Thursday, January 28, 2021

Should Big Tech, Social Media, Be Worried?

Short answer: No. Long answer: The fix is in. That's what all those troops in DC are there for: to protect the fixers from the rest of the country. As the Silver Fox says, It's the New Army of the Potomac, but now settled in defensive positions in the Imperial City, rather than seeking to preserve the Union. And the Zhou Baiden regime is putting key shills in place to raise the legal ramparts to protect the Oligarchic puppet masters:

And, of course, if that isn't enough to show the kind of rigging the ruling Oligarchy is now empowered to engage in, the Gamestop escapade totally gives the game away.

Glenn Greenwald


It's hard to find market manipulation more flagrant than this, but since it's being done to protect the wealthiest and most powerful -- Wall St oligarchs who own and control the establishment wings of both parties -- it's very hard to imagine the government treating it as such:

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BREAKING: Robinhood, Interactive Brokers restrict trading in GameStop stock and options

8:38 AM · Jan 28, 2021·

Of course, Janet Yellen is totally in the pocket of Wall St. This is American Exceptionalism--and it works! For a very few. And those few have no shame. 

Which prompted these pointed observations regarding the Prog/Libertarian alliance that's been driving America into the ground for the last fifty years at least:

The hypocrisy about all this, about race and class, about Covid, about Trump and his supporters, about thought and speech--yes, it's breathtaking, but rest assured: People are noticing.

I can't embed this video, but Tucker's monologue here--Why is National Guard still in Washington after inauguration?--in which he has a very full intro regarding the despicable persecution of memester Douglass Mackey. The only part of it he doesn't cover is the breathtaking hypocrisy of the FBI/DoJ persecution of Mackey--I suppose one gets tired of pointing out liberal hypocrisy:

This looks like the part of the revolution where they start throwing their political opponents in jail. Wow--that was fast! It was just a week ago that they were telling us about "unity". Remember that? What we didn't know at the time is they meant everyone with power should unite against the rest of the country. "Unity" meant "oligarchy." Doug Mackey learned that the hard way this morning ...

And that's how Tucker leads into the military Zhou Baiden junta the oligarchy has installed in the Imperial City on the Potomac. The troops are needed to protect the regime against the rest of the country. I still look for a very rough landing.


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      I had read that it was not a burst or leaking pipe, but a urinal on the floor above that had overflowed.

    2. Bebe, that is an excellent article.

  2. Today looks like a concerted effort on the part of the money-endowed class to put a stop to the GameStop mess. As of 11:20 Wall Street Time, AMC down 60%; GME down 64%; EXPR down 58%; and others on the “massively shorted” list down a lot. So, the class with money is punishing those who were rude enough to call them out (and cost them billions of $$) on Game Stop.

    I've also seen talk of restricting stock trades to “the professional traders” or something like that. I guess that means those of us who have a few bucks we like to (mis)manage ourselves will be out of luck.

    They're on a winning streak.

  3. I hope Douglass Mackey goes after the prosecution and pierces the wall of projectional immunity.

    And while I’m wishing, be nice if the aclu and gop would support him.

  4. "I still look for a very rough landing."

    In another life I was trained in the operational aspects of Naval Aviation. At that time the official definition of a "landing" was, "Contact of an aircraft with the ground during which all crewmembers do not perish."

    By using the word "landing" you forecast there will be survivors, which, some would say, makes you an optimist. ;-)
    Tom S.

    1. I guess this is the exception that proves the rule. In this case I guess I'm a pessimist.

  5. Yes, because the same folks that helped the crowd at the Capitol are the same folks that are against, but used by, the Democrats.

  6. The price of these stocks rose due to the shorts that the hedge funds were buying. It had nothing to do with any underlying business change in the companies. The funny thing is that anyone is trying to tie this to anything more than that. The drop of all these stocks was guaranteed to happen as soon as the short positions were unwound. However, if the reports that the short positions were 140% of the existing stock is true, then that needs to be addressed. More power to the retail investors who figured this out.
    Steve M

    1. Hmmm ... you mean stock prices should reflect business fundamentals and balance sheets?

      Imagine that.

  7. What's the point of buying a government if it won't keep the deplorables under control.

    Arguably it speaks well of their character that they stay bought I guess?
    Tom S.

  8. The fix is in?

    Well, that's one way to put it when a lawyer associated with the one company on earth in greatest need of antitrust action gets appointed head of antitrust enforcement.

    That's literally a sign from government that the three-way collusion between Facebook, Twitter and Youtube censors has the government's blessing.

  9. Interesting article on the Oligarchy. With the exception of a two gratuitous--and rather ignorant--comments, this is a pretty good overview of the state of play in the former USA. I guess maintaining his membership in the Aristocracy mandated that the author claim that Trump 1) clearly lost the election and 2) incited violence. Other than those glaring errors, it was a good read.

  10. Slowly but surely you'll see this keep going up a notch. Their surpassing the point where they are becoming blatant about saying the quiet parts out loud.

    Once you start dragging a military presence into a governing mix you've got no where else to go but down.

    Fun times ahead folks!