Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Trump Clarifies--Somewhat

It appears that President Trump himself is still on the Dominion case--it's not just about absentee ballots and technical violations of voting laws:

Back on Saturday, Trump also retweeted a three part report on Dominion that ran on OANN. The report is actually quite interesting and becomes especially so in the second and third parts. For example, one very precise explanation for how there could be vote 'dumps' that were 138K for Biden and 0 for Trump is offered by an expert consultant. The report also digs into the background of top Dominion employees--including the now somewhat notorious Antifa supporter, Eric Coomer (sorry for embedding Part 2 twice):

No, this isn't a full explanation of where Trump is at on vote/election fraud and the role of Dominion. Nor is there any mention of servers overseas, Venezuela, etc. However, the videos do make clear what others have--that the possibility for remote manipulation is a feature of the Dominion system. It's not a glitch.


  1. Did you see this MI Supreme Court case?

  2. This claim about election fraud is disputed

    The claim that Biden has won the election is disputed too.

  3. Thanksgiving is in two days. Nothing significant will get done until Monday, November 30. The Electoral College is scheduled to vote on December 14.

    In my view, the only way to derail the process into the US House of Representatives is to present overwhelming evidence that massive numbers of votes were manipulated by computer.

    For example, someone in Frankfurt would have to confess that he had done so and would demonstrate his method, on a computer that had been seized by the US Government.

    That has been my fantasy.

    If my fantasy were to come true, however, I think I would be seeing more indications by now that there is any such confession or any such seized computer.

    So, I expect that Trump's team only will be able to demonstrate plenty of voting fraud. That is worth doing, but I expect that the Electoral College will vote on December 14.

    1. Fair enough, Mike. Sidney has said that she hopes to file her first case by Friday. If those systemic issues aren't raised at that point ...

    2. Per Lin Wood she's filling tomorrow

  4. In October 2019 James Sneeringer, PhD, did an examination and evaluation of Dominion’s Voting System for the Secretary of State. His report is very detailed (linked below) and he arrived at these conclusions:

    I like the idea of using COTS components to save
    taxpayer money, and Dominion has done a good
    job of finding COTS components and minimizing the number of custom components.

    Nevertheless, I cannot recommend certification. Computer systems should be designed to prevent or detect human error whenever possible and minimize the consequences of both human mistakes and equipment failure. Instead the Democracy Suite 5.5-A is fragile and error prone. In my opinion it should not be certified for use in Texas.

    If certification should be granted, it should be with the condition that all open network and USB ports be sealed.

    His full report:

    1. You have to suppose that a system that may be prone to human error would also be vulnerable to malicious human activity. Certainly the expert in the OANN videos makes it perfectly clear that this is entirely possible--not via weaknesses in the system but via features. And once the system is connected to the internet the increase drastically.

    2. Is it too much of a leap to believe that unscrupulous state leaders in our country would choose this system because they wanted those features? I don’t have trouble doing it…

    3. Sign me up for that assertion re corrupt state leaders. The Pa, House and Senate are controlled by Republicans and control election procedures while Philly has been stealing elections forever. Incompetence and stupidity or corruption? The question answers itself.

  5. I expect we will see some Downfall videos where Hitler is in the bunker, still planning his counter-attacks. The English-language subtitles will parody Trump still expecting to get proof that Dominion stole the election.

    My gallows humor.

    1. I rather like an opposite meme ... Biden as Hitler, in his bunker, with his mask on,, declaring, "we won the election!" as we see the dominion bomb falling towards him ...


  6. I must admit that I am reading this blog since election night. I am from Austria and I like texts straight down to the point. I was reading all court files and affidavits - first PA, later on others and I fell over your blog here. A fantastic wording and a clear mind.

    Alreading when reading the PA file (equal protection) - I thought.. WOW that will be hard to get to the average people. The majority of the people do not understand what this is and less what it means if it is violated. I hoped for the spin and it came with Sidney Powell. I saw her first interview on newsmax and was fascinated. She is a true person and the way she has presence it is just fascinating.

    Then the KRAKEN came -- and all were not only fascinated by the word -- but also to find out what that creature is.. I guess that was getting Your Tucker into trouble.

    Now we now it is like Delta Force, a special Unit. Now it is getting even better, because people love this kind of story. People understand this - if a special unit is involved in securing forensic evidence, then the puplic will discuss... and even CNN and FOX will have to discuss it. They cannot ignore it.

    And today Linn Wood came along with shredding videos... and a filing for video evidence of that mysterious water leak in election night.

    And now Trump and his legal team got all attention. And people will believe and want believe and do believe that fraud happend.

    I wish you all ( American people ) that this fraudulent result of an election finds a swifty end. We do need Trump too. He tames our European socialists too.

    1. Thanks, Carmen--it's nice to get a non-US perspective. I don't doubt that Trump offered hope to to Europeans suffering under socialist elites.

  7. OANN is now a victim of news suppression. This, on Covid19, but it effectively shuts them out during this critical election challenge period.

    YouTube Suspends Far-Right News Network OANN Account for One Week, Citing COVID Misinformation
    Video platform also demonetizes pro-Trump media outlet for repeated violations

  8. (I didn’t know where to put this)

    I will assert this and some of it Is obvious ...

    If Trump is successful, massive violent “protests” will occur, possibly physically assaulting the White House itself.

    The media, including Fox News, will claim a coup.

    Trump will have to use the military to quell, feeding into the media’s claims of a dictator.

    To me that’s best case.

    Worst case ...

    Military fractures, upper eggs on hats majority pro-biden. Lower level officers break mostly, along with those enlisted willing, for Trump.

    Worth it? Yes, sadly.

    Hopefully, my best case happens, but better.

  9. Sadly, Fox is reporting, that multiple sources claim DJT to be leaning toward a Flynn pardon.
    If so, it looks like a sign of surrender.

    1. It’s all he has. It appears Sundance was initially correct before he actually encountered the powers that be. Yep, even Sundance has been neutered.

    2. He can do that on the last day

    3. Sundance posited that Barr was hired to protect the uniparty/deep state. I, along with legion, stated otherwise. Sundance went on his mission where he got religion.

      Note, Sundance is conspicuously silent on this since he paid for those binders.

      Yeah, it’s beyond common sense, but Barr, other than rhetoric, has delivered what?

  10. Again, don’t know where to put this ...

    Sanity ...