Sunday, November 15, 2020

The Scytl affair might be a hoax

Following is an article by commenter Mike Sylwester. The opinions expressed are his own, of course. I don't necessarily agree with Mike's specific assessments but my hope is that Mike's speculations will provide a basis for commentary and discussion. As Mike recognizes, we're not in a position to make final judgments--and may never be.

My own bottom line is easily summarized. This election was stolen--the anomalies we've all seen are simply not explicable in any other way than by a presumption of external manipulation that goes beyond the more traditional forms of voter fraud. This is especially apparent in the swing states--a telling indicator in itself--and we can expect (as Scott Adams predicted) more such indicators will turn up (check this one out). In those circumstances the only definitive way to get to the bottom of this--to get beyond statistical analysis--is for investigators to get their hands on Dominions records as they exist on a server. I insist that this is possible--if necessary by means of cooperation with foreign governments--but only through action by DoJ. If such action has taken place we'll be among the last to know. In the meantime, I continue to hold out hope that Trump can reverse the fraud by traditional legal means. Time will tell, of course.

 The Scytl affair might be a hoax

Assuming for the sake of argument that it is not a hoax, I suggest the following scenario as a basis for consideration and discussion.


One person ("The Hacker") with the necessary access and expertise figured out how to manipulate the USA election on a large scale. If he needed some confederates, then they were only one or two.

The motivations to manipulate the election might have included the following:

* The satisfaction of accomplishing such an enormous prank.

* Justified hatred of Donald Trump (e.g. Trump is allowing a climate catastrophe).

* General concern that elections can be manipulated (the public eventually should know and demand reform).

* Personal enrichment.

If so, then the Democratic Party might not have been involved or aware at all.

Perhaps the Hacker proposed the election-manipulation to an extremely rich Trump-hater ("Zoroz"), who promised to pay The Hacker millions of dollars if the manipulation succeeded.

When the election took place, Democrats did as much cheating as they could, but The Hacker exerted the major effect on the vote counts. The Hacker affected tens of thousands of votes in the battleground states.

The Hacker documented his actions, in order to prove to Zoroz that he deserved the monetary payment. 

The Hacker had not expected that Trump would get so many votes, and so The Hacker had to adjust his manipulations during and immediately after the election. These belated  adjustments soon the US Government's attention to elements of the manipulation.

Eventually, the US Government identified The Hacker as the culprit and confronted him --- and/or his one or two confederates. Subsequently, The Hacker quickly confessed and provided his own documentation of the election-manipulation.

Presented with The Hacker's own confession and own documentation, the German Government allowed US forces to seize computer equipment located in Germany. (Perhaps computer equipment was seized also in other countries, including the USA, but those seizures still are secret.) 

Perhaps The Hacker still is trying to protect Zoroz. The Hacker insists that he did it all on his own initiative and without anyone else's participation or knowledge.


Two possibilities:

1) The Hacker manipulated the election massively, but Biden won anyway. 

2) Biden won only because The Hacker manipulated the election.

By now, the US Government, in possession of The Hacker's own documentation, has figured out which possibility is true.


There is not enough time left in the Electoral College schedule to resolve this situation in the US Judiciary. 

If, however, the problem is shifted to the US House of Representatives, then the situation can be investigated until January 20, 2021. 

An investigation in the US House of Representatives will be managed by the House majority -- by Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats. Perhaps Pelosi can be assured already that Biden won anyway, despite The Hacker's massive manipulation. If so, then the House's Republican leaders could assure Pelosi that the Republicans would go along with Biden's election.


Many elements of this situation must be arranged.

* State governors must block certifications of their state's Electoral College voters.

* The House's Democrat leaders must agree to take over the investigation.

* The House's Republican leaders must commit themselves to accept the investigation's finding.

In the meantime, this affair remains covered up. For example, the Scytl company denies stubbornly that anything has happened.

The Scytl affair will be revealed to the public only after all the relevant Government leaders have agreed to a fair investigation and resolution.


  1. Whoa. My first reaction is: Not buying.

    Way, way, way too much coordination required for a single hacker. What about the co-ordinated vote counting shut down early Wednesday morning?

    I'll need much much more to go with Mike's theory...

    1. I tend to agree--despite the wonders of modern software, I think there'd be a fair number of people in the know. But I can't be dogmatic about it.

