Monday, November 16, 2020

An Inconvenient Truth

Shipwreckedcrew offers commentary on an Axios story from yesterday. It's certainly well worth reading--but with a caveat:

Trump Set to Expose Efforts of Chinese Government to Penetrate US Government and Public Institutions

Here's the gist of what the Axios article maintains:

If President Trump is not re-elected, he has no incentive to not make Joe Biden pay a price for the perfidy of himself, his family, and the Democratic Party with regard to the Chinese Communist Party.

Axios reported yesterday that sources within the Administration confirm that Pres. Trump will cement his legacy as having sounded the alarm about the malevolence of the Chinese regime in its attitude towards the United States by announcing a series of sanctions against the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army.

The announcement will be coupled with a report by Director of National Security John Ratcliffe calling on China to account for its record of human rights violations, espionage, and hegemonic intentions in East Asia and the Western Pacific Ocean.

He’ll try to make it politically untenable for the Biden administration to change course as China acts aggressively from India to Hong Kong to Taiwan, and the pandemic triggers a second global wave of shutdowns.

  • Watch for National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe to publicly describe in granular detail intelligence about China’s nefarious actions inside the U.S.

Details: Trump officials plan to sanction or restrict trade with more Chinese companies, government entities and officials for alleged complicity in human rights violations in Xinjiang and Hong Kong, or threatening U.S. national security.

  • The administration also will crack down on China for its labor practices beyond Xinjiang forced labor camps.
  • But don’t expect big new moves on Taiwan or more closures of Chinese consulates in the U.S., officials say.

National Security Council spokesperson John Ullyot told Axios, “Unless Beijing reverses course and becomes a responsible player on the global stage, future U.S. presidents will find it politically suicidal to reverse President Trump’s historic actions.”

But here's the inconvenient truth.

Regardless of whether Donald J. Trump won an historic landslide, the fact remains that a stunning number of US citizens don't really give a sh*t whether Joe Biden should be presumed to be for sale to the highest foreign bidders. A presumptive agent of foreign powers, including China. Even if that number of US citizen voters doesn't reach 50%, it's still an appalling percentage of the population. The evidence was there for all to see. And so many didn't care.


  1. I disagree. The media did such a hit job on the Hunter Biden laptop that even those who think they are informed are bound to have been fooled. They suppressed the story. NPR (which many believe to be biased but more-or-less accurate) admitted that it was not running the story. As word nevertheless began to leak out, NBC (or MSNBC, I can't remember)ran a story debunking something that sounded like the laptop story but was actually something completely different. When the public is bombarded with disinformation, it's hard to blame it for being misinformed and believing that the whole thing was some cooked up conspiracy theory.

    Andy S.

    1. @Andy S.
      Your point is valid, but overall Mark is correct. I saw a report on Redstate the other day that about 38% of Biden voters did not know about the Hunter laptop and the implications of Biden's connection to China. Of those 38%, only 13% would have changed their vote (and only a small number of them would have switched to Trump). 13% of 38% amounts to about 5% of Biden's total vote.

      So, yes, tens of millions of people would have voted for Biden regardless of his connections to China.

      So the MSM + Big Tech moved 5% of the popular vote to Biden.

      I think you can argue that they have moved even more of the vote AWAY from Trump by means of their slanderous coverage of him for four years, but that would be hard difficult to isolate and quantify beyond general politics.

    2. I agree with Mark, but understand your point Andy.

      The problem is even if you point folks to factual things like the massive abuse of Trump’s and his staff’s civil rights by the US government which includes his own Executive to this day (court revelations, FOIA documents by Judicial Watch, etc etc etc) they just do not care. Granted, I assert this due to anecdotal evidence, but it fits a lot of what how we see people act, react, and vote.

      Heck, even the massive violence by antifa and BLM is ignored. The media sure does downplay and ignore, but the info is also there even with a simple google search.

    3. It is up to us to inform ourselves about the Media we are “trusting” in addition to the “information” they are putting out. No, NPR is not assumed to be accurate and, yes, it is very biased - and has been for longer than many here may have been interested in the news. Watching/listening to MSNBC/NBC? Seriously? Why? I do blame those who do not inform themselves and with care. We must take care of the freedoms we enjoy with little regard for how they were obtained and how they have been maintained. Too many are like irresponsible children who take all that their parents did for granted and are shocked when they see their first bills for utilities…

      We don’t have to swallow the media’s “hit jobs” on things like the Hunter laptop. Or on anything else, for that matter. Otherwise we will be giving the media the same power that the state media has in countries like China.

      Find good reliable sources of information. Then use your own analytic powers and common sense, and question those sources as well.

  2. My parents were thinking poor Hunter with all his drug issues and were buying all the msm disinformation.

    Unfortunately their son gave them some samizdat.

    They were shocked how bad the corruption was. They had no idea.

    My Father is so proud of all the main stream news sources he reads. My point I make, with examples, is they are not reliable.

  3. It isn't the everyday civilians we should worry about not being concerned, but the worthless national 'news' media that would (and has) sold out this country for a political victory for their candidate. They have sunk to a level unimaginable since Trump entered office and are still going doing down.


