Saturday, November 21, 2020

UPDATED: The Frankfurt 'Raid' And Related Matters

Adam Housley reports on what he has been able to learn from three "solid" sources:

One of the claims by Powell I have looked into...the claim a location was raided in Germany with servers. I have 3 sources on this...all as solid as they come. Here is what I have found: 

1.There is/was a clandestine location in Frankfurt run by CIA used to monitor/manipulate elections around globe.

2.That location did have servers & a front company as cover.

3.I cannot confirm the location was tied to U.S. elections.

4. One source says raided, 2 don't know. 

So, the sources seem to be saying that Scytl was a CIA front company and they definitely confirm that the CIA in Frankfurt was manipulating elections around the world. Of the three sources, when queried regarding the "raid," one said, "I know about that--it happened." The other two said: "We don't know. whether it happened or not" Note that well. One said, "Yes, I have knowledge and it's true." The others simply said, "We don't know." Not to belabor the obvious, but that's not a denial of an event, it's a denial of knowledge about an alleged event. It's not even an expression of skepticism.

The more we hear about all this, the more it sounds like a professional intel operation. All the evidence that's been accumulating and is now being presented on the internet--how does that happen without the knowledge of key components in our IC? Especially when those IC agencies have been working with the same companies to manipulate elections around the world? Try reading this thread: Dominion Voting Systems (DVS) and the Author who created Scorecard in the Serbian team for DVS. Tell me if it doesn't smell like a professional--i.e., State run--intel operation, using sophisticated techniques to conceal the identities of operatives.

UPDATE: In case anyone is interested, here is how I see the "raid" in Germany going down. I wrote this as an email earlier. Of course I may be wrong, but to me it makes sense:

Trump/Barr come to the decision that the CIA/Scytl servers must be obtained for purposes of a national security investigation involving the election--obviously, not simply for the Trump campaign. I assume that, since manipulation of foreign elections is a very sensitive operation, for the sake of security the servers are located on a US Army facility (NOT an overt CIA facility).

Having come to the decision, Barr drafts up whatever legal process is required for the FBI to take possession of another USG agency's property--possibly against their will. The FBI will be used to take possession of the servers because they're the lead investigative agency on such matters (DIA only handles intra-military matters). Barr also arranges with the SecDef to grant the FBI base access and support and to have the servers transported by military flight to the US. From wherever they land, the servers are then taken to the FBI's forensic computer lab in Quantico--possibly by USMC vehicles, since FBI Quantico is located on a USMC base.

Trump or a trusted designee sends the paperwork to Amb/Germany with instructions to order the FBI to take possession of the described servers. The FBI agents are also given a point of contact at the Army facility in Wiesbaden--since the FBI has no authority to simply barge onto a military facility and conduct a search and seizure. The FBI is also probably told that any questions may be addressed to Barr and to nobody else--or possibly a trusted aide.

The FBI in Germany follows the instructions and orders they receive from the Ambassador and take custody of the servers. The "raid" will appear to have been led by the military, but the FBI agents will have been present throughout and will be the ones who take official possession of the servers. FBI agents from Germany also accompany the servers on board the military flight and all the way to Quantico--with the FBI agents maintaining custody the whole way.

At some point I suspect that a copy is made of all the servers--just in case. Who would have custody, I'm not sure. But not Chris Wray or Gina Haspel.


  1. "Tell me if it doesn't smell like a professional--i.e., State run--intel operation...."

    We live in the an age that will be remembered as the end of the transitional century between Westphalian sovereignty and the post-Westphalian order of the Universal Corporate Superstate (aka Globalist New World Order). The "Great Reset" has already been focus grouped as the most marketable catchphrase for the actual, historical inflection point. I think this is what J. E. Dryer is talking about in her Uranium Jerky series. We have reached a place where the nation state no longer holds a monopoly on intelligence or violence, and certainly not wealth. The actors mirror, merge, interact, and disperse in such a manner as to make it utterly opaque as to who works for whom and to what end.

