Sunday, November 8, 2020

Small World


Developing: Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Is Chief Executive and Feinstein’s Husband a Major Shareholder at Dominion Ballot Counting Systems

Go figure, right?


  1. If you start chasing software companies and election equipment you'll find everyone from top dems to Soros and everything / one in between up to their eyeballs in the business.

    It's both scary because of the implications and conjecture because who really knows.

    It would seem to be a serious conflict of interest but it goes into a rabbit hole of private industry self moderation vs public elections and little to no moderation.

    Quite frankly the states paying for these systems should do a much better job of vetting out who they are contracting with and who's financing or sitting on what board. The state legislative bodies have the legal power to ensure it happens and prevent contracting with bias vendors.

    I keep poking fun at 2020 and Alex Jones / Infowars but they were covering a lot of this stuff in past 4-6 election cycles. I find it completely spooky the whole right side media reads like the Infowars main page at the moment. It's part of the reason Im withdrawing my brain from the reporting chaos and holding on exhibit filings in the courts.

    I need to see the meat and potatoes.

  2. Amazing how the same cast of characters keeps showing up in the various coup attempts.

    I was curious whom will make a repeat appearance in coup 5.0

    It would be very amusing if Durham had the same people in his sights from coup 1.0

    I think Antifa has better obsec than the coup 5.0 participants.

  3. Somewhat O/T, but nteresting general comments on the Lefty mentality (esp. its hyper-conformity), at :

    "The left’s flaw is a mile wide. No, seriously. We don’t see it, because we don’t fully understand them, the way they don’t understand us. We’re better at predicting them, but we look at them and go “How would someone get so fu**ed up.”
    ... what you need to GET this are two keys:
    a) They are more social than us. FAR MORE SOCIAL. They take their cues from where they *perceive the herd* to be. And they’ll accept all sorts of bizarre things, for the warm fuzzies of belonging.
    They’d rather be miserable with the group, than happy alone. They might not understand “happy alone.” (Even though they have an image of themselves as low heroes. ALL OF THEM. Go figure.)
    This is why there are no decentralized movements on their side. There must be a leader to follow. To be outside the group is their *biggest fear*.

    b) They never had to think about their positions. To stay on the left, because they’ve controlled the culture so long that to be on the left, all you have to do is coast along, taking what professors and authority figures tell you as *revealed* truth.
    This means their opinions are very *vulnerable*. We read their sites — though it needs blood pressure medication — but they want ours shut down, because they can’t stand any *intellectual challenge*, to a system they didn’t reason themselves into.
    And they can’t let go of the system, because it would destroy them to be *outside the group*.
    Their flaw is composed of exactly that. They *can’t imagine* anyone not acting like them. They think the things they do cause them to be liked, and belong, or to intimidate some horrifying — but always laughably weak — other.
    IOW they take themselves VERY VERY VERY seriously. They’re important people, doncha know. And the rest of us would be like them, if we were as smart as they are.
    Their biggest flaw is their self importance, their utter seriousness, and their stupid inability to see, that *others are different* from them.
    Look, Zombie Biden and his handler Roundheels McClownLaugh want to take us into — duh — a Chinese like system of credits and silencing, and gullags and the whole panoply of horrors of the Fascist mind....

  4. Typo: "but Interesting general...."

  5. "Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Is Chief Executive ... at Dominion Ballot Counting Systems"

    This is a joke, right?

    1. Clearly. But I'm long past tired of being the punchline of Washington's jokes — one of the principal reasons I voted twice for the human molotov.

  6. (Reposting an earlier comment)

    This interview of Ret Lt Gen Thomas McInernay cane out a day or two before the election (which is wierd). Sidney Powell appears at the very end to claim outright that they are going to take down Hammer/Scorecard. However, I thought it most interesting that McInerney claims they have the creators of this data manipulation system working on somehow tracing evidence of fraud.

  7. Sidney Powell, on Fox, said 450,000 ballots had only Biden’s name on it.

    Unbelievable the size of this fraud.

    Pelosi is the daughter of a Democratic bigwig in the Baltimore machine. So she grew up understanding how vote counting really worked in Democratic controlled cities.

    I wonder if she updated the Democratic tactics to controlling the software and hardware that do vote counting?

    And it’s escaped notice because nobody before Trump was willing to got to the mattresses?

  8. "Unbelievable the size of this fraud."

    And that's what will bring them down.
    Prior to this, they only had to cheat a little bit, change only a few votes to win, and it could be hidden.

    This time, Trump got so many votes, they had to cheat massively, which is unable to stay hidden.


    1. I think the sheer massiveness of this will be a big factor in their undoing.

    2. But Sidney Powell said LEO's are not investigating the matter, so looks like no prosecution. Director Wray will have none of it.

    3. I don't think she actually says that. My recollection is that whenever she's asked why Barr isn't doing anything she always says things like 'I don't know' or 'I can't answer that.' And of course, they wouldn't tell her anyway. The other night Lou Dobbs told her the FBI was involved in Michigan and she simply said she was glad to hear it.