Monday, November 23, 2020

UPDATED: Taking Stock After The Sidney Powell Story

A good way to start the week may be to briefly summarize where we stand with the big picture of the Sidney Powell challenge. Hopefully this will move us past what increasingly appears to have been a distraction--intentional or not: The Trump team announcement that simply confirmed what Powell has always been clear about: She's working on her own for "we the people." We the people need to take stock before events begin multiplying.

While I say "the Sidney Powell challenge", what we're really talking about is the distinction between traditional types of "voter" fraud and the less familiar forms of "election" fraud. People like Matt Braynard (and others) are doing the research into voter fraud in this election--false ballots based on dead persons, persons who have moved out of state continuing to vote, persons voting in more than one state, absentee or mail-in ballots being cast in the name of people who didn't actually cast them. This is the underpinning for much of what happened, and there's no question but that this fraud was extensive and well organized. It was made possible by commercial databases, which also make the fraud discovery research possible on a scale well above gathering anecdotal evidence from individuals.

"Election" fraud refers to the use of software controls to manipulate votes--using algorithms to apportion or "weight" votes between candidates on a predetermined proportional basis, shifting votes between candidates, etc. This is the type of fraud that Sidney Powell has been alleging and is supported by the research of people like Russ Ramsland. However, behind both types of fraud are the same types of basically common sense observations that lead so many to conclude that the 2020 election results are wildly improbable.

Those are all aspects of the fraud issue that we've been discussing in posts and comments.

Without offering anything new--which we hope will occur later in the week per Sidney Powell's assurances--I want to present here some of that common sense support for the allegations of election fraud.

These allegations largely rest on the fact that Dominion voting machines have been found to have been frequently connected to the internet. This renders them easily accessible to the backup servers said to have been located in Spain and, especially, in Germany (we won't attempt to get into other vulnerabilities). The claim has been made that one or more "servers"--which, of course, cannot be equated with any corresponding number of physical machines--were seized in Germany. While the details are very sketchy and originally centered around the US Army conducting a "raid," the situation has gradually become more clear. The most likely scenario is of a strictly legal search and seizure under the full legal authority of the US Government, targeting one or more servers located at a CIA facility on property officially associated with the US Army. The full legal authority, in my opinion, would ultimately have come through DoJ.

Confirmation of this "raid" or, more properly speaking, seizure has been through sources that are not strictly official--including Sidney Powell, but also a staffer with the Trump Recount committee. Reporters like Adam Housley have also stated that they have received confirmation. Over the weekend we've seen a concerted pushback against this reporting by clearly Establishment and Deep State operatives, largely using the non-denial denial technique--denying artificially specific statements that avoid the real issues. Thus, Dominion, while refusing to testify before the PA legislature, put forward a spokesman (with clearly anti-Trump connections, e.g., to Paul Ryan and John Boehner) to deny that Dominion machines had "physically" transferred votes--an over specific statement that neither Powell nor anyone else had made. Use of this technique tends to suggest that Powell is over a very real target.

Yesterday evening Emerald Robinson (WH correspondent for Newsmax) joined her voice to those reporters claiming to have confirmed a seizure operation in Germany:

Emerald Robinson


BREAKING: a national security source confirms to me that “a piece of hardware has been secured” from Germany.

9:25 PM · Nov 21, 2020·


Yes, for right now we have what could be called dueling sources, but it's important to consider that those making the positive statements--as opposed to the denials--are staking their personal reputations. By contrast, nobody will even remember who the Dominion spokesman was. As for other sources--the "Army spokesman," the "national security official"--they're all anonymous. So reporters like Robinson have presumably vetted their sources' credibility to the best of their ability.

Note in Robinson's tweet that she and/or her source avoid over specific statements: There is no mention of any specific agency, for example, as occurred early on. Also, instead of overly dramatic--and always legally and politically improbable--references to a "raid", we have a sober and far more legally probable characterization: "a piece of hardware has been secured”a piece of hardware has been secured”.

Beyond that specific reporting, Robinson offered some observations that I find resonate in several directions. I've arranged these observations--which, of course, first appeared as individual tweets--in a more running narrative style, for ease of reading. The thread running through all this is of the Establishment--of both parties--and the Deep State closing ranks against a foreign body. All abetted by a corrupted Media. All in the interests of a Globalist elite:

Emerald Robinson 


Democrats want [Trump] gone. The GOP wants him gone. The Deep State wants him gone. Hollywood wants him gone. Silicon Valley wants him gone. China wants him gone. Academia wants him gone. 

