Tuesday, November 10, 2020

UPDATED: WOW! Ted Cruz just curbstomped Andy McCabe

Trump did Ted Cruz a favor. Cruz has the chance to be star in the Senate, and he showed it today when he grilled a total POS, Andy McCabe. Cruz totally eviscerates McCabe. I only wish this had been face to face:

Yes, I lifted the subject line from CFP.

UPDATE: Shipwreckedcrew was really funny about this. Earlier today a commenter asked whether I'd be writing about McCabe's testimony. I responded, basically: Were McCabe's lips moving? What's the point?

Well, Shipwreckedcrew decided to pile on a bit, and I luv it because, well, because McCabe:

Disgraced FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe Gets Publicly Humiliated In Senate Hearing

It has been such a slow news day I had to spend hours looking around for something to cover, and the best I could find was some information about my old friend Andy McCabe’s testimony via videoconference today before the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Enter U.S. Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz — and one of the most talented actual trial lawyers (the only one?) in the United States Senate.  He had a couple of questions for McCabe about Joe Biden:

I expect the Capitol Police came along after this and arrested Sen. Cruz for murder because that was a sacrificial removal of McCabe’s heart and showing it to him while it was still beating before he died.

And it proved one other thing that I have long maintained here and on Twitter — Andrew McCabe was an idiot who simply managed to leverage the FBI’s system for promotion by moving from spot to spot as quickly as possible without doing anything substantial or consequential along the way.  “No big cases, no big problems” is the mantra of that crowd in FBI management.



  1. I remember reading an article back in the 2012 primaries when when we still had 4 or 5 candidates going. It was a basic run down list of why's and why nots for party support of each.

    Cruz was said to be the "scorched earth" candidate and therefore unelectable / unsupportable. I thought a lot about that and have often wondered what a president Cruz would look like.

    Maybe one day we'll know, Id support it.

    Trump barely made the list, I still find that even funnier.

  2. "The culture of corruption was so ingrained at the FBI that McCabe thought he did nothing wrong. Makes you wonder what else they were up to." —Sen. Marsha Blackburn

  3. Andrew McCabe: "Uh oh, okay I may have done some wrong things here with FISA, etc.. My bad, whoops".

  4. Ex-US attorney calls Andrew McCabe testimony a 'disaster'

    Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's performance at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was a "disaster," said former U.S. attorney Brett Tolman on Wednesday.

    “This is a prime example of someone who has inconsistencies, lies, deception during a period of time that has been uncovered and then trying to keep it all straight. I mean, this testimony was a disaster.”

    As McCabe was being probed on the faults of the Russia investigation, Tolman said that McCabe was straddling between “wanting to protect himself” and then-FBI Director James Comey while being “aware of the fact they were both in charge” at that time.

    “There was a leak and it can be a criminal offense,” Tolman said, responding to Sen. Ted Cruz asking McCabe if Comey had authorized him to leak information to the press about the investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

    McCabe said Tuesday that had he been aware of the factual inaccuracies contained in the FBI's warrant application for surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, he would not have approved it.

    McCabe faced questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding this and other matters pertaining to the early stages of the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible ties to President Trump’s campaign. Committee chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., pressed McCabe on the Page warrant that was filed under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and asked if he would have signed off on it if he knew then what he knows now.

    “No, sir,” McCabe said.

    Despite that admission and the recognition that the FBI’s representations in the warrant applications contained false statements, McCabe would not say who was ultimately to blame.

    “I think we are all responsible for the work that went into that FISA,” McCabe told Graham. When asked if he misled the court, McCabe only said that he “signed a package” that contained errors or omitted information that should have been included.

    McCabe did not reveal the names of any individuals who were directly responsible for the false statements. Neither did former FBI Director James Comey when he appeared before the committee in September.

    Graham expressed frustration Tuesday that the FBI’s response to who was responsible for the FISA applications had essentially amounted to “everyone’s responsible and no one’s responsible.”

    Tolman said though he is proud to have served in the FBI, there are aspects of the FBI that “need to be fixed.”

    “I did not know that we could systematically endure what we have both on the individual level, people’s lives were destroyed, but, also on the organizational level. Right, now the FBI is reeling, still, from 2016 and the country has absolutely lost its confidence that the FBI won’t be political going forward.”

    1. Thanks. Correction, however: Tolman served as USA and as counsel for the Senate, never in the FBI.

    2. Fox News says he was FBI so he was FBI. Tolman will just have to accept that fact. They're not rescinding that call.