Monday, January 18, 2021

BRIEFLY NOTED: FBI Billboarding The Country

FBI Seeking Information Related to Violent Activity at the U.S Capitol Building

An anonymous poster at FR has a photo up at FR:

Apparently this same technique for soliciting information--first implemented with regard to the violent riots staged by Antifa/BLM across the country last year--was so effective that the FBI has decided to replicate that effort. Remember?

In other news ...

California man lived inside O’Hare Airport security zone for 3 months — because he was afraid to fly during COVID, prosecutors say

"Prosecutors say," you ask? That's right. He's being held on criminal charges:

Aditya Singh, 36, arrived at O’Hare’s Terminal 2 on a flight from Los Angeles on October 19, Hagerty said. He’s allegedly been living inside the airport’s security zone ever since.

Saturday morning, two United Airlines employees confronted Singh at the airport about his status and asked to see his work ID, Hagerty said. Singh lowered his COVID mask and showed him an airport ID that he wore around his neck.

The identification was reported stolen by an airport operations manager on October 26, according to Hagerty. Police took Singh into custody around 11:10 a.m.

Hagerty said Singh admitted that he found the airport credentials in Terminal 3 and said he was afraid to fly home due to COVID and because other passengers gave him food.

According to his defense attorney, Singh, who has no criminal background, lives in the Los Angeles suburb of Orange, California. He has a master’s degree in hospitality.

Prosecutors charged him with felony criminal trespass to a restricted area of an airport and misdemeanor theft.

[Judge] Ortiz called the allegations against him, “quite shocking.”

“I do find that those alleged actions make him a danger to the community,” Ortiz said before setting bail at $10,000 and ordering him to go onto electronic monitoring if he’s released from jail.

Singh won't be allowed to fly home pending resolution of the case. What a country!

Barr told Trump that theories about stolen election were 'bulls---'

We noted at the time that Bluto Barr was remarkably quick off the mark in his assessment of the election results, given the stunning statistical anomalies and considerable witness evidence. Others were apparently surprised as well:

Other aides in the room, including White House counsel Pat Cipollone, were reportedly surprised that the attorney general had made the comment, though did not disagree with his remarks.

Barr was even quicker off the mark in condemning Trump after January 6--for supposedly "betraying his office". In the link provided by Titan 28 Victor Davis Hanson observes:

It is clearer each day that the ringleaders of that assault, who had planned it days before, were semi-professional political thugs not especially connected to the Trump campaign and completely uninfluenced by the president’s remarks to his approximately 300,000 partisans on January 6.

That appears to me to be an entirely judicious appraisal of what we know. No word yet from Bluto Barr on whether the 'snap' impeachment was 'bullshi*t' or, indeed, whether his own remarks were 'bullsh*t'.. And I'm not holding my breath on that one.


  1. Anyone who had any doubts about the FBI being a stooge operation for the DNC and leftists in general should be disabused by this hysterical overreach. What a pack of tools. Our entire criminal justice system is corrupt. The only thing it isn't is racist.

    Victor Davis Hanson:

    1. Article is by Conrad Black. Url is ok.

    2. @Titan,

      I completely agree with you except for the part about the left and DNC.

      This isn't a left DNC issue, the GOP is just as much part of this.

      We have to stop playing in the duplicity game of right and left, it's heads we loose tails they win every time. We have no side to side with besides a corrupted Government vs the people.

    3. @ Bebe, sorry about that. Hanson's piece is on criminal justice. @ devilman, you are correct. They are at this point indistinguishable in their intentions.

  2. From the article: "Barr, during a meeting with Trump at the White House in early December, told the president that such theories of a stolen election were 'bullshit'..."

    So now we find out there was no election fraud? No unverified signatures, no dead voters, no unregistered voters, no non-resident voters, no non-citizen voters, no double-counted ballots, no unpostmarked ballots, no late ballots and no changed votes?

    And no states violated their own constitutions or statutes in adopting mail-in voting procedures which either facilitated fraud or were illegal?

    And nothing fishy about all the swing states in which Trump was ahead calling a halt to vote counting late at night virtually simultaneously?

    And the Dominion machines hooked up to the internet were all A-OK?

    And no problem with the election observers who were prevented from observing?

    And no need to assure the American public of the integrity of the election by taking the time to audit election results or investigate election irregularities?

    Phew! Its all bullshit? I had been pretty concerned... What a relief! Thank you Mr. Barr!

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  4. I saw the same sign 20 miles east of Los Angeles. Unbelievable security theater.

    And 25,000 National guards in Dc.

    And 1,000 national guard in California capitol Sacramento just in case of violence..

    Obviously you can’t have too much cowbell!

    And still no fbi declassifications dropped yet.

  5. From a comment in another thread:

    There is a 1 minute video of the guy in the Buffalo hat. You need to watch it to believe it. New Age Shaman...

  6. Politically speaking, I am a nobody. I noted on another thread after 1-6-20 the professional gmail obstacles I was encountering.

    First I couldn't gmail the small company for which I freelance. Now all my hours logged on the company invoice calculator since 11/13/20 are gone (including January, not yet paid). All my company information materials are accessed through Google Drive.

    If anyone else is having mysterious recent communication issues, please share. Thanks.

    1. Change your password lately, you should. So should anyone with access to that invoice calculator.

  7. The FBI is still angry that Comey was fired and that the FBI was proved corrupt. It's obvious that now 'their' side holds the executive branch that the FBI will do everything within its power to destroy the right.


  8. Amazing the amount of effort the fbi is putting into the Capital breach, vs voter fraud.