Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Waukesha County, WI

It's been a bit of a slow news day, but I just picked up an article on the election results in Wisconsin that's quite fascinating to me personally. I've lived, worked, and visited in the Milwaukee and Waukesha County areas of Wisconsin for a large part of my life and this article highlights the anomalous character of the election results--so far--in those areas:

Hold It: Wisconsin’s Vote Just Doesn’t Look Right

The author, Margaret Menge, a Madison, WI, native first surveys the remarkable numbers for Biden in a range of suburban areas of Milwaukee County. She offers this overall assessment:

It’s as if someone manning the central controls turned the dial up, adding 10 to 40 percent more votes for Biden in community after community.


She quotes the chairman of the Waukesha County GOP, also, regarding the results in the Milwaukee County suburbs:

“The answer is I don’t know,” Dittrich says when asked why he thought the numbers were so high.

No one knows who these added voters are and won’t know for a few weeks as county clerks have 45 days to get the voter data for this election entered into the system.

“The bottom line is that it’s just incredible that this guy could get this big of a bump, in New Berlin, Brookfield, Elm Grove, Menomonee Falls, and even some of our strongholds in the county like Hartman and Sussex,” said Dittrich.

Admittedly these are impressionistic expressions, but for anyone familiar with the area they ring very true.

The impact was especially strong in Waukesha County, long considered the Republican heartland of WI, and one of the most Republican areas of the entire US. Somehow Red State's Scott Hounsell seems to have missed the stunning nature of what transpired--or is supposed to have transpired--in Waukesha County. To give you an idea of just how Republican Waukesha is, this is how Wikipedia describes Waukesha County:

Waukesha County is the largest Republican-leaning county in Wisconsin and has been one of the GOP's most solid suburban strongholds for many years. It has not supported a Democrat for president since 1964, and has only supported a Democrat four other times since 1892. While other non-Southern suburban counties have moved towards Democrats since the 1990s, Waukesha and other Milwaukee suburbs have continued to vote solidly Republican. Underlining this, Lyndon Johnson's narrow win in 1964 is the last time that a Democratic presidential candidate has even garnered 40 percent of the county's vote.

The county is split between 10 state assembly districts, all but one of which is held by a Republican, and six state senate districts, all held by Republicans.

In 2008, Senator John McCain carried the county by a 25.7% margin over then-Senator Barack Obama, when Obama won Wisconsin by 13.9% over McCain.

With that in mind, consider this:

In Waukesha County as a whole, Biden got 103,867 votes this year, compared to 79,244 votes for Clinton four years ago — an additional 24,623 votes, a 31 percent increase.

Biden won the state of Wisconsin, according to the unofficial numbers, by just 20,540 votes.

That's right. According to the "unofficial numbers," one of the most Republican counties in the entire US is supposed to have given Biden a 31% increase over Clinton and accounts for Biden's entire winning margin in the state.

"Just incredible." "Someone turned up the dial." "Just doesn't look right." Sure looks that way.


  1. We agree. The squish-Pubbies in Wisconsin have told us--without evidence--that "suburban women" are abandoning Trump. Because tweets.

    I've lived in Brookfield and Oconomowoc for a total of 65 years or so, 45 as a voter. While the TOWN of Brookfield has slid to ~64/40 Republican (2016), the City remains about 66-33, as does Oconomowoc (and Pewaukee is also 60+-30's.

    My wife and daughters are "suburban women" who would NEVER vote for an abortion-pushing China-loving potato chip.

    Upshot? The Learned Pundits are full of Milorganite.

    1. Ah yes, Ocomowoc, Okauchee, Nashotah, Delafield ...
      My old stomping grounds.

  2. And we are a bitterly divided nation faced in this election with the starkest of ideological choices and we are to believe that Joe Biden 40-year Democrat Hack who is clearly just a front man for Kamala or whomever they choose, and who never won an election outside of Delaware before now is somehow the crossover choice? What a run this guy has had! Left for dead (one could almost say literally) after the Iowa Caucus and somehow, somehow, somehow, just miraculously turned it all around , really without changing a thing, and became this irresistable force? This doesn't pass the smell test, the eye test, or any other kind of test. It is so goddam similar to the Russian Hoax in its preposterousness that that should it succeed it will ruin the nation, what nation can stand long lying to itself in this way?

    1. even more than lying to ourselves...if election fraud of this magnitude is allowed to stand, then it will of course become the norm. And, really, they don't need much. They just need one or two Senate seats (two of the 2022 R seats must pass through Philly and Madison), ensure they retain the House, then they have two years of open season to romp through our constitution with their progressive agenda. It's not hyperbole to say that, if this result stands, it will herald the end of the republic.

  3. I grew up in New Berlin. It's hard to imagine that number of new Biden voters. It just makes no sense.

  4. Interesting presentation on YouTube by Dr. Shiva Ayyaduai MIT, PhD: “Analysis of Michigan Votes Reveals Unfortunate Truth of U. S. Voting Systems”. He is joined by Bennie Smith and Phil Evans, both engineers and data analysts. They analyzed the election results of four Michigan counties, at the precinct level. They demonstrate that an algorithm was in place that moved Trump votes to Biden in a consistent pattern in three of the four counties. Was it an algorithm that “turned up the dial” in Wisconsin?

    1. Specifically, the data analysis in this video indicates greater levels of Trump-to-Biden vote swapping the more Trump-leaning a Michigan voting precinct is. Vote swapping has no impact on the total number of votes. This particular algorithm, however leads to head-scratching results in heavily Republican districts where the effect becomes most pronounced. This is consistent with the results in Antrim county Michigan where a small heavily republican county saw a large shift in votes to Biden. In this article, a large shift to Biden is also seen in a heavily republican district. Hand counting of the actual ballots would indicate if there were a vote-shifting algorithm at work here in WI.

    2. What seems to be the obvious explanation for this pattern is they thought they could conceal the 'meddling' better in Red counties rather than having over the top turnout in traditional Blue areas. Turned out they needed both in WI.

    3. The data makes a strong case for that conclusion. I've seen people dismiss this because similar phenomenon were witnessed in 2016, but that only suggests it was done then as well. The real control set comparison is versus hand recount counties and/or in non-competitive states, where this phenomenon does not surface at all. Between the remarkable linearity of the relationship and the targeted use of it in swing states, there is more than enough evidence to warrant sampling precinct counts to see if they show the actual votes counted or reflect totals more in line with Dr Shiva's estimates for what an un-modified result should have looked like. If the latter, you have clear evidence of fraud.

    4. No question what we need to see.

    5. Dr. Shiva Ayyaduai's analysis is interesting but it rests upon assumptions for which he provides absolutely no support. Specifically, the analysis assumes that the percent of "straight ticket" votes for Trump is the percentage of Republican voters among those who did not vote straight ticket. And further that that percentage of "republican" would vote for Trump. He then charts the difference between his assumptions and what "appears" to have actually happened.
      The assumptions may or may not be "true" and I am not aware of any a priori reason to believe them to be true. Absent a compelling reason to believe the assumptions to be correct, the analysis might just be a case of "garbage in, garbage out" -- no matter how much "we" might wish it to be correct.
      It sure does appear to stink though and is another reason to require a (very) thorough audit/investigation of the entire voting/tabulation process.

    6. His assumptions are far more plausible than the alternative--that truly phenomenal numbers of GOP voters voted for Biden in a small number of counties in a small number of states--in total contrast to the rest of the country.