Friday, January 8, 2021

An Eyewitness Account

Steve McCann is a pretty regular contributor to American Thinker. He has never impressed me as prone to histrionics. He attended the DC march on Wednesday and offers his impressions--as expected, free of hyper-ventilating:

January 6, 2020, a Day that Will Live in Political Infamy

McCann had no privileged access to the most dramatic--and tragic--events, but that's part of his point. This was an event attended by ~500K people. He suspects a setup, which is why he refers to "political infamy," because of the lack of a police presence to rein in a tiny minority of that enormous crowd. But the following simple observations are, to me, just as important and telling--telling with regard to the unhinged reaction of both Dems and GOPers:

It was obvious to me that the Capitol Hill and Metro police were deliberately ill-prepared for a crowd of any size, much less the hundreds of thousands that ultimately arrived. Further, the police presence was miniscule and their only attempt at crowd control were a few random canisters of tear gas.

As the crowd at the steps grew, we saw the few police in attendance step aside and essentially allow the mob to flow into the Capitol. And thus, the Ruling Class and its media arm had the story for the day and the validation of their programmed mindset of stereotypically portraying the rally attendees as violent deplorables and President Trump as the execrable instigator.

Other than at the immediate Capitol building, among a small handful of what I am convinced were overwhelmingly anti-Trump demonstrators, there were no incidents. Among the overall police presence none were required to disperse or control perhaps 500,000+ attendees. Having attended numerous rallies since the late 1960s, this was the largest and most peaceful I have witnessed. Many police officers we talked to said the same.

What I did witness was the confluence of the inhabitants of Middle America of all races and creeds, there to not only express their exasperation with the fraudulent election, but to tell the denizens of the Ruling Class that they are no longer the meek, easily manipulated occupants of flyover country. They are committed to taking back the country from those determined to eviscerate the Constitution for their own megalomaniacal gains.

I met people who had traveled from as far away as Hawaii, California, Oregon, Texas, and Alaska. When I asked why, when travel has been made so difficult with the Chinese Virus restrictions, they to a person said: “We had to come and make a statement.” Further, the general sentiments were that if we cannot have honest and fair elections then we do not have a country anymore. Thus, we can no longer be passive -- we have to get out and march, demonstrate, force the states to change election laws, and throw out the politicians that have betrayed their oath and those that elected them.

Unlike the "protests" we witnessed for much of 2020, this truly was a "mostly peaceful" demonstration. But it was the wrong kind of demonstration composed of the wrong kind of people. It was a confluence of the inhabitants of Middle America, and that's the confluence that politicians fear most, because they know that's where effective anti-establishment movements arise. In that crowd people expressed--long before Tucker Carlson gave voice to their grievance that evening--their view that their country had been hijacked.

A Congress dedicated to representing and channeling such an outpouring of sincere disquiet at the state of our country would not have reacted as our ruling elite did--as Bill Barr disgracefully did--by calling for the suppression of such sincere sentiments. These were not the reckless, rootless, astroturfed anarchist mobs that seem to melt away when their funding dries up. These people represented the backbone of America, and they truly were overwhelmingly peaceful. But they have come to believe over the last several decades that "the system" is rigged against them and that the very foundation of our republic--free and fair republics--has become a sham, a pantomime through which the ruling elite perpetuates its control. 

That impression has unquestionably been strengthened by the Covid Hoax, the reaction to a lab-created virus, funded by our ruling elite. The reaction to the outbreak of Covid, it became clear over time, had just about nothing to do with science or medicine and everything to do with asserting social control in the context of the determined Deep State effort to remove a wildly popular and successful president--but one who threatened entrenched ruling elite interests. The transparent dishonesty of a fake impeachment, the elite suppression of unapproved pro-Trump speech, and finally a non-credible electoral process led to this outpouring.

To realize all this, as this huge confluence of Middle America certainly did, is to understand that the unhinged ruling class reaction to what was arguably a setup--and in any event, despite a tragic death of a young woman at the hands of the guardians of the ruling elite--signals that our rulers regard Middle America, the Normals, as enemies. The vituperation against Middle America will not change this perception of our anti-constitutional elites as enemies of America.

For that reason, Paul Gottfried's venting this morning makes sense to me: Ashamed of What? There is no call for shame. Desecration of our "sacred space" in the Imperial City on the Potomac? Please! 

Donald Trump was subjected to four, five, years of the most intense scrutiny, both legal and illegal--including with all the surveillance techniques at the disposal of our Deep State--that any individual has ever been subjected to in the history of this country. Read that again--it's literally true. On top of that scrutiny was the most over the top vituperation and vilification since Richard Nixon--because Trump put the interests of America and Americans above those of the ruling elite. And it was capped by the abdication of our so-called Supreme Court.

