Wednesday, January 27, 2021

When Will There Be A Covid Reckoning?

I've maintained that sooner, probably, than later there will be a reckoning for what the ruling oligarchy has done to America and Americans with the Covid Hoax. The hoax, which was ginned up to oust Trump, is ultimately unsustainable. With a new regime having been installed in the militarily occupied Imperial City on the Potomac, our rulers are cautiously exploring ways to bring the hoax either to an end or at least to bring it under control. We've seen that with the backing away from lockdown policies in Blue cities. But it's not so easy. The title of Angelo Codevilla's article today expresses the dilemma facing our rulers:

Dismounting the COVID Tiger

The oligarchy’s chosen method of “reopening” after the pandemic shows that it intends to attempt to validate the harm it did over the previous year. Will it work?

The trick in "dismounting the Covid tiger is: How to prevent the subject population from realizing that they've been hand--tricked into an orgy of self destruction? The first and last paragraphs sum it up:

Riding fear of COVID-19, our oligarchs persuaded millions of Americans to join in masked pantomime, to deliver themselves to something like house arrest, and to blame Donald Trump for their troubles. But as much as the oligarchs enjoyed COVID powers and dreamt of segueing them into a “new normal,” they knew that America could not be locked down forever.


There being nothing especially artful about this stratagem, and most Americans not being utterly stupid, its success depends exclusively on the media’s near-unanimous complicity in it. That unanimity, however, may be getting harder to maintain. Not only is the binding objective—getting rid of Trump—no longer there, documents are surfacing that show the material complicity between Anthony Fauci, the oligarchy’s fountain of authority in all matters COVID-19, and the development of the virus itself. Covering for that level of professional incompetence and corruption may be a bridge too far, even for today’s media.

Where the rubber meets the road in all this is in the schools. Scientific study after study has demonstrated not only that schools are safe but that enormous educational and psychological harm is being done to the young people who are being socially isolated at a crucial stage in their lives. Indeed, Las Vegas recently opened schools because of what has amounted to an epidemic of suicide that dwarfs any harm done by Covid.

And yet, even as the new Dem regime--safe behind an unprecedented militarization of DC--has proceeded to put unionized blue collar workers into an unemployment pool that will surely grow, sending teacher back into the schools remains a tricky matter. That's because the teachers unions--and especially those in major Blue metro areas--are the backbone of the Dem party.

Thus, yesterday the regime gave the green light to teachers to strike rather than return to teaching:

Biden chief of staff backs teachers unions refusing to reopen schools, says they're not 'overruling' science

Remarkably--and disturbingly for our rulers--Klain got pushback from, of all sources, Erin Burnett on CNN. After years of having to listen to scientific ignoramuses chant the follow-the-science mantra, it must have been galling for Klain to have to defend a glaringly unscientific position against that charge--no matter how deferentially expressed:

CNN anchor Erin Burnett pushed back, claiming transmission of the virus [in association with schools] was "just not happening."

She then pointed to the Chicago Teachers Union, which recently voted to extend virtual learning.

"Ron, why do you think that the teachers unions in many cases are overruling what the studies show?" Burnett asked.

The reality in Chicago, of course, is that the still large Catholic school system (as well as other private schools) reopened back in September and have been doing just fine, thank you. Nevertheless, 71% of the government school teachers voted to strike rather than return to teaching--they may be stupid, but they can recognize a gravy train when they see one. And with backing from the regime in DC, how will local rulers ever force the teachers back to work, without submitting to extortionate demands that will be pushed off on the already hard pressed taxpayers? One commenter on radio stated that in the talks between school board and the union no one represented the children. But that's not really true. The parents represent the children, and its the parents who elect the local rulers.

Andrea Widburg today examines the Chicago situation in some detail. In the interests of fairness, Widburg allowed the "teachers" to make their own presentation:


How do you think that will play across the country? I'm guessing very poorly. TGP accompanies that news with this graphic, which is almost certainly the impression that many will come away with:

But, finally, now for a video that I strongly urge everyone to watch all the way through--all 30 minutes of it. Blogger won't let me embed this, so follow this link:

Bio-warfare & Weaponization of Medicine Amid Covid

Even the following blurb for the video fails to do justice to how powerful I found this wide ranging but highly articulate interview:

In this explosive interview with Senior Editor Alex Newman of The New American magazine, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) Dr. Lee Merrit explains her belief that America is currently facing what appears to be biological warfare. Whether the Communist Chinese released the COVID-19 virus on purpose or by accident is impossible to know, but the implications are enormous. And when it comes to the new vaccines, Dr. Merrit, a former military doctor who studied biological warfare, reviews previous animal studies on the technology underlying the vaccines and paints a dire picture. However, even though modern medical schools do not often teach it, there are ways to treat viral infections that are time-tested and effective, she concludes.

