Monday, January 4, 2021

UPDATED: Kevin McCarthy Signals Support For Election Challenge


Per Breitbart, Minority Leader McCarthy today stated:

“I think it’s right that we have the debate. I mean, you see now that senators are going to object, the House is going to object — how else do we have a way to change the election problems?”

No, not the strongest statement. Nevertheless, to me it signals that McCarthy is getting the message from polling that Trump voters are both very numerous and very POed. With McCarthy joining the challenge, even in such a lukewarm way, other waverers may follow the 140 who have already come out in support of Trump's challenge. 

UPDATE: Yes, Kunstler is eloquent:

A US election has never concluded under such an enormous cloud, and with such a show of weakness by the putative winner. Joe Biden is but a ghost in the machine, and the machine is infernally corrupt, and now just about everybody knows it, including the figures fighting so hard to pretend that it isn’t so. Something like a war is underway both within the USA and from without. Mr. Trump is a war president and he’s not shirking his duty. War goes where it will and a genuine leader goes out to meet it where it comes.


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    1. What Ratcliffe report? Oh, wait, yeah, now I remember. :-(

    2. If only Ratcliffe had the power, to head off DS sabotage of the rallies at the Ellipse Grounds etc.

    3. Too bad the capabilities of Antifa, the organization not the idea, are so far beyond DoJ/FBI, otherwise their organization/comm's/funding could be disrupted before then.
      Tom S.

    4. The intelligence community is stalling; the report won't be finished until after Biden's inauguration.


  2. Following the leak of the Trump-Raffensberger call I feel compelled to repost the transcript of the little known and still ignored Trump-Biden call, which also took place yesterday, and which mysteriously has been leaked to me.

    Transcript of Phone Call between President Donald J. Trump and Joseph R. Biden, January 3, 2021 at noon EST.

    DJT: Hello, Joe? Don here. Calling from the White House.

    Jill Biden: Sorry Donald. Its Dr. Biden. I’ll have to go get Joe, he’s down in the basement. I think he's up by now.

    JRB: Hello, Dan. Nice to talk, man. Merry Christmas, er…Happy Holidays. Happy New Year.

    DJT: So…Joe. I’ll get straight to the point. We’ve been looking at the election results.

    JRB: Yeah. Tough loss, man. What with those rallies...Jeez. The people just want a change. Time to heal. Time for unity. When are you conceding, bub?

    DJT: That’s what I want to discuss with you, Joe. I didn’t lose. You did.

    JRB: Nice try, man. See you at the Capitol January 20th. Don’t forget your mask.

    DJT: Joe. Listen. I’ve had Ratcliffe and my people over at DoD and the NSA going over the results. We’ve found proof of fraud that flips the result in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan. Documented proof. Election officials. Phone calls. Emails. Illegal votes. Votes changed. Hard evidence. Conclusive. I won. You lost.

    JRB: C’mon man! You’ve been trying that malarkey since November 4th. Nobody believes you. Ask Mitt Romney. Ask Ben Sasse. Ask the New York Times! You’re a one horse pony, man!

    DJT: No Joe. Its like this: I want you to support Cruz’s commission proposal.

    JRB: Cut the crap, man. Want to do pushups? Let’s go. Meet you at the Mall.

    DJT: No, Joe. Its like this. We’ve got proof. My people have sent your people a copy of what we’ve got. Ask your people to show it to you.

    JRB: C’mon man. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier. You’ve got nothing.

    DJT: Not only that, Joe, we’ve got bank records, wire transfers, tax returns on your finances, Joe…and emails, texts, and call transcripts of you and Hunter taking money from the Chinese. And the Ukrainians. Here, let me play a tape for you.

    [Trump plays tape.]

    JRB: You think I’m the Big Guy? Give me a break, man. That’s the Russians talking.

    DJT: So here’s the deal, Joe. This stuff I’ve got will destroy you. Joe, you know this. And maybe bring down the country, too. Take a look at the stuff we’ve sent over. It's on you, Joe. I want you to announce you’re supporting the Cruz commission. I want you to do this tomorrow morning at 9am Eastern. On network TV.

    JRB: Hey look, George, What a crock! You’re full of it. Try me, man. I gotta go now. See you in DC on the 20th.

    1. I read this yesterday. About fell out of my chair. This is great stuff. Thanks for the reminder Cassander.

    2. @AC

      Thanks. The reason I reposted this is that I think there's a kernel of truth in it. I think Trump has incontrovertible evidence of both election fraud and Biden's corruption and I suspect he has confronted Biden with this. My best guess is that Biden is in way too deep and he's going to double down and try to brazen it out to Jan. 20. Who's going to stop him?

    3. You've quite some sources there. Nice to have a smile during these dreary times. Thanks.

  3. Today Jen Dyer has an analysis, of the context some of DJT's remarks in the Raffensperger chat.

    " That sounds like an implication that pursuing the Dominion machines angle would involve *overseas* interests, in a way that could get *spectacular*.
    Taken all together, these words appear most likely to allude to what I have written about before:
    that the U.S. government has had the means to be electronically tracking, the entire time, much of what went into *manipulating the Georgia* vote."

    1. More Dyer, on a mostly secret "cold war":
      "My perception of what Trump has in view is, that he is not trying to simply right the wrong done by vote-tampering in our 2020 election.
      He’s going for the *center of gravity*, of a dispersed and hydra-headed opponent: a combination of the “Deep State,” dark-money donors, and China (and a few other foreign governments, or at least *foreign* Deep States).
      If a blow can’t be dealt there – and I suspect it’s a *moving* target, to some extent – our election stands no chance of coming up free and fair, by any reckoning."

  4. I find Pantifa targeting a Senators wife and newborn child particularly reprehensible.

  5. Anyone see any parallels between Biden and LBJ?

  6. McCarthy is just trying to keep his job as Minority Leader.