Saturday, January 9, 2021

Trump Back On Twitter!

Trump is back, and playing 4D Chess:


From the article:

Trump, always known as the smartest man in the room, has managed to get back on the social network by disguising himself as one Chongald Xrump, PR specialist for the Chinese Communist Party.

Trump is reportedly attempting to build a following by tweeting about how good Uighur concentration camps are and how nice the Chinese government is, since those things are not banned under Twitter's terms of service. ...

"Hello good sirs, I am here today to tell you how great our concentration camps are! Very clean and humane!" he wrote. The tweet was not flagged for inciting violence or being, you know, the tweet of a communist country that has killed tens of millions of its own citizens. In fact, people who replied and questioned the legitimacy of his tweet were suspended for hate speech.


  1. Per the article, Trump considering starting his own social media platform...


  2. I can’t wait for the fact check...

  3. LOL

    I am old enough to know LOL was once Lots of Love. Granted, that was when you passed notes to your “love” in school, like the George Straight song.

    1. Strait. Did you know he's related to Bezos?

    2. No, he is? He is a flat cowboy prior to singing.

      For what it’s worth (I truly detest the acronyms such as FWIW), I helped a ranch foreman when he got gored by a bull. I also tracked cattle rustlers by infrared on his ranch one night long ago.

      I do know Randy Travis lives near me (15 or so miles) and has trouble with alcohol.


    4. That’s good. I do not think we have any ace in hole. Ha!

      But, we could fall too pieces together.., appropriate for today ...

  4. With the news that Amazon, who hosts Parler's site, is also cancelling them on top of Google and Apple, would Parler have standing to sue for anti-competitive behavior among all the tech companies that targeted them in quick succession? I know the government often initiates anti-trust cases, but I remember Netscape going after Microsoft--pyrrhic victory that it was for them.

    The Congressional hearings also seem to have some relevant tidbits in them for any case Parler were to bring. Questioning over collusion on topics for censorship seem to be relevant here. If there is collusion on that level over censorship, then an apparently coordinated effort to shut Parler down among all the big techs would not be too big of a stretch of a claim to make. All the big tech companies only allow a certain viewpoint to be on their platforms. Big tech only acted on Parler once it started taking off in meteoric fashion. They recognized that a competing platform that allowed other points of view was a competitive threat, and by shutting it down, those who would be inclined to leave would have no choice but to continue using the existing big tech platforms.

    I can't imagine any more clear cut of an example of clearly anti-competitive behavior with collusion among companies to keep a competitor from being able to compete with them.

    I wonder if Parler didn't have this in mind--they had to know the tremendous risk they were taking by hosting with Amazon. But now that they are getting shut down, they will have clear cut actual damages, which always helps when you want to sue.

    I have no real knowledge of anti-trust laws to know if such a legal case could be made. But anti-trust laws just can't allow companies representing a controlling interest of an industry to collude and shut down a competitor company like this.

  5. Completely off-topic but I need to ask. Is anyone having a gmail problem? I'm freelancing for a company and have been unable to send them any gmails for the past week -- in sent folder, but get a notice not delivered. Emails elsewhere are all delivered. The company says all systems are go.

    Is anyone else experiencing anything similar?

    Hoping it's easily explained, but have a bit of dread.