If this disgrace, this blot on our nation's history, that has been the last four years, doesn't constitute a far more serious desecration than the invasion of a building, then I'm missing something about the meaning our constitution is supposed to have for America.

I'm not ashamed.


  1. And what of riots by blm, Antifa etc. what if the lack of charges.

    What of the storming of the capital building during the Kavanaugh’s hearing.

    What of the riot at the Trump inauguration.

    What of Hillarys continued claim the Russians helped Trump steal the election.

  2. That happy burbling sound you hear is the swamp reclaiming lost territory. They intend it to scab over.
    So I can either be swallowed by it to the point I can longer breathe, or I can stand atop it.
    I will choose to stand.

  3. Has anyone seen more information/commentary on what appears to have been real pipe bombs placed separately at RNC and DNC headquarters on Wednesday? Those smell especially suspicious, as I have seen it contribute to the idea that actions on Wednesday were "seditious" and perpetrated by "domestic terrorists".

    1. The last thing I saw on the “pipe bombs” on Wednesday was that “pipes with wires, resembling pipe bombs” had been found.

    2. Here's reporting indicating that they were real:

      FBI is offering $50K for information in connection with them:

  4. Scott Adams' periscope yesterday, where he asserts that the protest was the first of what will be many, if Congress doesn't make it a priority to provide secure elections

    if this priority is not acted upon,
    "we're gonna be back in the oval office, and we're gonna put a hand on your shoulder again, and we're gonna remind you "this is our f'n top priority"
    "stop f'ing with the basic nature of our constitution"
    "the Capitol is not your f'g house, it's our f'ing house"

    Don't often see Scott so impassioned.


    1. About Adams, I think he was doing what he calls a "Pace and Lead". He pretends to be even more extreme than you, to get you on his side. That's the "Pace". Then once you think he agrees with you, he attempts to "lead" you someplace where you don't want to go.

      Yesterday he was very passionate about the Jan 6 demonstration and said that if Trump can trigger electoral reform, he'll be a legend.

      But in his video from today, now he says Trump's 2024 chances are dead, because he went too far with the demonstrations.

      Never forget that Adams openly states that he's to the left of Bernie Sanders. Adams is very pro-gay and transgender, he's pro abortion and he wanted Harris to get the nomination.

      Adams has been counselling his audience to accept Biden and not to worry. He's always told people to be passive. Look out that turned out.

    2. I forgot one more thing about Adams. He's very much against the nuclear family.

      He seems to have an emotional attachment to Trump, probably because they both operate using the same methods. But Adams very much likes Ocasio-Cortez, Obama and Harris. IMO, no actual conservative could feel anything about revulsion about those SJWs.

    3. True, Adams is left of Bernie, socially.

      I see him as generally supporting Trump, except for when he criticizes him for making specific persuasion mistakes.

      He operates through his persuasion filter, I don't think it means he "likes" them.


    4. Maybe he just likes being talked about?

      I am amazed at how many people “follow” people like Adams… Why?

    5. FWIW, in today's video (Jan 9), Adams is now calling for Trump to resign because he didn't try hard enough to prevent violence at the Jan 6 demonstration. Adams also said that he thinks the demonstrators who allegedly carried pipes should be shot.

      I watched Adams for a long time after 2016 but I stopped when it became apparent he's trying to persuade Trump supporters to go left. For example, Adams strongly supported removing the Civil War statues in the South.

      I started watching Adams' videos again, to see his reaction to the Jan 6 event. He didn't disappoint, after saying he thought the demonstrators were true patriots, two days later he's calling for some of them to be summarily executed. That's how he operates.

      Anyway, I'm done with watching Adams' videos. If you're going to continue watching them, I suggest you use the YouTube feature that plays the videos are double speed. That makes them seem to be only half as annoying.

    6. He seems to have a unique outlook on events - I suppose it's from his "persuasion" mindset. He often describes events in a way that you won't see anywhere else - I don't always agree, and I've seen him proven wrong sometimes, but way more often he's been right.

      He was one of the first, I think in 2015 or early 2016, who predicted Trump would win, simply based on recognizing Trump's persuasion powers.

      He seems to be very adept at describing the best "frame" to put on events to achieve goals.

      Of course, that includes his own work as well.


    7. Playing with people’s minds and they willingly let him. I don’t need that kind of aggravation.


    It has been suggested that the assault on the Capitol may have been a false flag event, fomented by antifa and/or other left wing groups.

    Of course I'm not vouching for the accuracy of the wikipedia entry pasted above, but give it a read and ask yourself who benefits from the spin currently playing out among Biden, other Democratic leaders and the MSM...

  6. Postscript

    I should have also noted in my comment a few minutes ago that Paul Gottfried addresses the Reichstag Fire analogy in his excellent article which Mark discusses and links to in his post above.