There's one problem: a majority of Americans want him to stay.


"Today globalization is contrary to the divine plan. It tends to make humanity uniform. Globalization means cutting man off from his roots, from his religion, from his culture, history, customs & ancestors. He becomes stateless, without a country, without a land." -Cardinal Sarah


Powell & Giuliani don't need to convince you about election fraud. You already know there's election fraud. 

1) The vote count STOPPED on election night. 

2) The Dept of Defense used a company in Spain to handle 78 million votes. 

Ask yourself: Why's the DoD involved at all?


If you're wondering about the Sidney Powell situation today, you need to recall: she gave an interview with  @newsmax last night where she called out both political parties for their involvement in vote rigging with Dominion.

She mentioned the Doug Collins race.


If you want a perfect example of the establishment GOP, it’s @Liz_Cheney. 

She’s a creature of GOP donors. She has no base of popular support. She’s a Never Trumper. Outside of Halliburton office parties, nobody cares what she thinks.

Yet she’s a GOP leader in the House.

And now this morning we see this exchange--common sense:

EmeraEmerald Robinson 


Details @jonathanvswan can’t find:

1) Dominion’s registered lobbyist in Georgia was [Governor] Brian Kemp’s Chief of Staff!

2) Who owns Dominion? Who owns Smartmatic? Our election companies are in fact shell companies.

3) Why are US votes counted by bankrupt Spanish firms?

Do better.

Quote Tweet

Jonathan Swan


 · 22h

The publicly-stated position of President Trump's legal team is that the reason Trump lost Georgia is because Georgia's Republican Gov. Brian Kemp has been bribed by a Venezuelan front company in cahoots with the CIA to throw elections to Communists.…

8:46 AM · Nov 23, 2020

Finally, Andrea Widburg also summarizes these common sense views (Making sense of the news about Sidney Powell). Toward the end of her full article we find the passage I've quoted (below). Again, we've all been discussing these observations and related ones, but as with Emerald Robinson's observations this serves as a point of reference:

There are two ways to view all this:

The "it's all over" viewpoint.  Powell overpromised, and she's become a source of danger and mortification who must be jettisoned.

The "there is a deep game afoot" viewpoint.  Here are the moving parts behind this approach:

1. The facts about Dominion and Smartmatic, above.

2. The strong statistical indication about voter fraud, also above.

3. Powell's statement to Larry O'Connor on Friday that she represents the people, not the president:

4. The information that Michael Flynn, Jr. and Lin Wood provided about the administration separating from Powell for financial reasons and her still being in the fight.

Events should be developing from these points of reference.

UPDATE: Per Don Surber, a canny observer of the political scene, re l'affaire Powell:

Confused? You are supposed to be. Sun Tzu said, "The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent."

Chill. The tumblers are about to fall into place, unlocking the mystery.


The signs all point to Democrats stole the election -- and screwed up by not following up down ballot.

As Silvio Canto Jr. wrote, "We learned who shot JR, but will we ever learn who voted for Biden?"


  1. This is also a way for Trump to break through the media censorship wall.

    Classic Trump, controlling the news cycle.

    1. Agree. Classic Trump. Look here not there. And they still fall for it. He is a master.

  2. Mark, did you mean Matt Braynard in second paragraph? Also sent email. No need to post this.

    1. I did--thanks! Not usually dyslexic. Will fix before taking my walk.

  3. Ok, Mark, per your instructions (above) I am asking myself why the DoD was involved in counting ballots, and why were they outsourced to a bankrupt company in Spain? And what’s up with the “hardware” that was secured? Secured by whom and where is it now? Thoughts? You are your commenters are essential reading during these fraught times.


  4. The flack also worked for Romney.

    And Mr. Establishment, Jeb! Tweeted a link from National Review on:

    How We Know Dominion Voting Machines Didn’t Affect the Election Outcome

    Interesting all the Never Trump individuals and organizations involved...

  5. I wonder why fraud is not being investigated in Va and Mn;

    1. I've been wondering the same thing. That's one of the things I found so irritating about Hinderaker criticizing Ramsland's very understandable mistake--some MN counties were mislabeled as MI. The correct response was not, hey, ignore Ramsland, but rather, wow! looks like it happened in MN too!