  2. The only point I can see to summarizing the situation and speculating in the particular direction Mr. Sylvester does is to lower expectations / discourage anyone who hopes this fraud can be addressed peacefully through application of the rule of law. But I will note that he is ignoring the very testimony that is giving most of us hope: Sidney Powell's (and Rudy's and Lin Wood's.) So let's see what ms. Powell meant by releasing the Kraken and let's not speculate on what this or that press release might mean. I personally stick with assertions that are made by people who put their reputations behind them. But that's just me.

  3. Sorry, still not buying it, but the scenario where a hacker did it just because he could do it is far more rational than the theory that the Demcorats planned such a thing. Additionally, an unfriendly foreign power would have an incentive to do such a thing even if it were uncovered- it might even be a benefit to have it uncovered- more chaos.

    I think the Democrats plan was blindingly simple- they flooded the cities and surrounding heavily leaning Democrat suburbs with mail in ballots- the stories about addresses that received ballots for every resident that ever lived there are too numerous at this point to be ignored. The second part of the operation is also simple- send people to gather up the excess ballots, fill them out and send them in. The third part is also easy- just quit authenticating mail in ballots altogether. And in PA and MI, for example, it is becoming clear that in certain counties, they didn't even bother with mailing the ballots out- they just created the files in the computers with large cut and paste operations- this is why you see the cases where the ballots were recorded as mailed out and received back in impossible time frames- in some cases with receipt dates that predate the ballot being mailed out.

    The keys to making this work aren't all that complicated- the Secretary of State in the state should be a Democrat. The highest courts in the states should be controlled by Democrats ideally, and it helps to have the governorship, too. Georgia is really the only outlier here, but in that state the governor and the SoS were cowed by Stacy Abrams' constant attacks over the 2018 election.

    I had hoped that the Georgia recanvass, recount, and audit would at least get a handle on the abseentee ballot fraud that I am certain occurred in Fulton, Cobb, and Gwinnett Counties, but the operation seems to be a fraud at this point- I think all the absentee envelopes were destroyed as the ballots were opened- all the fraud ballots are now completely mixed in with the authentic ones.

    1. The fly in the ointment to this theory is the extreme degree of difficulty of responding to unanticipated surges in Trump votes. They have only a limited number of citizens in these precincts to manufacture votes from and in order to respond to a trump surge on election day you would have too many things to coordinate and control to hide your ballot stuffing. A computer algorithm pre-designed for that state? Quick, very quick and with a precision and reporting back i.e hey you need to back fill 3000 ballots from this county...

    2. Yancey, I'm on board with much of what you're saying, however I believe that the scale of the fraud and the seeming coordination can't really be explained in traditional ways. We'll have to see.

    3. Mark, I agree. It seems clear that in the early morning hours the Dems had to scramble--they weren't prepared for the Red Wave. That level of scrambling can't really be done by traditional means in that amount of time. IMO. After all, we saw the instantaneous dumps of votes.

    4. On the subject of foreign powers and motivation...


  4. Even though they aren't checking for signatures in Georgia, shouldn't it show if there was "vote switching" in the total tally?

  5. All you really need to do is to compare Ohio with Michigan and Pennsylvania- the people are similar in demographics and overall attitudes- the only real difference is that Ohioans are on balance just a bit more Republican by about 5% than the residents of the other two states. The only really meaningful difference between Cayahoga County, Ohio (Cleveland) and Wayne/Philadelphia Counties is that Ohio had a governor and SoS who were both Republicans and took absentee ballot production and authentication seriously- in other words, Cleveland ballot mailers and counters didn't have that free hand to cheat. Same applies to the big urban counties of Florida in this election- or in pretty much every single state that Trump won on both 2016 and 2020.

    We now see how critical it was to Trump's first win that Wisconsin and Michigan had Republican governors in 2016- in addition to the fact that the Democrats were blindsided by Trump's success in those states.

    1. I saw a comparison of Cleveland with Milwaukee. Very revealing.

  6. My guess is false stories of election voting fraud are being salted.

    And some conservative authors are being duped by them.

    And then the articles are shown to be fake, and used to discrediting actual voter fraud.

    I just read an article about this, and the person had an example email. I can’t remember which site.

    1. I've heard/seen that it's Dominion that makes the machines and runs them during elections, using Smartmatic software.

      Someone pls. correct me if I'm wrong.

