Sunday, November 1, 2020

UPDATED: Who Is Kathy Chung?


That's the question that Michael Flynn is suggesting we should be asking:

. Ask who is Kathy Chung (EOP) and why in 2015 is she giving a “treasure trove” of intelligence (phone no’s) to Hunter & Redacted. Any foreign power would love to have this information!!!

It's an interesting question, and one that's easily answered. Kathy Chung (aka Kathy Sang-Ok Chung, Kathy S. Geraghty) was an assistant to then Vice President Joe Biden--that is, in 2015. Here is the email that Michael Flynn is referring to, the one that Kathy Chung sent to Hunter Biden--the name at the bottom is Eric Cantor:

Yes, it's easy to imagine that a foreign intelligence service would be interested in having all those cell phone numbers--but what use would Hunter Biden have for them?

GNEWS thinks it has the answer, and in fact their answer seems to be what Michael Flynn is hinting at: Hunter Biden Sold the Clintons’ Phone Numbers to the CCP. Of course, there would be any number of ways to disguise what the payment was actually for. GNEWS doesn't go in for nuance:

The CCP obtained the personal cell phone numbers available only to the Secret Service because the whereabouts of these members and their families were being protected by the United States Secret Service [USSS]. A traitor among them [USSS] had apparently supplied the list directly or indirectly to Kathy S. Chuang, who was hired by Rosemont Seneca, of which Hunter Biden was a co-founder. The CCP would secretly monitor and record the phone conversations of these officials who worked at the government at the highest level, in order to find their weakness and their dirty dealings, to blackmail them, and to own them.

It's an interesting narrative. One that hangs together pretty well. A good working hypothesis.

UPDATE: Apologies for the slow posting. There's just so much to digest these days--new election news, new Russia Hoax information and, above all, trying to come to terms with the implications of the Biden Inc. scandal. Just a few days ago we examined Andy McCarthy's excellent effort to come to grips with Biden Inc.--A Collusion Tale: China and the Bidens. Today, Shipwreckedcrew follows on with a fine article on the same topic: What to Make of DOJ Announcement That Hunter Biden Is Under Investigation -- Just Money Laundering or More? 

The implications of the fact that we now know that the FBI has had a FISA on--at the very least--associates of Hunter Biden are enormous. I think most people have some idea from the Russia Hoax of the scope of information that current FISA methods can scoop up. The real point to me is that the FBI has almost unquestionably been gaining vast new knowledge over several years about the scope of Chinese influence buying from top to bottom of the US political establishment--but especially among Dems. That's why I drew attention to the list of "domestic contacts" that Jim Biden set out in a May, 2017, email: Subject: Hunter Biden And Associates.

Those names, which included, among others:

Andrew Cuomo 

Chuck Schumer (D)

Kirsten Gillibrand (D)

Bill de Blasio

Terry McAuliffe

Mark Dayton

Al Franken (D)

Amy Klobuchar

Rick Scott

Jerry Brown

Dianne Feinstein

Kamala Harris

Gavin Newsom

Eric Garcetti

may only be the tip of a very large iceberg. The Russia Hoax may have revealed the willingness of the Left to trash all constitutional legal safeguards in pursuit of Power, but Biden Inc. may yet reveal the extent to which America's Progressive elite has been willing to sell America to China.

This is what we will hopefully begin to see soon after the election. This is the meaning of the extreme measures the Dems have been willing to take to bring down Trump: shutting down the economy, the violence of Antifa/BLM, and the threat of more lockdowns and more violence to come if the American people vote for Trump.


  1. It is difficult to come up with a non-nefarious explanation for wanting all of these numbers in a single batch like this.

  2. Mark,

    Yah HAD to go here didn't you?!?

    If it wasn't Mike Flynn tweeting that I wouldn't have believed the internet today.

    I noticed the article says that the hard drive content is now on the cloud and accessable. Have you heard anything about that?

    1. Not specifically, but that's hardly surprising. GNEWS claims, if I recall, that they got their stuff from some other source.

  3. You would think that an attempted coup by DOJ/FBI/CIA against a duly elected president would be the news of the century, but I have long advocated that that crime will be relegated into oblivion when the expose of pandemic DC corruption explodes in the coming months. Even Hunter Biden's one man crime wave will be viewed as trivial when the real crime bosses get their day in the sun. Trump wasn't kidding when he speculated that most of the really bad stuff may be to extreme to fully reveal to the American people. And what makes this so perilous is that it includes both Democrat and Republican politicians and bureaucrats.

    1. 9-9-20
      Sometimes you cannot tell people the truth.
      You must show them.
      Only then, at the precipice, will people find the will to change [to participate].
      We, the People, have been betrayed for a very long time.
      WE GO ALL !!!

    2. "Trust Sessions ... Trust Wray" —"Q"


    3. " Most serious, however, is the ongoing intimidation of the Supreme Court: only three Senators have publicly declared that the newly elected president should appoint more judges to overturn the moderate majority. But of the three (Gillibrand, Harris, and Warren), one is now the Democrats’ vice-presidential candidate.

      That is highly relevant because it is the expressed opinion of the leaders of the Democratic establishment—enunciated by former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton—that Biden should not concede victory to Trump under any circumstances, i.e., regardless of the number of votes that he might win. Those are words which would have been simply unimaginable in the past; now they do not even arouse much furor when spoken.

      With Edward Luttwak, no less, saying such things, my paper on coups is looking more and more timely. But the most likely outcome of a coup attempt is a million armed Trump supporters descending on Washington. And maybe Trump getting a Yeltsin-on-a-tank moment. Have you noticed how much practice Trump supporters have had putting together truck convoys?"