    2. One of the pages in the copy of Ramsland’s affidavit was missing. There were supposed to be 9, based on the numbering imprinted at the top (1 of 9, etc). But Pages 7 and 8 were identical. Was there a page from the original affidavit missing? If so, what did it say?

    3. The fraud was 50 states wide. Every state had a far larger number of absentee ballots than ever before, and I guarantee you the Democrats took full advantage of it.

      The reason they didn't cheat as much in the down ballot races is pretty simple- they wanted to drive a wedge between Trump and the other elected Republican officials, and it is working.

    4. If they expected to drive a wedge between Trump and the other elected Republican officials, I'll not stew much about it, until folks of the rank of Mitch start to bail.

  6. Sentence truncated? (on Widburg):
    "Toward the end of her full article we find. Again, we've all been discussing these observations and related ones...."

    On strong statistical indication about voter fraud, see Zman today, about how
    "we are being told that the vibrant and exciting Joe Biden, a man who could not win a primary, added 15 million new voters", enough to make up for DJT's adding to
    his vote, by 17% over his 2016 total.

    1. Common sense flowing from stats. Doesn't pass laugh test.

  7. Can we please start referring to these vote-altering formulas correctly? They are Al-Gore-ithums.

    ;-) Andy S.

    1. I found this gem on twitter:

      This time, the Dems used the Steal Dossier.

    2. I Upvote 2 hockey sticks for you both

  8. Doesn't Sidney Powell represent some "traitor" (well a traitor according to some third rate judge of a third-world banana republic judicial system) who circa 2014 was a registered Democrat and who at that same time was super high up in the IC and is it possible that this individual would have been "read in" on America's "contribution to elections world-wide" (cough cough). Would such a "traitor" know about secret servers? I remember reading (here I do believe) that this "traitor" knows "where the bodies are buried". Does this mean that the "traitor" also know where the un-dead hang out?


    1. Yeah, she does, Hugh, and I've wondered about that. It's not clear to me that he would have any involvements with such operations. DIA focuses on operational military intel. But, one never knows. Certainly he would be a valuable filter for SP, someone to run information past for evaluation, someone with contacts who might be able to help. Can't discount any of that.

    2. Uhm, that occured to me as well. In fact, it quickly evolved into such a wild conspiracy theory, I had to pich myself saying "you are going crazy".

      For the fun of it, here is how it goes.

      1. A certain administration for 8 years, pisses of military heads really bad, even fires some of their admired friends.

      2. A certain traitor, who used to be in the team manipulating puppet government elections, such as Erdogan in Turkey, since Bush times, gets fed up. He, with his friends use the "apparatus" and get Trump elected as "their man" to push the pendulum back to "normal".

      3. The apparatus was supposed to be configured to elect Hillary. She was supposed to be 15 points ahead already, as she claimed. But she loses the election, very narrowly (narrowly like the 2020 one later). Not being able to tell the world that a group of traitors turned the tables on her, Russians get picked as the scapegoat.

      4. Just before leaving, Obama, Brennan, Clapper and the rest of the gang set up bubbie traps and especially entrap the traitor.

      5. With impeachments, pee pee stories, tax accusations and all the other bullshit, 4 years pass. It was now "their turn". Preparing for the day of Nov 3rd for four years, cooperating with RINOs, bribing bureaucrats and using pandemic as the perfect shield, they steal the election.

      At least they tried.

      6. But there was a problem. During that fateful night, when votes were being counted and approaching to 100%, they realized something terrible. Trump's votes were above their expectations, fast running away beyond they can recover. They made a tough call, went ahead with cheating anyway, called Arizona, stopped counting in 4 swing states and pushed the button.

      7. Trump team hoped they wouldn't dare, because team's own internal polls showed a landslide. But they dared, because they knew in the second term they would be finished by Barr & Durham.

      8. Having no other options, Trump lets Powell the Kraken Master to release hell, accepting collateral damage onto himself and his team as well.

      And I think we arw3 about to see the Kraken this week.

  9. re different types of voter fraud:

    Apparently Stacy Abrams has been very creative - supposedly her group registered thousands of people with PO Box numbers as their home address, with descriptors such as "Unit #".