Dr. Merrit explains the nature of the new non-vaccine "vaccines" succinctly--how they work, or don't work, how they've been tested, etc. She also explains that the science behind such effective treatments as HCQ and Ivermectin has been known since the 1970s. 


  1. Couldn't agree more Mark. Sitting here listening to the radio and just heard that the CDC is studying if a Covid test be required for ALL air travel. At that point, just shut down the airline industry which plays right into the green agenda. Americans need to wake up and tap into a long history of civil disobedience. Here in Illinois, the gov shut down all indoor dining in December and many local jurisdictions just refused to enforce. Sat at the bar the other night with my son and had pizza and not a mask on the either the diners or the bartender. I keep wondering how long until we follow the prohibition model and just ignore authority.
    Steve M

  2. And the fud on hcq is being walked back:

    The American Journal of Medicine Now Recommends HCQ for COVID19 | Principia Scientific Intl.

    And all the blue states deciding they can now open!

  3. Fairfax County should open schools or stop vaccinating teachers [Even after getting vaccinated, teachers union refuses to go back to work]

    1. Ah, Fairfax County, the most populous and the second richest county in VA, couldn’t get the online remote learning going smoothly for well over a month last spring when the pandemic hit. However at the time FCPS told parents they could NOT form learning pods for their school aged children because it would disadvantage those children whose parents who couldn’t (most likely wouldn’t) do the same thing. In light of many school districts in flyover county being back in the classroom, FCPS is caving to the teachers union and still not forcing them back into the classroom. During the summer and now on weekends I frequently run into unconcerned FCPS teachers at a local dog park. Unconcerned that is unless you mention BLM for which one teacher has their very own cap. I proposed that the now-unemployed XL pipeline workers be hired to replace FCPS teachers who refuse to go back into the classroom.

    2. Love that idea. Students might get back to learning reading, writing and “rithmetic.”

  4. That picture of Xi and his running dog Zhou is unfair. Zhou is much better trained than to need a leash to be brought to heel.

  5. I don't think surviving the dismount will be much of a challenge. All those 80 million who voted for Biden (I know, a lot of fakes there) are sufficiently cognitively quiesced that nothing will matter, except the (D). Only if the 75 million real Trump voters get angry enough will it get rough for a while, and I wouldn't count on that.

    My optimism has been quiesced.

  6. There were massive anti-lockdown riots in Amsterdam this week, Paris the last 2 weeks. I'm not quite sure what the Red Fort riots in Delhi are about yet, likely not lock-down related...still massive civil unrest.

    Human beings - even in places that are generally socialist - will not tolerate the level of authoritarianism seen around the 'pandemic'.

    This is especially true in the US where, as Steve McCann writes '...had a centuries long history of freedom and self determination".

    A great write up over at AT by Steve McCann lays it out nicely, and I personally think it's spot on.

    IMO, it's a matter of time before the lid is blown completely off the Covid hoax.

    1. They seem to be doing a good job of making a fraudulent election disappear so don't hold your breath.

      Conspiracy to use memes

  7. Hello to all the Bloggers with Mark – this is Tom from Atlanta, and I’m new to this blog and to Mark, having found it/you since -- or, as a result of -- the Election 2020 debacle, and now I read it daily.
    I would like to ask the regulars here a favor – and some of you may choose not to participate – but would you offer up past blogs that you believe are seminal in this community of colleagues, or that you believe are noteworthy or memorable for some other reason (eg, maybe the blog itself was short but the comments pursued a topic that was insightful or moved the narrative into a new arena)?
    There seems to be a legitimate, palpable friendship among Mark and his blog community, and maybe even a secret handshake among some of you – I’m not looking to pry into that, only to try catching up if possible with some of the watershed moments or inflection points? I follow a Christian site/app where they have a ‘best of’ by year, and sometimes also a collection of sermons on a topic, such as service or justification by faith – and this is the kind of image that comes to mind here.
    Thanks in advance for giving this thought and taking the time to share -

    1. Tom, if you seek sites particularly on Christian issues, I can't help, as it's been decades since I've done reading on, say, the Scholastics.
      Likewise, I can't add much to anyone's list, of sites often cited here about top political etc. issues (e.g. RussiaGate/ SpyGate), e.g. Dyer, Codevilla, Greenwald, Taibbi, SWC.

