Thursday, January 7, 2021

10 Revelations From The NYMag Expose On The WuFlu

A couple days ago--but it seems like forever--I did a brief post on a new expose investigative article in NYMag, which informs us that the WuFlu aka Covid-19 really did come from the lab in Wuhan--and it really was human engineered: Who Knew? WuFlu Came From A Lab!

I know what you're thinking. Wasn't that a big enough story that NYMag or some other publication could have come out with it sooner? In fact, not that much that NYMag has to say is actually new or original reporting. There was a fair amount of reporting on this story all along but the facts were--how do you say?--suppressed. Published only in obscure online blogs. Until after some election or other. Go figure. Maybe they thought nobody was interested in Covid.

Anyway, the Daily Caller has summarized the lengthy NYMag article:

Did Coronavirus Come From A Lab? Ten Key Takeaways From A Shocking New Report

As we all know, the answer to the question has long been known to be: Yes--Why would you ask a dumb question like that?

As for the Ten Key Takeaways, here they are, with a bit of excerpting as well. I doubt you'll be shocked:

1. Anthony Fauci Was Directly Involved In Programs That Funded SARS Mutation Research

Scientists raised red flags about these “gain-of-function” (GoF) experiments, arguing the danger of creating new, deadly, highly transmissible diseases outweighed any possible benefits. “The consequences, should the virus escape, are too devastating to risk,” read a 2012 New York Times editorial.

2. National Institute Of Health Money Directly Flowed To The Wuhan Bat Lab

3. Chinese Scientists Feared The Virus Came From The Wuhan Lab

Another professor, National Taiwan University’s Fang Chi-tai, gave a lecture in the same month. He said the virus was “unlikely to have four amino acids added all at once… From an academic point of view, it is indeed possible that the amino acids were added to COVID-19 in the lab by humans.”

4. The Media Relied On A Scientist With A Blatant Conflict Of Interest To Debunk Wuhan “Conspiracy Theories”

The statement’s organizer was allegedly the aforementioned Daszak, who had been working directly with the Wuhan scientists in question for years, funneling them NIH money to support their work.  

5. Daszak Is Also On The WHO Team Investigating The Origin Of The Virus 

Daszak is also set to be one of the ten experts leading the World Health Organization’s January 2021 investigation into the origin of COVID-19, according to Intelligencer. [He sounds like a nut.]

6. The Wuhan Lab Collaborated With A Scientist Who Created Undetectable Clone Of SARS

One of the scientists working on this disease-mutation research was the University of North Carolina’s Dr. Ralph Baric. Baric and his team filed for a patent in 2006 for a “seamless, no-see’m” method which allowed them to clone the entire deadly SARS virus that emerged from Chinese bats in 2002. Their method allegedly showed no signs of human intervention and made it so nobody could tell if the virus was natural or lab-grown.

7. The US Government Had Numerous Safety Concerns About The Wuhan Lab Pre-COVID

A leaked 2018 State Department memo obtained by the Washington Post alleged that the lab had “a serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory.”

8. Scientists Warned An Eventual Lab-Leak Outbreak Was Realistic

According to Intelligencer, lab accidents are more common than people think and scientists had previously warned that this type of pandemic could very realistically result from one. ...  In 2012, in the Bulletin of Atomic Science, Lynn Klotz wrote that there was an 80 percent chance a potential pandemic pathogen would leak from a laboratory environment given the number of experiments being run in the field across the world. 

9. Scientists Were Allegedly Pressured Not To Raise Alarm About A Lab-Leak

Richard Ebright of Rutgers University said the outbreak “screamed” lab release, given the context in which it happened.

10. Nobody Was Willing To Definitely Rule Out A Lab Leak

That even includes Baric, who said: “Can you rule out a laboratory escape? The answer in this case is probably not.”


  1. I’m sure the narrative by the Chinese apologist will the same, as the words of Hillary on another difficult issue:

    "What difference, at this point, does it make?”

    It’s a good sign this piece of truth got out. Hopefully the effectiveness of HCQ will become public knowledge, and then the fact lockdowns don’t work.

  2. Imagine what the reaction would have been or will be if people knew that Fauci illegally funded gain of function research that were killing their parents and grandparents after it was banned by Congress in the U.S. I doubt he would hold his current sainted status.