  4. I thought I posted this question yesterday, but maybe not...Bidenitis is contagious and maybe I've caught it, too, but I'm not nearly as old as Slow Joe...more like Mark's reasonably youthful age... :-)

    Question. Shades of Dianne Feinstein's chauffeur. Is it more likely that Kathy Chung (aka Kathy Sang-Ok Chung and Kathy S. Geraghty) was an assistant to the VP in 2015 ... or to Hunter Biden...or to the now-disappeared Ye Jianming and the now-convicted Chi Ping Patrick Ho? (Joe and Hunter's Chinese spy buds...)

    This kind of question should be a preposterous joke, but given what we now know, is it?

    Joe won't talk, Hunter either...if he's not trying to drown himself in coke and meth. Bill Barr is being very quiet, too...

    1. If the post election period isn't a total SHTF time for this country, I despair.

    2. I was tracking on the same path as Cassandra, before I even saw her post. And other Chinese infiltration news... Its not just her name, but its adding up to a need for a purge.

    3. Hi Anon

      Not that it makes much difference in this age of gender flexibility, but this Cassandra is a Cassander and has always (and is still currently) identifying as male. Cassandra, however, is my inspiration.

    4. I think Sang-Ok Chung is a Korean name.

    5. It's an odd name for Chinese. It's clearly not a Mandarin Chinese name. In Korean it seems to be associated with males, per the internet--but I have no knowledge of Korean. I noticed that GNEWS referred to her as "Chuang". Ethnic Korean from China? Korean father?

  5. Kunstler today claims the following:
    "CEFC’s main exploit during the Biden hook-up years was the purchase of a 14 percent stake in Russia’s oil-and-gas giant, Rosneft, to help China circumvent US Sanctions on Russia’s oil sales.
    Guess who was one of the lawyers working for Rosneft: Christopher Wray, just before he became FBI director."

    He doesn't say where he got this, and I don't know what to make of it.

    1. Um, that we need a new FBI Director? But I've said that before, without knowing about this. This is a pretty good example of the problem of the revolving door that I've referenced numerous times. There' no law of logic that says that I guy like that can't be impartial going forward, but he's not an isolated example and when it becomes a common thing ...

  6. She seems to have worked for Senator Udall’s office.

    1. It is well known and understood that the Chinese play the long game. Start w Mark Udall (who had a long ago weed conviction to keep quiet...what else?) and go from there...

      As I've said, there's nothing that is out of the realm of possibility at this point.

    2. Here's some context, along with the Andy McC that was discussed last week:

  7. If Trump wins re-election, it’s definitely going to be a SHTF event.

    I’m amazed by how much Trump got done in 4 years with constant opposition, while learning how things work.

    You already have about 400 miles of new border wall, with 400 more funded. 2000 mile border with Mexico. This will be another game changer.

    If Trump breaks 20% of the Black vote, it will be a huge electoral earth quake.

    And what if Trump wins the popular vote?

    And Trumps efforts to change the civil service rules? Another game changer.

    I see this as one of the top 5 important Presidential elections.

    1. I see this as the top election, save for maybe 1860.
      That one brought, w/in months, a years-long bloodbath, before folks across the Whole World had reason to be on the edge of their seats.

      This one will, if Dems win, bring the effective death of the Const., or a (rather different) bloodbath, w/in a few years or so.
      And, this should be quite obvious, to those across the globe who have a minimal clue.
      Indeed, as was said in the 60s, the Whole World will be Watching all of it.

  8. SWC:

    Joe Biden is so hopelessly compromised that if he happens to win the election on Tuesday, when he’s confronted with what the intelligence community knows about his overseas entanglements, he’ll be forced to decline to take the oath of office. He’ll step aside in favor of Kamala Harris, and the Democrat party will have their first female minority President — which has always been the goal — and not a septuagenarian recycled white male politician with a room temperature IQ and a troubling history of overt racism.

    1. I agree that Slo Joe is hopelessly compromised and increasingly demented.

      But I would take serious odds that he would never decline to take the oath of office. Criminal exposure (for himself and his family) is one good reason. Hubris is another. Dr. Jill is another.

      They would find another solution.

      Good thing this hypothetical will never come to pass.

    2. Seeing as optics will matter little after the election, Kamela will pardon him.

    3. @Mouse

      Yes, of course...after he's impeached...if he is. Not before.

  9. @Mark (and SWC)

    James Kunstler agrees that Biden (should the unthinkable happen and he wins) will decline to take the oath.

    As stated elsewhere, I simply disagree. As always, I could well be wrong. But I don't think so.

  10. Off topic but...

    The GPW (not my fav people) have this up today. The slow drop and further confirmation of more hidden docs on Seth Rich.

    I really hope Trump pardons Assange after the election.

  11. The Biden rabbit hole is looking more and more like it leads into a giant septic tank:

  12. O/T

    As we try to understand the horrifying criminality of the Conspirators, keep in mind three classic motivators of human behavior




    and ask yourself which (one or more) of these was motivating Strzok and Page, McCabe, Comey, Brennan, Weissmann, and Mueller

    ...and the Clintons, the Bidens, Kerry and Obama.

  13. "The Russia Hoax may have revealed the willingness of the Left to trash all constitutional legal safeguards in pursuit of Power, but Biden Inc. may yet reveal the extent to which America's Progressive elite has been willing to sell America to China."

    For millennial types, "GDR" below refers to the "German Democratic Republic". "Democratic." Sounds nice, right? Better known as East Germany. Socialist totalitarians always call themselves "democratic"...

    "Trump's opponents are lying, witch-hunting scum in their own right, a club of censorious bureaucrats whose instincts for democracy and free speech hover somewhere between the mid-seventies GDR and the Church of Scientology."