    Of course, PO Box numbers are invalid for voting purposes.

    The POBox companies were very busy in that area.

    Wonder how that would work - maybe using dead people?


    1. Stacey is still smarting because she lost her race for governor. Can’t admit she lost it; it has to have been stolen! She loves the limelight so will keep on doing whatever it takes to keep herself in it. Another Hillary.

  10. Mark, at New Neo's site in the last 2 days (in "Do Giuliani, Powell, and Ellis have the goods?"), there's been buzz about your site, with reader "Hubert" defending it, and "DNW" ripping it, esp. on your references to Housley, and ending with
    "Just ask “Mark”, the church going conservative witch hunter who was preaching up a storm here just recently."
    (Not sure if that means you, or some other "Mark".)

    Aside from that, DNW actually makes a worthy point, that
    "The path forward within the system for Republicans was clear in this year of uncertain ballot box integrity: refuse to certify. No Kracken required.
    The Wayne County, Michigan, Republican canvassers had grounds to refuse to certify...."

    1. Sorry, but the opinions of anonymous commenters on web forums do nothing for me. They are all over the map.

      We know that two of the Wayne County, MI, Republican canvassers have said they’d refuse to certify. One of the two has said that now he needs evidence to support that position:

      A Republican on the Michigan Board of Canvassers said he would vote to delay the certification of the state’s Electoral College votes if more information is provided.

      “I can vote yes or no on certification and I could vote to delay certification,” said Norm Shinkle, who is one of two Republicans on the board, reported Newsmax. “But before I do that, I need the evidence [of problems in the vote-count] and I need it in 48 hours.”

  11. I deny being a witch hunter--I've never been associated with Team Mueller in any capacity. I plead guilty to conservative churchgoing. I guess I'll survive.

    Re the "clear" path forward, I don't believe it's as clear as some people think. It assumes that Trump won't get sabotaged by GOPers. I would never, ever, make such an assumption.

    1. I'll bet that by "clear" was meant, in the legal/ Constitutional sense, granting that the GOPe would not play fair.

      That Neo thread also has reader Brian E., arguing that
      "As to Powell’s apocalyptic assertion that Dominion machines can manufacture votes at will, the Trump team distanced themselves, but possibly *too late*. This whole Qanon narrative is damaging to the case."
      Any thoughts?

    2. Thought 1: It's pointless to argue a theoretical issue when we're dealing with a real world situation. A theoretical path forward isn't "clear" unless it works in that real world situation.

      Thought 2: Powell isn't claiming that machines manufactured votes at will. She's claiming that software was used to adjust and manipulate vote totals which were then backed up with spurious ballots using various more traditional means of fraud.

      Labeling that a "Qanon narrative" seems to me to be a way of saying 'I totally disagree!' without having to present any real argument.

    3. "A theoretical path forward isn't "clear" unless it works in that real world situation."
      But, it may be helpful, for that path to clarify various players' options in that real world situation.
      In this case, to expose the GOPe failure to exploit available options.

      "Powell isn't claiming that machines manufactured votes at will."
      I suspected that there was some straw-manning by this "Brian", but I lacked specific knowledge of "what the Trump team distanced themselves" from, "possibly too late".

  12. Powell has funding separate from that of Giuliani and his team.

  13. Angelo Codevilla comes off with another lofty-sounding headline over a lofty professorial essay, and misunderestimates Sidney Powell’s knowledge of the law. That said, he makes a good point about “probable cause” that the media and the internet laptop lawyers need to read and absorb. Sidney doesn’t need the lesson. She is a fine lawyer. But she speaks to the masses via television. They only understand “proof”, “evidence”… Any evidence she has amassed will be very useful indeed.

    Fraud, Evidence, Proof, Power

    Sidney Powell and Tucker Carlson ignore the relationship that American law commands between evidence, proof, and power. They should be focused on probable cause, not proof.

  14. I have been perusing the entire Pennsylvania timestamped update list this morning in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Definitely noticing some rather unbelievable and very improbable things.