    2. @Ray - SoCal: You're thinking of Andrea Widburg and her article on American Thinker "Conservative Outlets need to be wary of hoaxes" on 11/14:

  7. A hand recount of ballots in states with paper back-up would immediately contradict and expose any "electronically manipulated" result.

    This is why I'm skeptical of most of the remote digital fraud conspiracy theories. They are virtually all based on a "and then a miracle occurs" step in the chain of logic, even if that step is not articulated.

    1. Exactly this....been waiting for anything like this to come out, but so far not seeing it. It may take some time for this to come out, but I think for instance if it happened in GA, we would be getting signs of it by now.

  8. Since none of us are involved in the litigation, and those that are involved are somewhat busy, we're just going to have to wait to find out the truth - and how it all plays out.

    It's hard to do.

    OTOH, both Sidney and Rudy are making statements that tend to suggest that what little we know (or suspect) about the Scytle operation is true. So there's that.


    Treehouse is deplatformed.

  10. As Glenn Reynolds pointed out, the Anti Trumpers would not be doxing Trumps Election lawyers if they were not worried.

    My guess is the Dominion Software has back doors, that can be used to change votes. My guess is it’s usually so small it’s ignored. This is only one vector of the voter fraud that happened.

    Trump is shattering the Overton Window on voter fraud in the us. Before the election it was some fraud happened, but it was not enough to change elections. That consensus is changing. As well as the GOP willingness to fight back.

  11. "the Anti Trumpers would not be doxing Trumps Election lawyers if they were not worried."

    Of course they would. Have you ever seen George Conway, representative of this crew, in action?

    They would do it because they are petty, vengeful, cruel, nasty mental midgets.

    1. Agree 1,000%. Remember David Plouffe (Obama’s campaign manager) tweeting that Trump must not only be defeated, he must be “destroyed thoroughly. His kind must not rise again.” His ilk, and the Antifa goons that serve as foot soldiers, are playing hard ball.


    2. "His ilk, and the Antifa goons that serve as foot soldiers, are playing hard ball."

      If a balloon eventually goes up, they'll learn what hardball really is.

  12. Have no interest in speculating as to the latest wunderwaffen. I am resolved to the following:

    1) A concerted and coordinated effort has been made to subvert the U.S. election using the same means/methods that gov't and private organizations have used in various elections around the globe to facilitate/undermine the democratic process under the rubric of "Color Revolution" on a here-to-fore unseen massive scale.

    2) If Harris/Biden is sworn in as POTUS the extent and methodology of the subversion will be completely hidden from the public. There will be no meaningful investigations, no unveiling, and no future elections that the outcome is not predetermined.

    3) All DS actus reus concerning the Trump Admin will disappear as if it never happened. A SP will make no difference in this. His "team" will have to be chosen from the Swamp cesspool and will strangle the investigation in the crib. Flynn will go to prison for something between 5 and 10 years. Fear is critical to Authority and examples are essential.

    4) Trump and some of his family members will be lucky to elude a prison term. At the very least he will fight legal battles, both personal and business, from every direction and at every level of gov't for the rest of his life.

    5) Even if one of the wunderwaffen is successful and Trump has another term the agenda of the other side will compensate and adapt, but their intensity/determination will not slacken.

    6) I have to try to train my grandchildren in a manner that in jr. high, instead of reading "Huckleberry Finn", they can survey Solzhenitsyn's "The Gulag Archipelago", not as history, but as material applicable to a survival manual for the digital gulag Davos Man is building for them.

    I believe all of these things to be true.
    Tom S.

    1. You have laid it out pretty much how I see it. Our only hope is/was the judicial branch but they ain't gonna / can't save us.

    2. @Tom S.

      I won't disagree for the time being with your apocalyptic predictions, except to say that Trump will pardon Flynn if the case is not dismissed before Jan 20. You can count on it.

  13. Two items of interest from today's reading.

    1) Trump signed an EO mid-September authorizing seizure of foreign (or domestic) equipment in case it was suspected of election manipulation. THAT would explain the "Army Grabs Servers in Germany" stories.

    2) The chief of security (Denver resident) for Dominion was outed as a participant in Antifa conferences and posted some serious anti-Trump comments here and there.

    Now, then. Neither of these stories may be true--in whole or in part. But if they're honey-pot plants, they're damned good!

    1. "1) Trump signed an EO mid-September authorizing seizure of foreign (or domestic) equipment in case it was suspected of election manipulation. THAT would explain the 'Army Grabs Servers in Germany' stories."