      What do know much about is the liberal/ Leftist *psyche*, seeing as I've decades of personal experience with such folks, often at a quite high intellectual level, e.g about Lacan, Walter Kaufmann, Allan Bloom, etc.
      If issues about these psyches matter to you, I'll be happy to list a number of sites which pertain.

    2. Dave Blackmon - does a great job too.


    3. On issues pertaining to these folks’ psyches, one of my better recent finds is Michael Lind, on

      > … More and more Americans are figuring out, that “wokeness” functions in the new, centralized American elite, as a *device to exclude* working-class Americans of all races, along with backward remnants of the old regional elites.
      In effect, the new *national oligarchy* changes the codes and the passwords every six months or so, and notifies its members through the *universities, and the prestige media and Twitter*.
      America’s working-class majority of all races pays far less attention than the elite to the media, and is highly unlikely, to have a kid at Harvard or Yale to clue them in.
      And non-college-educated Americans spend very little time on Facebook and Twitter, the latter of which they are unlikely to be able to identify…. <


  8. China virus china virus china virus china virus china virus china virus

    Rob s

  9. One thing that puzzles me about the teachers’ unions is that for many teachers remote learning increases the work load significantly, while decreasing the professional rewards. Especially teachers with young children have a much harder time trying to teach remotely and also juggling the demands of childcare or having their own children at home, if preschool, needing attention or if school age, attending remotely. This is nobody’s idea of not working or just riding the gravy train.
    At the same time, teachers as a group seem to be among the most fear ridden members of our workforce. The checkout people at grocery stores, the hairdressers and barbers, etc. all report for work every day. What accounts for this fear given that the demands of remote instruction are intense and the rewards so minimal?

    1. They’re still getting paid and don’t have to do as much. Starting with my now-adult sons, I have rarely seen a really dedicated inspirational teacher. Doesn’t take many fingers to count them. Far too many fell into teaching and tenure like a feather bed, and do the very minimum while focusing on advancing their pay grade.

      And we were in “good” school systems...

    2. Our children were in both local public schools and later one of the very best prep schools in the country. They had some excellent public school teachers, who were the rivals of those at their boarding school. My observations above come from one of the finest teachers I have known, a neighbor who did not teach our kids. I do not doubt for a moment that remote teaching has meant more work, often with a house full of family members in lockdown, and very little reward. It’s certainly been my experience teaching at the college level. I leap at every opportunity to get back into the classroom, even with those dopey masks. And unlike Mark, whose opinions I value, I plan to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

    3. As one who expected private prep schools to be superior to public schools, I was surprised to find out that teachers who haven’t the credentials to teach in public schools are very often accepted in private schools.

    4. Really? You're a believer in government credentials? You must be pleased to have a Dr. in the WH, then. She knows all about government schools.

    5. Not really. But I did find that often “the best private schools” were not that great. And that inspirational teachers who can stimulate not only the smart students (essentially autodidacts), but those restless types who are easily distracted, are few and far between - gold - no matter what kind of school they're in.

      I am long years out of contact with schools public or private, but from what I see there has been decline rather than improvement as they have moved into social and political indoctrination.

  10. Amazing!

    Why is Biden looking to give free vaccines to other nations before US reaches herd immunity?

    1. Sounds like a good idea to me. I don't want the vaccine. Watch the video.

    2. I can’t have the vaccine. Previous adverse reactions to vaccines and injectables. Have been worried about vaccine for husband as it is still hard to get. No longer worried. Just sent that Dr. Merritt video to his doctor. He’s a good sort, usually openminded and used to his patient’s very involved and outspoken wife.

      Yes, watch the video.

      As for Tom, I don’t need a lot of blogs to traipse through. Just show up here, jump in, you will pick them up as you go along.

  11. Haven't looked at the state stats for Florida in a while, but pulled them last night. I took some fiddling as there are now 1.6m rows which my Excel can't handle, but after some waiting for the report generation, I was able to get just the 26,080 rows of those who passed on. Here's some interesting observations: ~ 22m residents in FL which represents .12% of all residents have died.

    Age 0-49 984 3.77%
    Age 50-59 1721 10.37%
    Age 60-105 23,375 89.63% (80-105 is 12,318 of 26,080)

    What is interesting is the breakdown for the youngest paints a completely different picture from the narrative (yes, we all know this).