    For example- when you take Trump's percentage votes in a precinct, you can sort the sheet by that percentage high to low. Just now, I have been scanning the 0.1, 0.2, 0.25, and 0.4 to find out where such low integer ratios (for example, they are 1/10, 1/5, 1/4, 2/5 etc) hold. They are exclusively, so far, only in Philadelphia County, Montgomery County, Chester County, and Centre County, which just happen to be among the handful of counties Biden won. Of course, it is more likely to be found in such counties the ratios of 1/10, 1/5, and 1/4, but 2/5 is getting out the range of dense Democratic Counties, and you see that in distribution- all the 1/10ths were in Philadelphia, I think, and all the 1/5s were in Philadelphia and Montgomery, and only at 1/4 and 2/5s did Centre and Chester show up.

    Will update when I have done to the others, 0.5, 0.6, 0.75, 0.8 etc.

    1. I'll be interested to see your conclusions.

    2. See 0.5 below. On 0.6, there is one Trump County, Washington County with a precinct at this ratio, but 4 such precincts in Philadelphia County- no other counties.

    3. On 0.75 Trump percentage, only three unique precincts reports- all in Cambria County- another oddity that they all occur in the same county. This, of course, is a Trump County that he won with 68% of the vote, but it is still odd to see all three 0.75 examples from the same county. The odds of this happening are extremely remote- basically on the order to thousands to one at the very least.

    4. On 0.8- only two examples, one in Greene County again, and the other in our old friend Cambria County.

    5. What wouldn't surprise me is to learn that, in fact, votes were being skimmed from Trump, laundered through the 3rd parties, then redistributed with disproportionate amounts going to Biden. The counties still go to Trump, but Biden is getting votes from Trump. This is done in Trump counties because it's easier to hide there, it seems a bit more plausible to say that, hey, Biden did better than expected even if he lost the county. Meanwhile you cheat like hell in the big cities.

    6. There are no 0.90 Trump precincts.

      Here is the link to the sorted spreadsheet.

      I will warn you- it is probably better to get this into Excel on a workstation- manipulating it in a copied version on Google Sheets is a bit problematic due to the size (over 450,000 rows and over 3 million cells). But you should be able to scan the data I just did in the protected copy.

    7. Now looking at prime number ratios- the very first one I looked at 3/11- 3 examples, two in Chester County and one in our old friend Philadephia County. Will do 5/11 next.

    8. 5/11 shows up only in Washington County, Philadephia County, and an early vote count in Montgomery County. Let's do 3/7 next.

    9. 3/7, 6 examples- one in Cambria County again, one in Lehigh County, and four in Philadephia County. Again, all counties that keep showing up over and over and over.

    10. 7/13- only one example- Washington County shows up again.

    11. Oh, and 1/3- one example in Centre County, one example in Lehigh County, and 12 in Philadephia County.

      4/9, which, by the way is 0.444444etc. 1 in Lehigh County, and seven in, wait for it......Philadelphia County!

    12. 0.55, or 5/9 5 examples, one in Philadelphia County, one in Cambria County, one in Montgomery County, and one in good old Washington County again.

      0.666666etc. or 6/9 or 2/3 3 examples in Cambria County, 1 example in Centre County, 5 in Philadelphia County, 2 examples in Washington County.

      0.7777ect. 7/9 one example only, in Washington County.

      0.8888etc. 8/9 there are no examples!

      I could do 0.22222etc. and 0.1111etc., but they will be all in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties without me even having to look...................yep.

      Another thing, that does support Ed Solomon's analysis. As I was scanning these odd results, I also noticed the same cycling behavior- it was basically never the case where the time stamps kept adding the precincts- the ratios would hold for hours, then drop out as the precincts suddenly picked up a new set of votes- 1 to 3 at a time, but then the same county would get a new precinct or two that suddenly had the old ratio. You can see that if you scan, 0.3333 for example, but I noticed it over and over and over.

  15. So many more people have a dog in this hunt than they now realize or can comprehend. Politicians,having the computer vote, no longer need the black vote, the gray vote, the brown vote, the gay vote, the youth vote etc. All the groups the politicians have exploited, will no longer be needed. Maybe even money is no longer needed. Unbelievably dangerous territory.
    I continue to hope that the combined efforts of Sidney Powell and the various Trump Attorneys will be successful.
    On the topic of Ms. Powell's evidence, I have read various articles discussing the evidence of election fraud. To me, it appears a difficult topic to present as it hinges on math, statistics and computer science, topics that may not be easy to understand even for the well educated. ~Curious

  16. On 0.5- the only significant examples are found in Montgomery and Lehigh Counties, again Biden Counties. There were some from Green County, but it was a single precinct with 2 votes on November 4th!. That last thing is odd to me- will have to find that precinct on a later time stamp to see if it is still just 2 votes.