      "2) The chief of security (Denver resident) for Dominion was outed as a participant in Antifa conferences and posted some serious anti-Trump comments here and there."


      "Now, then. Neither of these stories may be true--in whole or in part. But if they're honey-pot plants, they're damned good!"

      No links and you're saying that nothing you posted may be true.

      Sounds legit.

  14. Sydney on Maria this morning:

    "we have so much evidence it's coming in through a fire hose..."


  15. Are Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems playing straight with us regarding their categorical denials of Donald Trump’s claims of voting machine fraud, which he has publicly tweeted and which have been echoed by his lawyers, including putative heavyweights Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and Lin Wood? One thing’s for sure: Somebody here isn’t telling the whole truth.

    Because I’ve (again) exceeded Blogger word limits, I’m posting this comment in a few parts.

    1/ Smartmatic has now (as of yesterday) stated publicly that:
    “In the aftermath of the 2020 general election, there has been a great deal of misinformation being circulated about Smartmatic and other companies that provide election technology to voting jurisdictions in the US. We would like to dispel these incorrect statements with facts.

    • Smartmatic has never owned any shares or had any financial stake in Dominion Voting Systems. Smartmatic has never provided [Dominion] with any software, hardware or other technology. The two companies are competitors in the marketplace.

    • Smartmatic does not have any ties to any governments or political parties in any country. It has never been owned, funded or backed by any government.

    Smartmatic also categorically denies that Smartmatic voting machines or technology were used in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, or North Carolina.

    See: and

    It would seem that if Smartmatic’s claim that its machines or technology were not used in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, or North Carolina that would be the end of it as far as Smartmatic is concerned.

    Dominion, too, categorically denies all of the voter fraud assertions which have been made about it.

    It says on the front page of its website:

    “Dominion Voting Systems categorically denies false assertions about vote switching issues with our voting systems. According to a Joint Statement by the federal government agency that oversees U.S. election security, the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA): ‘There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.’ The government & private sector councils that support this mission called the 2020 election ‘the most secure in American history.’”

    It goes on to categorically and specifically deny the deletion of 2.7 million pro-Trump votes and it denies company ownership relationships with any member of the Pelosi family, the Feinstein family, or the Clinton Global Initiative, Smartmatic, Scytl, or any ties to Venezuela. It goes on to deny that there were any Dominion software glitches and it asserts that the ballots were accurately tabulated and are 100% auditable. It asserts that there were no last minute software changes or updates.

    1. 2/ If your still doubtful and/or you’d like to make up your own mind, here are some links which might serve as a starting point for further digging:

      1. Smartmatic global website:
      2. Smartmatic US website:

      All make very interesting background reading. For my part, I would say that Smartmatic’s claim that it does not have any ties to any governments or political parties in any country and that it has never been owned, funded or backed by any government may be true, but it needs to be carefully dissected. As does its claim that it is not close to Soros. The company’s holding company chairman, Malloch Brown, is a career politician who has served in various UK government and UN capacities. As for his connections to Soros, his Wikipedia entry (linked above) discloses multiple additional connections to Soros which were not disclosed by Smartmatic.

      Smartmatic’s US Chairman, Peter Neffenger, is also a former government official. He was the Administrator of the United States Transportation Security Administration in the Obama Administration and before that served as Vice Commandant of the United States Coast Guard. He is also a fellow of the Atlantic Council. By now, most of us know of George Soros’ long standing connections to the Atlantic Council. For example, see: There are many more connections.

      As for connections between Dominion and Smartmatic, the history is convoluted and I have not been able to get to the bottom of it. Smartmatic acknowledges having owned another US voting machine company, Sequoia Voting Systems, but says it sold it in 2007.

      According to Wikipedia, Smartmatic owned Sequoia between 2005 and November 2007, when Smartmatic was ordered by CFIUS (which had been investigating ties between Sequoia, Smartmatic, and the government of Venezuela) to divest Sequoia, which it did to its Sequoia management team having U.S. citizenship. FWIW, a divestment to a friendly ‘management team’ would not necessarily constitute a full-blown arm’s-length sale.
      In April 2008, a competitor attempting a takeover of Sequoia discovered (perhaps unsurprisingly) that, notwithstanding the purported sale of Sequoia, Smartmatic still retained some control over Sequoia. At the time, Smartmatic held a $2 million note from the management team which had purchased the company from Smartmatic. Smartmatic also retained ownership of certain intellectual property rights for Sequoia election products in the United States, and rights to negotiate overseas non-compete agreements.

