Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Did Parents Really Vote To Make Their Kids Dumber?

Below is a paste job from Don Surber, which is mostly a paste job from Weasel Zippers, which is almost entirely a paste job from the WaPo.

Here's my election related point. 

What you're expected to believe is:

1. These results of school shutdowns were somehow unforeseeable;

2. By November 4 parents had somehow not caught on to the ongoing disaster; and

3. They voted for a continuation of these policies.

I'm just not buying any of that. To me, you can add the education issue to the overall common sense argument that there's no way that this election was not RIGGED. Yes, people are gullible, but parents of school age children can't possibly be THAT gullible. Which suggests that a reckoning awaits when people finally catch on to the fact that, not only has the lockdown policy been wrongheaded and unjustified, but the entire Covid Hoax was no more than a follow on to the failed Global Warming hoax.

Of course, don't expect total truth from a WaPo story. They start out telling you that "those with disabilities and English-language learners" are the students who have been hardest hit. But later we read that "Middle-schoolers reported an overall 300% increase in F’s, while high-schoolers reported a 50% increase." Excuse me. Those percentages can't possibly be accounted for just by "those with disabilities and English-language learners." There's more to that story.


ITEM 10: Via Weasel Zippers, the Washington Post reported, "Online learning is causing a serious drop in academic achievement in Virginia’s largest school system, according to a Fairfax County Public Schools study, and the most vulnerable students — those with disabilities and English-language learners — are struggling the most.

"Between the last academic year and this one, which for most students is taking place remotely, the percentage of F’s earned by middle school and high school students jumped from 6% of all grades to 11% — representing an overall increase of 83% from 2019 to 2020. Younger students were more seriously affected than older ones: Middle-schoolers reported an overall 300% increase in F’s, while high-schoolers reported a 50% increase.

"The effects were particularly pronounced among students with disabilities, who saw their percentage of F’s increase by 111% to account for nearly 20% of all grades achieved, and among children for whom English is a second language: Their percentage of F’s rose by 106% to account for 35 percent of all grades achieved."

No problem. They'll all get diplomas and get into the best schools. F is for effort, right?




  1. Guess what my school district does for in person education? Puts the kids on computers all the time in the classroom even special education, even elementary. Can’t leave the room to eat, food brought to room. No PE, no recess. I would have been dying as a young child. There’s a reason I work in a career that has me outside. Tried the normal way in a different career.

  2. I evaluate the probability of many low-information parents as higher than you do:
    1) we have at least one prominent author who was low information enough to not realize that Biden was pro-lockdown: (Note: she is not a medical doctor; she has a PhD in English Lit)

    2) We also have the survey from MRC that indicated that large swaths of likely Biden voters were unaware of many aspects that would disfavor voting for him:

    3) Anecdotally, I am friends with many educators; in our area, many schools adopted a "hybrid" approach, where parents could choose whether to have their kids virtual or in-person. There were bitter fights between the two camps of parents, each accusing the other of not having the best interests of the kids at heart. I'm not sure where those fights are now that the semester is almost over, if the virtual parents will want to do it again.

    1. "a PhD in English Lit."
      Almost as worthless, as PhDs in Womens or Black studies.
      As I understand things, Eng. Depts. were the route, for deconstructionism etc. to wiggle into the rest of academia.

    2. Here is your low information voters. They knew exactly what the msm wanted them to know. This is wnat happens when one gets all their news and information for the basically a single source. Buyers remorse all around.

    3. A PhD is really only good for one’s ego, the institution you gave money to, and if you are going to be a university professor.

      Otherwise, a masters degree is the utmost attained if you are a doer and shaker in the real world that does not require nor need higher education. Even then, a masters degree is superfluous if you have real world experience. Ditto for a bachelors.

      Heck, many unspecialized medical doctors needed a dual degree in business and how to gain the insurance system because that’s what medical practices are really about. Churning patients using lower level medical professionals, along with managing the business itself, get’s you $$$.

  3. The DOE and teacher associations have been some of the biggest pushers of the lockdowns taking place.

    It's just another side of the coin as to why education needs to be independent to the States and why big government just spawns big problems. In the end those whom suffer are always the citizens they claim to be protecting.

    Carter did it, Reagan was supposed to undo it... Toss in covid and here we are.

    Yay adminstrative law!!!