's high points. Please pay attention to his closing recommendation. Every regime in crisis seeks to isolate individuals from one another, to break down human bonds in society that provide the type of alternate source of authority and legitimacy that constitute an existential threat to the regime. Those social bonds have been gradually dissolving in America, replaced by a one on one dependence on government. One of the few remaining secondary institutions that have preserved some degree of independence and ability to provide authoritative interpretations of of reality at variance with regime approved narratives are those of organized religion. Those institutions are now threatened as never before by the Covid hoax lockdowns. They need to be revived. We cannot rise to this challenge as disjoined individuals. Social solidarity needs to be restored on an authoritative basis.

[The repressive censorship that we're seeing now is] part of the strategic logic of mass conflict. The leadership of the political, corporate, and cultural establishment that today rules America shut down the communications of those against whom they are waging war.

The moves fully expose the architecture of the American oligarchy—Big Tech is a Democratic Party-funding mechanism and part of its operational arm, with social media and the prestige press serving as information-warfare platforms disseminating propaganda and blocking information damaging to the regime. ...

..., what Hawley did was much more dangerous when he officially questioned the integrity of the 2020 vote, i.e., the regime’s legitimacy.

In fact, the communication lockdowns began long before the election. Most famously, social media blocked allegations of Biden family corruption and financial ties to Chinese Communist Party proxies. ... In any case, the corruption of the American regime is now a matter of record, and that’s why its vanguard moved so quickly after the events of Jan. 6.

They were spooked.

Obviously, it wasn’t Trump alone who brought hundreds of thousands of Americans, including families, to Washington on a Wednesday in January to march in the cold. But for the regime, Trump must be seen to be at the center of the picture, not only to isolate and degrade the current leader of the opposition, but more importantly to obscure optics dangerous to the regime’s health.

This is part of what's so frustrating about the Right's  continual chants of Sua Culpa! The willingness to blame Trump, to even censor him in Congress. Granting--for the sake of the argument--the sincerity of these voices, this shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the dynamics of what is going on, of what this conflict is all about. There was never anything that Trump could say about the election, short of a groveling and false concession and promise of immediate withdrawal from public life, that would have satisfied.


Strip away social media and the press’s forged account of Jan. 6, and it’s an instantly recognizable event replayed throughout history—disenchanted masses seeing no other choice but to descend on a capital city to march on a corrupted parliament. ...

This, too, is part of the frustration involved in the narrative of 'American Exceptionalism.' America is not immune to the vicissitudes of history, as any honest reading of our history will quickly demonstrate. The Constitution is emphatically not a vaccine against corruption or even crises of legitimacy.


Jan. 6 was more than four years in the making, starting with the “Russiagate” operation that the spy services and prestige press organizations ran against Trump. The regime’s assault on the republic was serial and continuous: the fraudulent special counsel investigation tasked to unseat Trump; the bogus impeachment of the president designed to cover for yet more alleged Biden family corruption in yet another foreign country; the weaponization of the coronavirus lockdowns to destroy small businesses while enriching tech giants such as Amazon; the George Floyd riots; and culminating finally in the compromised election of a candidate who repeatedly gave public evidence he was no longer cognitively competent.

Jan. 6 was the day that Americans finally declared the oligarchic regime a third-world farce. With its lack of legitimacy exposed by the demonstrators, the regime had to move to delegitimize not only Trump but the action and the protestors ... [as 'insurrectionist' and even 'domestic terrorists'].

... Eventually, the regime will deploy other instruments to widen its fire, redefining all opponents to its agenda as “white nationalists” and setting against them law enforcement, as well as employers, banks, transportation services, and so on.

New legislation targeting conservative dissent under the guise of 'domestic terrorism' is already in the works.


In the meantime, the first order of business is to restore communications, for the opposition as a whole. Other social media platforms are likely to arise but will also find themselves embroiled in conflict they’re likely to lose to tech giants. There are options, however: America’s one fail-safe form of communication, our media before there was one—houses of worship.


As local, state, and federal authorities move to keep Americans isolated by shuttering houses of worship under cover of coronavirus measures, court cases must be brought against authorities by the hundreds, the thousands, compelling the regime to act out its fundamental illegitimacy and confess its inability to govern a constitutional republic.


  1. If it was a fair election why is DC under siege?

  2. Rather than nation wide protests on 1-20 I think give the Dem's something more significant to chew on. No one goes to work that day. All of MAGA do a one day work stoppage. No going in to work, no zoom, no answering phone call, nothing. No protests. Tell the boss you've got a fever, whatever, but do nothing. This includes no shopping, nothing ordered online, no economic activity of any sort. This means no watching Netflix, Disney Channel, sports of any kind. Utter silence.

    Protests they see everyday and understand. A very large part of the country going completely "dark" will, I think, frighten them much more than protests.
    Tom S.