Tuesday, January 12, 2021

UPDATED: Briefly Noted: The Coming Beatdown

Three articles that document the Lib/Prog mentality that is intent on suppressing or, better, eradicating all contrary viewpoints.

This first article is quite chilling. Normally we accept that in a private business the employer gets to dictate acceptable behavior. But in this case a person was fired by the Flagstaff Public Library:

Arizona Librarian Fired for Push to Keep Libraries Apolitical

Actually, it wasn't really a "push." The guy simply expressed his view in one email.

“In July, Arizona librarian Ron Kelley received an email from the American Library Association—the largest librarian association in the world—soliciting individuals to join the Black Lives Matter movement. Kelley, replied to the list-serve with an email titled “Keep Politics Off This Discussion Group,” in which he argued that libraries should remain neutral and apolitical. Following two complaints to the Flagstaff Library regarding his email, Kelley was fired from his job.”

Did you notice something? He expressed his viewpoint by emailing the American Library Association. Following that, the Flagstaff library received two complaints about his email. How did that work? It seems one or more people at the American Library Association--or possibly fellow employees at the library--saw to it that Kelley's employer was encouraged to fire him. There was no public outcry in Flagstaff. It has all the marks of an inside job. So a public employee can be fired for arguing that publicly funded institutions should remain neutral and apolitical. Does this tell you something about the forced marches into the realm of PC that we'll be facing? Neutrality is intolerable because you must be an activist--and there's only one type of activism that's allowed:

Prior to Kelley’s removal from the position he had served for nine years, the American Library Association instructed employees to embrace “critical librarianship,” which asks libraries and librarians to analyze how they “consciously and unconsciously support systems of oppression.” Its core tenet is that neutrality harms oppressed groups. As one Portland librarian put it in the American Libraries magazine, remaining neutral as a librarian “upholds inequality and represents indifference to the marginalization of members of our community.

If it strikes you that people who would fire someone for an email of that sort must be pretty hateful, well, you're right. There's a story out that illustrates just how sick and hateful these people are. It's from another Operation Veritas project. The main point is, in a way, not so much the content of what was said as that the person making the comments obviously feels totally free to make these statements:

PBS Lawyer Called For Firebombing White House, Kidnapping Republicans’ Children

You probably won't be surprised that a lawyer for PBS would have the views this jerk expresses. But this isn't just any lawyer for PBS on the tape. It's PBS principal counsel Michael Beller, speaking with someone from Project Veritas before the election and outlining his fantasies for life under the coming liberal hegemony:

“Even if Biden wins, We go for all the Republican voters, and Homeland Security will take their children away. What do you think about that? And we'll put them into re-education camps. In these times which are unique, I mean, Trump is close to Hitler."


He's asked, What are you gonna do if Biden doesn't win?

"Go to the White House and throw Molotov cocktails.

“Those kids growing up, knowing nothing but Trump for four years, you’ve got to wonder what they’re going to be like. Are we raising a generation of intolerant, horrible people — horrible kids?”

"Enlightenment camps. They’re nice. They have Sesame Street characters in the classrooms, and  watch PBS all day.”

“Americans are so f-cking dumb. You know, most people are dumb.”

“It’s good to live in a place [D.C.] where people are educated and know stuff. Could you imagine if you lived in one of these other towns or states where everybody’s just … stupid?”

“What’s great is that COVID is spiking in all the red states right now. So that’s great … because either those people won’t come out to vote for Trump, you know the red states, or a lot of them are sick and dying.” 

I dunno about you. This guy doesn't sound like the sharpest tool in the shed. But he feels empowered to say this stuff.

Finally, a link to a much longer article that outlines the steps that Big Corporate--not just Big Tech but Big Finance, etc.--will use to reshape America. It's long, but informative--and chilling:

Big Corporate Uses Capitol Riots To Push Communist-Style Social Credit System On Americans

It appears that global oligarchs have decided to not only collude with China's totalitarian control over its society, but to export it to formerly free nations such as the United States.


After providing example after example, the author writes:

You had better believe there are discussions among credit card companies, banks, and other financial institutions about punishing organizations they view as opposing leftist political views. In December, for example, a so-far unnamed credit card processing company refused to process donations to the American Family Association because it is socially conservative. Previously, big banks refused to bank for legal gun manufacturers after pressure from leftist activists.

This is the kind of power the left holds over all the institutions that make life possible for Americans, and they have already revealed they are not afraid to flex that power against the left’s chosen enemies. All of this is merely the next step in years of campaigns to use economic pressure to control public policy.


We all saw Big Tech and Big Media collude to hide information damaging to the left and amplify information and narratives damaging to the right. Corporations are now wielding supragovernmental power untethered by even the pretense of constitutional legitimacy, and our government seems entirely powerless to stop them.

This all moves us closer to a nongovernmental social credit system like that employed by Communist China, which economically and socially punishes people for “wrongthink.” It appears that global oligarchs have decided to not only collude with China’s totalitarian control over its society, but to export that social control to formerly free nations such as the United States.

UPDATE: Why not Enlightenment Camps for adults as well as for the children? Deprogramming, consequences, punishment. The beatings will continue until morale improves? Until you believe the fake news and fake history?


  1. I wish the GOP would create, or help to fund, some lawfare groups to fight this type of doxing for free speech and when people are politically targeted, such as that librarian.

    I’m still shocked at the lack of legal support for General Flynn.

    Compare and contrast with how the Left Supports its forces legally.
    - Aswan Brothers
    - Fusion GPS
    - Trump inauguration rioters
    - blm rioters


    1. @Ray,

      I don't believe the GOP is on the side you may believe it to be.

      For myself that has been an overly obvious forgone conclusion for the better part of 2 decades. For a long time I had switched over to the "RINO theory". But then I realized the RINOs are really the only honest ones in the party that say the quiet part out loud.

      Trump's four years only confirmed for me what I had believed. Watching them spend 2 years 16-18 flounder and flip on every subject, especially tech censorship and killing the voting integrity Commission sold me.

      Their participation in the coup effort seems to be forgotten or ignored by most. The Senate committees non stop 4 years of delay and and roadblocks. Covid!!! I really could go in for hours and hours.

      I would also point out that the Aswan brothers and fusion GPS are both cases where we know the GOP assisted in burying the issues. Republicans had the house in both of those instances!

      I also suspect but can offer no proof the both BLM and ANTIFA have become not pet monkeys of the left nearly as much as pet monkeys of the NGOs that support the Uniparty and corrupted insututions. They are highly highly protected!!!

      The so called "riots" and rushing of the capitol the other day was undoubtedly staged to a large extent. Minimal Capitol police support, no back up. The opening of the gates to the crowd and assisted entry caught on camera. There is no way you could pull of a operation and coordination of that without both parties knowing.

      I believe the "tell" to the GOP duplicity in the Uniparty can be found in the never ending talking points of "Dems bad" and "If only we could". As you are stating you wish they would... THEY COULD but absolutely never and and I contend never will!

      It's like a jedi mind trick in the appearances of choice and it works too well.

    2. * THEY COULD but absolutely never do and I contend never will!

    3. Indeed devilman. They all serve the same masters.

      As an aside I see Amazon wants back into contracting DoD cloud services. Bet money, after a couple of anguished FNC interviews the GOP shrugs and whines, "What can we do?"

      The GOP makes a cheap suit look like armour plate.
      Tom S.
      Tom S.

  2. Devil man - I regard the GOP as the lesser of two evils, but not by much.

  3. Out with the old "oppressors" in with the new oppressors.

    Rob S