Monday, January 18, 2021

Very Briefly Noted: Fight the impeachment, Donald

Don Surber has a fascinating blog, uncharacteristically lengthy:

Fight the impeachment, Donald


... the fix is in again. This time Republicans will vote against him and give Democrats the 67 votes they need to find the president guilty.

Official Washington wants to erase his presidency from history, and strip away his citizenship by blocking him from ever seeking office again. They want his head on a pike as a warning to others.


The plan is to hold the impeachment show trial concurrent with confirming Cabinet members and rubber-stamping his agenda.

Byron York asked, "But why should Republicans help Democrats with a kooky plan that would require voting to remove a president who is already gone?"

Answer: Because they hate Donald Trump and every one of the 75 million people who voted for him.

While I might try arguing against this scenario, I've now learned to be cautious about disagreeing with Surber. And it's true: Hatred is a deranging emotion that often blinds those in its grip to their true interests and to dangers ahead. That notion seems so far not to have crossed the mind of our Rulers, except to the extent that they think they can protect themselves by flooding DC with troops.

We shall see.


  1. Censoring Trump temporarily may have been an unintended gift.

    Trumps approval ratings go up when he’s not punching back.

  2. The argument that legitimizes the House impeachment as being timely is that it took place before Trump left office. But just as in the first round, Pelosi is holding onto the articles, presumably so they can be delivered into a majority Democratic Senate.

    But by waiting until Trump is out of office to transmit the articles, doesn't that weaken the argument that the impeachment was timely and took place while Trump was still in office? I mean, the impeachment itself was timely, but the trial was not.

    Couldn't it be argued that the Senate was deprived of its right to try impeachments by this manipulation by the House? It was the Senate, as constituted during Trump's time in office, that was not allowed to try the articles. By waiting until another Senate convenes with new members, the House was clearly trying to have a completely different Senate decide how to handle the impeachment.

  3. The uniparty thinks they will be able to marginalize Trumpism and push the supporters out of political arena. Then they will be demonized and liberties such as 2A will be knocked off.

    I think there is a good chance they will succeed. But as you said Mark, what if they don't succeed?

  4. Trump must fight.
    He has no choice.

  5. Keep poking us in the eye. Wait until you see the post-COVID marches. Do they not understand by Christmas 2021, their chestnuts will be roasting on an open fire?

  6. It can't be said too often: it's us they hate, Trump is just in the way. If they eliminate Trump, by any means possible, they won't hate us any less.
    Tom S.

  7. Don Surber is wrong. He is assuming that this will be a fair trial with due process rules respected. It won't be. If there are 67 senators to convict Trump, there will be 67 senators to screw him over at every turn. Remember, the Senate makes the rules, they are the judge and the jury. Don Surber says, Trump can call Obama, Pelosi, etc as witnesses. What if the Senate rules that "you cannot call these witnesses since they are irrelevant"? Best defense for Trump is to make sure MAGA base stays with him. If this is true, he can sink any Republican. Keep reminding them that.

    1. “ This time Republicans will vote against him and give Democrats the 67 votes they need to find the president guilty.”


    Bluetooth speaks. Makes plain his gods are Government and Process.
    Tom S.

  9. I hate auto correct. Should be Bluto not Bluetooth.
    Tom S.

  10. Many joined the Marines in '60s so they could fight in Viet Nam. The Republicans joined the Democrats in '21 so they could fight the conservatives.