      According to Wikipedia, then, in 2010, Dominion acquired Sequoia, presumably including the Smartmatic intellectual property. In Feb. 2014 Sequoia apparently filed a bankruptcy petition. It is not clear to me what happened to Sequoia and its assets after the bankruptcy filing, but Sequoia is listed today as a subsidiary of Dominion on Dominion’s Wikipedia entry.

      So, does Dominion, through Sequoia, still use Smartmatic intellectual property…as has been alleged? If so are they still in touch with each other? I couldn’t tell.
      In any event, it sure looks like both sides can’t be telling the truth…

    2. A brief postscript regarding Smartmatic’s claim that it does not have any ties to any governments or political parties in any country and that it has never been owned, funded or backed by any government.

      Keep in mind that, by definition, every contract and every dollar of revenue that Smartmatic books is the result of a 'tie' with a government. Smartmatic is, by definition, funded by its government counter-parties.

      They sit in the same room together every day of the week.

    3. Dominion is tied to SmartMatics, but so far it is just a supplier.

      Dominion is also heavily (pun intended) to Democrats (Clinton, etc).

      Dominion is controversial and has major issues in other countries recently.

      There’s more and appears sourced.

    4. If Dominion had just contained itself to tabulation of filled out ballots, it would not in this mess. Like all techs, they had to go further. They made a system where they printed the ballot for you via GUI, Graphical User Interface. Moreover, they involved themselves in the voting rolls. This involved using TC/PIP (internet) protocols on a LAN, Local Area Network, or WAN, Wide Area Network. Their documentarian states it’s all secure, but that is very debatable.

      My biggest issue is using the software to create your ballot. That is a fundamental philosophical issue that is fraught with problems that go far and above old school ballot stuffing. The same issue basically involved with mail in or harvested ballots. You, the voter, has no way to be assured your vote actually goes the way you want, period.

      What’s telling is that in the article, it notes that just prior, an update was done to the software in Georgia. It stated that this was unusual. Betcha this unusualness happened in all the swing states.

      Chase Bank cannot secure their systems completely. Target could not either. Many, if not most, big companies have been breached with not a breach of customer data, but in Chase’s case loss of millions of money, electronic money which then means hard cash at some point.

    5. Oh, I forgot to add that the same unusual software update in Georgia means either someone with Dominion or someone with authorized access updated the software on the LAN/WAN which means relatively nearby or someone with Dominion or authorized access updated from afar or ...

      Someone with no relation hack the system outright.

      Once you put a system out there, it’s hackable.

    6. A lot of people appear to be focusing on the 'update'.


      More factual background on the Dominion/Smartmatic connection, including a link between Mitt Romney's buyout firm and Sequoia...which was acquired by Dominion...

  16. God bless and protect Sidney Powell.

  17. Maybe a hoax, maybe not.

    A Kyle Becker Twitter thread about how Dominion’s bid to philly has a curious redaction...

    “ Dominion submitted a bid to The City of Philadelphia to be considered for use in elections. Although the bid was given to ES&S, there is something quite curious about its application: It's REDACTED.

    And not only that, look *what* is redacted. ”

    There’s just way too much out there that screams illegal acts and, yet, right now it looks like it just doesn’t matter. Ugh.

  18. I've been out of pocket for a few days but I've glazed over this story in a few different places.

    One theory I think being overlooked is that if something did go down in germany it wouldn't necessarily have to be US intel or FBI. Theoretically speaking because this is not US soil several different US military assets could do this type of thing.

    I also believe we have the required reciprocality in place with Germany to allow the military to pull it off.

    In the end, good chance we will never actually know.


    Terrific article about Malloch Brown...and his connections to Soros. Must read...

    Remember, Smartmatic has basically pooh-poohed any connection between Malloch Brown and Soros. A few days ago, Smartmatic said:

    "Does Mark Malloch-Brown work for George Soros?

    No. Lord Mark Malloch-Brown sits on the Board of Directors of more than a dozen organizations, including SGO, the parent company of Smartmatic. Malloch-Brown is also on the board of Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic organization founded by Soros that supports democracy and human rights in more than 100 countries."

    Apparently that was just the half of it...