    1. @DJL
      Yes, but more than looking out for their candidate. Look at who owns these media companies and how invested their parent companies are in China's good opinion. It's disgusting.

  4. Should have done this during the impeachment trial; and certainly NLT July. Also should have fired Wray and Haspel early this year. Would have saved himself and the Nation a great number of problems.

  5. "The evidence was there for all to see. And so many didn't care."

    Neo-Marxist indoctrination. Also known as our public education system.

  6. Lin Woods interview on NEWSMAX, wow!!! then hung-up phone after ratting on Peru, ect elections !!!

    1. "Ratting"on Peru?

      In order to "rat" on something/someone, one has to have been a participant in a scheme with the aforementioned something/someone. Was he?

  7. "And so many didn't care."

    Two minutes of hate and netflixxx are strong drugs.

    1. Half (IMO) the public doesn't engage in politics--they are passive recipients of media propaganda. Their busy lives are filled with putting food on the table for their family, and engaging in other responsibilities of life. And they accept media reporting because they have no time (or no way) to verify the information. They've grown up in a trust society and culture that accepts what's reported as trustworthy, with some skepticism reserved for possible contradiction. (Remember Reagan's diplomacy admonition, "Trust, but verify.")

      After that, it's Team Sport Politics--My team wins, your team loses. By any means necessary, including moving the goal posts and changing the rules.

      The goal of civilization is a life that isn't a permanent struggle of survival to avoid premature death. And that continuous political warfare isn't necessary because the rules of the process (constitution) have been agreed upon (consent of the governed).

      That human behavior hasn't been repealed, and the instinctual desire to dominate and rule others hasn't disappeared is humanity's defect that we all should be on guard against. Too many don't.

      Tocqueville warned, "The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money." The public gas been too happy to be bribed.

  8. If 2020 should have taught us anything, it is that China is a world-class villain, but that is not the public perception. The good news is that with every jolt to the public's complacency, be it the pandemic, the riots or the election theft, the confidence in established "truths" is being shaken loose. This is a process which, over time, will reverse public opinion dramatically. Vietnam took this country in a leftward direction that peaked with Obama, but Trumpism may be here to stay (whoever wins the 2020 election). Every extreme, nonsensical action by the Democrats creates more opposition to them. And yet they can't help themselves.

  9. Part of the ignorance (part) is tied directly to how social media, search engines and digital marketing work. We are at the end of the "long march through the institutions", so the numbers of those already indoctrinated into Communism I believe are the target population Mark describes.

    But its no coincidence that Facebook and Google are at their most profitable the same time the planet is about to tear itself in half.

    What I see in my Facebook 'news' feed isnt what Mark sees. What Mark sees isn't what Texasdude sees. What Tex sees isn't what Ray SoCal sees...and this 'model' is X 2.7 BILLION people a day.

    This 'personalized content' has patently established that there is no longer one truth, or an accepted reality...and the kick in the balls?

    This is a feature, not a bug.

    Facebook provides the platform that is BY DESIGN meant to divide people into groups, and they sell this data to anyone with a Yuan, who then pit the groups against one another.

    Well worth the time, check out 'Social Dilemma', ironically on Netflix. Its a documentary well worth the time.


  10. Sorry, slightly OT but I have to ask.

    Two days ago, lawyers in Trump team on Pennsylvania cases dropped out, with the excuse of they've been threatened.

    Then the next day, Pensylvania case was amended and refiled by Trump law team, which was originally filed by aforementioned lawyers.

    Doesn't that sound fishy? Could it be that mules or bad actors were discovered in the law team, and to avoid a bad scene they were forced to get out with the said excuse?

    If that's true, DNC and the remaining Demshevik leadership must be very well informed about what's going on.

    1. Sorry, not totally up on that. However ...

      I believe Joe diGenova was asked about that today on WMAL. His reply, if that was what he was asked about, was that basically the several Trump cases were consolidated for efficiency purposes and it would make no legal difference.

    2. It was reported that the lawyers who signed Trump's complaint were doxxed by the Lincoln Project (nice guys, huh?) and were being harassed as a direct result.

      Their dropping of Trump is a manifestation of cowardice, not likely a cover for dumping bad actors.

      Contrast the president's treatment with the fact that the terrorist in Guantanamo Bay received pro bono representation from top law firms throughout the country just a few years ago.

    3. Yep ...

      “ Since this case was filed, undersigned counsel has been subjected to continuous harassment in the form of abuse e-mails, phone calls, physical and economic threats, and even accusations of treason – all for representing the President of the United States’ campaign in this litigation,” wrote Kerns in her filing.”

      “Contacted about this message, Secretary Boockvar’s counsel first opined that despite the caller identification on the voicemail the call may not have been placed from Kirkland & Ellis. Confronted with the fact that the firm issues cell phones to its lawyers and it should be easy to check a directory to confirm that this number belongs to one of his colleagues, opposing counsel finally admitted that it did, but then excused the conduct by saying the lawyer (who works in the same office) does not work on this case or in litigation, and offering that the call was “discourteous” and apologizing for wasting time.”