Tuesday, January 26, 2021

What A Concept--Faith Based Adherence To Civic Virtue!

Who would have guessed that Election 2020 would amount to a Come To Jesus moment for the godless Left? But it turns out they're all about faith, of a sudden:

Cue the pearl clutching!

What would we do without Twitter to protect We The People from ourselves?


  1. I want each of state's National Guard processing the ballots in every federal election. Might be fun to see the actual vote in cities like: Phila, Detroit et al.


    Horowitz gets to make restitution.

    He made a point of announcing that he can't investigate anything outside of the DoJ, basically declaring open deploreable hunting season throughout gov't and reminding other IG's that they have a part to play if the purge is to progress apace. I expect much violation of process to be discovered at DoD, DoI, DoS, NSC, DNI, etc. in the coming months. Heads will roll.
    Tom S.

  3. Speaking of clerics, did you hear the one about a fraud Pope and a fraud POTUS walking into a bar?


    1. Pope fails to officially renounce his office
    2. Establishment of faux office of Pope Emeritus
    3. Illegal conclave, its outcome illegally predetermined, illegally elects fraud (anti)pope, who then usurps
    4. “Universal Peaceful Acceptance”


    1. Illegal election, its outcome illegally predetermined, illegally elects fraud President, who then usurps
    2. President fails to officially concede his office
    3. “Universal peaceful acceptance”
    4. Establishment of faux Office of the Former President


  4. Interesting side effect of the election:

    From Larry Schweikart:

    "Faux's ratings collapse since the AZ call:
    Update on the Fox News Post-Steal ratings collapse.

    7am Fox/Friendless -51%
    4pm Cavuto -44%
    5pm The Five -36%
    6pm Baier -51%
    7pm Fox Primetime -49% (used to be MacCallum's show)
    8pm Carlson -44%
    9pm Hannity -48%
    10pm Ingraham -55%"

    Even Tucker and Hannity.

    I wonder where the viewers all go now.


    1. For some time we have recorded a few Fox programs (very few). One of them was Harris Faulkner, who did not drown us in leftism. If she had a turkey guest bestowed upon her (and us) we just >> past them. Now she has a new program and is surprisingly Right in her approach. Stunning a lot of the Dem campaign types who are hired as “guests”. If she keeps it up, we’ll keep watching her. Maria Bartiromo now appears to be leading off Primetime on Fox. Watched her devote a fair amount of her program to Mike Pompeo, then some to Josh Hawley. The Pompeo segment was v. interesting. Never watched much else, though recorded Carlson and Hannity in case they had something good going. Otherwise the delete button. Many Conservatives talk about having moved on to Newsmax and OAN. Fed up with Fox.

    2. “I wonder where the viewers all go now.” Well, this viewer is viewing a lot of documentaries and other, sometimes weird, shit that’s playing on the non cable, non MSM broadcasts. And, like others I’ve read recently, I’m not missing the sports, 24 hour Fox News nearly as much as I thought. Frankly though, I sometimes feel that I’ve become Ostrich-like and have just stopped noticing all the noise from those who genuinely hate my country. Seventy five years old and wondering how did this happen; how did we lose the thread of Americanism? Having read Ayn Rand’s ATLAS SHRUGGED damn near at its publication, I thought all along that those squishy libs and commies wouldn’t take away MY country. What a pathetic joke.

    3. Fox ratings collapse since the AZ call, or just since Biden got to start crowing, about him being declared the winner?
      The AZ call likely mattered to some, but I'd have expected a ratings decline, even w/o that call having been made.

  5. NOT O/T

    The U.S. Army already has a huge rape issue and no clue how to deal with it. The one thing no one with any hope of advancement can do is utter a word about "Natures gonna Nature". The combination of the saturation level of porn for the current serving generation, and its reinforcement of narcissism, and the Woke concept of "everyone is the same, obey" authoritarianism makes for a continually deteriorating situation. This is decidedly unhelpful.

    You want Nativism - this is how you get Nativism.

    One side-effect of the Big Steal is the exposure of how, incrementally over the years, the DS/Dem coalition has sold America out to Tribe Davos at every opportunity. The Dem's are now forced to reverse all that Trump accomplished for Americans over four years in a matter of weeks, if not days. Large segments of the American workforce are having their future destroyed on a daily basis with no anesthesia. Soon enough truth is going to start to gain traction. The narcissists can't let go, and the normies won't let go, once they resolve that the struggle is existential. I can't imagine an end that does not entail a great deal of blood and suffering.
    Tom S.

  6. And now posting memes, jokes, satire is election interference ...

    1. Of course, we have this from a Democrat in 2016 still on CensorTwit.

      That was from the Gateway Pundit. My original link was from Citizens Free Press.