  17. Undeniable documentary evidence of Smartmatic’s origins and use in Venezuela (courtesy of wikileaks):

    1. Smartmatics website… including their players.

  18. The nuts and bolts of EC surveillance were transferred into DoD a few years ago and the core mission remains national security use of these resources. This mission is intended to be entirely covert at the highest level, and Powell's disclosures threaten that "sources and methods" secrecy mandate. My guess is that the servers in Germany were an NSA mirror site, which harvests and stores exact duplicates of EC traffic for designated regions (and likely included the Dominion servers in Spain). Likely Espers was fired because he opposed the Frankfurt seizure on the basis that it would reveal the scope of NSA's surveillance net. If the Good Guys are in possession of the Frankfurt server data and willing to use it in a legal proceeding, then it's game over for the Deep State's election fraud. My money is on Sydney.

  19. Ok, I might have made a big mistake- I thought the data scrape from Edison had all the Pennsylvania Precints, but I just looked- it seems to have only the counties I mentioned minus Dauphin County. There was a second spreadsheet in Solomon's link that might have been the one for the full state, will check it out later tonight.

    So, every comment I wrote above might well be meaningless.

    1. Wait--does this mean you're really Russ Ramsland and we should ignore EVERYTHING YOU SAY???

  20. No, I will have to try to see if anyone has scraped the data for the entire state. Sorry about that- I was working with a severely truncated data set and didn't realize it.


      That's PA sorted by Precinct then Timestamp


      Same thing in Google drive

  21. Who's on first?

    With apologies to the great commentators, I would like to return to the "Trump legal team".

    OK, so SP is not a member of the Team, but some sort of independent force of nature. I remain confused why the Team does not, publically and so far, show much interest in the statistical arguments and computer-generated fraud in this election. It isn't that we lack a history of fraud by the Democrat machine in previous elections.

    At the news conference last week, Joe DiGenova and Victoria Toensing were prominent attendees. However, I have not read anything about their role. Are they on the official Team, or not? What are they doing?

    On Saturday, there was an article on the Newsmax site that reported on Jordan Sekulow, son of Trump's personal attoney, Jay Sekulow. Jordan was quoted as saying "We have got lawsuits likely to be filed in Georgia on either Monday or Tuesday..." The lawsuits are to be filed in FEDERAL court(s) and reportedly deal with constitutional issues, including "equal protection under the law". Are the Sekulows part of the Team?

    In Andrea Widburg AT column of today, she includes a Tweet from attorney Lin Wood. He writes "We are fighting different legal battles [as SP] for the same clients - We The People." I recall that Lin Wood might have something planned for Georgia. I take his Tweet to indicate that he is not an official Team member.

    So, who's on first? We seem to have an official Trump legal Team with unspecified membership. This Team is augmented/re-inforced by a cadre of other (and big time) attorneys who seem to be working on different legal approaches to election fraud and ballot fraud.

    The grounds for challenging this election farce seem solid and convincing. I just wish I felt more optimistic. Our republic is at stake.

    Thanks Mark for your hard work on all of this. Thanks also to the commentators!

    Neil in SD

  22. Kevin McCarthy is just as bad. He had plenty of time to pass a replacement for Obamacare after the 2018 election, ran ads all over the country saying he would do it. He didn't do a damn thing during the lame duck session when he could have.

    May not have mattered because Senator McConnell is in the back pocket of Big Pharma and the insurance companies; plus; he and his wife's families have gotten very rich from the Chinese setting them up in the ocean-going cargo business.

    I think the Deep State fears Sidney Powell more than anyone else in the country.

  23. Honest layperson trying to sort things here: What do you and your readers think of Jordan Schachtel claiming that Sidney Powell's work can all be traced to a fraudster? Am I missing something here?

    1. I won't pretend to know much about Dennis Montgomery and his software. Nor will I question Jordan Schachtel's sincerity. Others will probably wish to weigh in on the issue, as I know some have strong opinions. However, I will note that he's never been convicted of anything. Someone who allegedly 'conned' DoD out of millions of dollars--and never convicted? Believe, if the government decides they want to convict someone, they usually do. Ask Michael Flynn.