    For the 0-19 group, although there sadly were 13 deaths in the entire state.
    The last was in September. (3 in June, 8 in July, 1 in August, and the 1 in Sept.) None since then.

    And the enemedia harangued DeSantis for vaccinating the elderly first...

    1. At the risk of sounding harsh, isn’t Florida, the Retirement Mecca for America, the place where the elderly flock and eventually die, Covid or no Covid? That Age 60-105 category is revealing….

    2. Mikey, yes, the children’s deaths are very sad. But they too have comorbidities - underlying conditions that predispose them to not do well with many viruses and other assaults on their immune systems. Without a case history on each, we have no way of knowing, do we...

  12. Xi is just getting warmed up.

    Xi Twists Biden’s Arm at Davos
    The Chinese president pitches his vision of globalism to the world.

    Xi Jinping’s kick-off appearance at the winter Davos week this Monday had a simple message for newly inaugurated President Joe Biden: bring America back into the fold, or suffer the consequences.

    The speech, which opened and closed with World Economic Forum (WEF) Chairman Klaus Schwab heaping praise on Xi, was the Chinese president’s first appearance at Davos since he spoke there in 2017.

    The atmosphere this time around was no less surreal, at least at first glance. What is the strongman leader of the largest communist nation in the world doing headlining the premier event for the world’s free-trading liberal internationalist elite?

    Xi wants the world to believe that it is now China, not the U.S., that forms the linchpin of the international order.

    Of course, there is no real mystery here. China’s use of global organizations to its advantage has been evident as far back as its entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO).

    2049 was the goal for the One-Hundred Year Marathon - China’s ultimate defeat of the United States and global takeover as #1. Biden’s power steal has undoubtedly changed the time table. Xi is on the track - perfectly willing to have Biden help him sprint toward an earlier takeover. And Xi is working at defeating us in far more ways than in battle.

    1. But of course Zhou Baiden didn't steal power--he's a puppet. Still, a good article. No surprise that the Great Reset crowd are cheering for China's model of tight social control. That's what they're really attracted to, along with the social engineering.

  13. UPDATE as Mark would say – my blunder, I’m asking about Mark’s past blogs, his own articles here, on this blog/site; which ones are his ‘BEST OF…’?
    Most of the articles since my discovery in early Nov 2020 are on the Russia Hoax, the COVID Hoax, the Election Hoax, and obviously the political impacts re Trump, and like PhillyRich said, I do love this site, but I’m wondering, have you guys ventured into other areas, and which discussions stand out, or which one is your favorite of all time? Just wondering, for new guys like me Mr. Philly….

    1. For the new guy: I began reading this blog several years ago. I rarely (perhaps only three times) comment because the conversation between the original commenters is clear, concise, and intelligently informed. No need to turn this excellent blog into another comment bloated space. However, since you asked for the "best of", I recommend that you begin your participation in this blog by printing the Sherlock Holmes quote and posting it on your bathroom mirror. Then, carefully and completely read and absorb Mark's sagacious first posts about the "meaning in history". Most of the people on this blog seem to be well educated (in the old school sense of the word) philosophers and historians with a great deal of personal integrity. As a retired English teacher, I urge you to do your homework.
      Thank you Mark for all you do.

    2. Oh, you're very welcome! Tx for the plug for my earlier posts. Those in conjunction with some of the stuff on political phil (Patrick Deneen, etc.) remain key, IMO.

    3. I recommend the past blogs where Mark is quoted by various sources in articles external to this blog site...

  14. Back to Covid-19 and vaccine, this response by a Kuwaiti doctor to an article in The BMJ (owned by the British Medical Association) is interesting. About the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine (which is a vaccine, not an MRNA or RNA, which difference Dr. Merritt explained in her excellent video linked by Mark):

    His “Rapid Response” to the article (linked on same page) is entitled COVID-19 Vaccination and its Unprecedented Caveats

    I am very interested in what doctors are saying, the questions they are raising, about these vaccines. I’ve sent Dr. Merritt’s video link to both my doctor and my husband’s. Curious to see what they might come back with. Neither has a buttoned-down mind.

    1. Bebe - do you mind updating us on the reaction of your two doctors to that news; watching the video Mark sent and another by Dr. Simone Gold w the same frontlinedoctors group makes compelling case against the experimental drugs positioned as vaccines; but the MSM presents those as extreme views - would like to hear what real, actual drs in the field are doing.
      thanks -
      Tom from Atl.