    2. Same anon as OP for this sub-thread: thanks for responding, and pointing what should have been obvious to me! Similar to your post earlier today about industrial scale fraud, if the defrauding of the gov't occurred at that level, surely we would have heard about some sort of prosecution of this guy...

    3. I would add that if you spend the time working through the court case docs on Dennis you'll find that the government lost its proverbial arse in those cases.

      I'd also point to guys like William Binney and gals like Sibel Edmonds who have come under the exact same fire but have historically prevailed.

      When it comes to Dennis or really anyone you see so many guns blazing for. Go do your own research because there is probably a lot there to learn.

      I think Dennis's mistake was not making copies of his data before handing it over to the FBI or just dumping the files to begin with.

    4. From the article, Jordan scoffs at:

      "... there is a giant conspiracy involving the intelligence community, and that this network is hacking into a variety of entities, which includes “Texas Churches,” The Home Depot, and random pharmacies, to name a few..."

      "The CIA and other intelligence agencies are also spying on pro-life groups, pro-choice groups, random satellites in space, oil companies, and a never-ending list of “victims,” the website claims."

      Who doesn't believe CIA does spy on all these, and many more?

      That's what they do, as clearly shown the past 4 years.


    5. Turns out Snowden is the only person who really understood what what comes with being a whistleblower.

  24. Sundance, who I find frequently has interesting ears to ground in the funniest places. Has a curious take on the Trump campaigns disinvestment of Powell's work.

    It's about the Benjamin's, and maybe even more so the egos involved.

    1. Interesting take.

      The RNC does not understand who the MAGA voter is. Good luck with that.

    2. Trump laid golden eggs. Why they think killing off that goose made good political sense is anyone's guess. Have they been watching Fox's ratings? People won't forget this soon.

    3. Trump could start a new party. I think he could easily peel off 70% of the Republican party and 10% of the Democrats. He'll grow Democrat shares another 20% +/-once the rest of the workers and blacks realize that only his policies have truly represent their interests.

      I don't know that it will matter with the Dem control of vote counting, but it could make things interesting.

    4. I've been waiting on that to happen for a few decades. I was hopeful the teaparty would have been that exact ticket.

      I could never however decide if the teaparty was intentionally created by republicans as a controlled opposition to reel them back in. Or if it was organic and just completely naive to the forces that infiltrated it and switched it's direction.

      I could literally see that flip happening real time like a train wreck and it was painful.

      People however have 3 day amnesia when it come to politics and history.

      I had the same feeling when Trump was elected and I kept holding back waiting to see the same flip happen. It obviously never did so they decided to go for his throat and never stopped.

      Team Trump would be a good medium to start a new party from and regardless of what happens in the next two months I hope they do it.

  25. In reading some of the comments on Red State (Rush talking about Sidney) I am slightly taken back by the packing of public or general knowledge about Dominion software.

    One of the things Sidney is going after and talks about in the newsmaxx interview is the vote rounding decimal places. Specifically where you can weight a Biden vote to mean 1.25 and a trump vote to mean 0.75.

    I've known that for at least 5 years now, maybe longer but certainly well before the 2016 election.

    I ask myself how this is not known or common knowledge amongst others and am torn between the mainstream industrial media complex or the Dunning-Kruger effect.

    As an analyst all I needed to see or know was that the code allowed for decimal places where it's physically impossible for a individuals vote to be any less than a whole value.

    That type of data value be explained away by any means as a requirement to tabulation of the count.

    You don't need it further down stream for any purpose.

    You don't need it to calculate end percentages.

    It could just be lazy lack of thought in coding but the issue has been out there for so long and pointed out so many times that it could have been patched years ago.

    I believe Sidney is correct to call this a feature to the software.

    But it also runs me full circle in watching the media ask the repeated question... Where's the evidence? That question is all honesty is a psyops within it's self because the issue has been well covered by dozens of fronts from every political angle. Guys like Tucker Carlson should know this and so should Rush.

    1. If Sidney turns out to be blowing smoke then so be it. But, like you, I believe there is evidence that requires explanation.

    2. devilman's point (I think) is Dominion code is designed to change the vote numbers ("weighted voting"). Weighted voting would be legitimate in a corporate shareholder meeting where different people hold different numbers of voting shares, but in a public election weighted voting is election fraud.