    Davos Man owns, or controls, fully 98% of all the wealth of humanity. Governments are always eager to "partner" with business to the point that which is the Yin and which the Yang becomes a genuine conundrum.
    Tom S.

  2. There was also a report (Epoch Times? wish I could recall) that Dominion was folding offices and its employees were running for cover, deleting themselves at LinkedIn and so forth.

    Here is an article about it that appears to be sourced to InfoWars. It does talk about Serbia and show screenshots that all of Dominion’s software engineers are located in Serbia. FWIW:

    Election software company scrubbing information from internet
    Screenshots show over 100 employees of the controversial voting machine company Dominion have deleted their LinkedIn profiles.
    On November 6th, the LinkedIn page for Dominion showed 243 employees on the site and by November 16th, only 140 remained.

  3. So, to repeat Sidney Powell’s question: “Why is Gina Haspel still at the CIA?”
    And what was she doing paying a visit to Mitch McConnell’s office on Nov. 10, presumably right before the server was seized?


    1. The elected officials aren’t really in control anymore.

      That’s the whole point of rigging elections.

  4. Breaking News!: Kamala D. Harris failed to disclosure her relationship to Sir Nigel G. Knowles, her husband Douglas C. Emhoff’s former boss at DLA Piper Plc (London, UK).
    Sir Nigel is a fellow director of SGO Smartmatic with Lord George Mark Malloch-Brown that controls NV, WI, PA, GA, MI, WI voting machines from Dominion, Smartmatic, ES&S, Sequoia, Premier, Diebold and OpTech voting machines responsible for the massive 2020 voting fraud.

    These undisclosed Harris-Emhoff relationships are prima facie ethics fraud and disqualify Kamala Harris from running for dog catcher
    The British Pilgrims Society-planned Coronation?

    Nigel Graham Knowles. (Dec. 30, 2008). Knight Bachelor, New Year Honours–United Kingdom, Supplement No. 1, No. 58929. London Gazette.

    Press Release. (Nov. 24, 2014). Mark Malloch-Brown and Antonio Mugica launch SGO [with Sir Nigel Knowles a founding director]. Smartmatic (London, UK). Note: This page was removed today, on Nov. 21, 2020 on the Smartmatic website.

  5. Another thread about Dominion and the connection to Serbia...

    Serbia, Soros, CIA, color revolution, Petraeus, Clinton of course...

    Note one of the links in the thread:

    "As I have anticipated in the article I wrote on the eve of the election, Donald Trump will win the US Presidential election convincingly, but the key events will play out after the election because the deep state will try to steal the election and overthrow Trump in the streets..."
    "The deep state was shocked by Trump’s victory in 2016 and they simply didn’t have the time to organise a violent overthrow of a newly elected President, but now they are most certainly well prepared. In 2016 they have stolen 11 million votes, but it simply wasn’t enough. Now, they are prepared to steal much more; 30 million fake IDs were manufactured, mostly in China, the rest in Balkan countries..."


    1. Finally got around to reading. Quite fascinating.

  6. Aaaaaand in case anyone wants a very respectable narrative, see this post by Bookworm. It includes about a dozen links to pieces about the analytics of the fraud.
    The analogy to the Sorcerer's Apprentice is quite apt.

    1. The Bookworm article is a nice summary.

      For me, a lawyer and very much a believer in the genius of our Constitution and of the rule of law, I simply cannot imagine anything worse (more criminal, more immoral) than the stunts Hillary Clinton and friends have pulled over the past four years to attempt to destroy Trump and the will of the people.

      School shooters, Bernie Madoff, the Unabomber, 9/11...What else? To me nothing comes close.

      Yet, there have been no Durham indictments, Schiff nearly pulled of an impeachment, and unless Trump's legal team can pull the rabbit out of the hat, they will have brazenly stolen this election. And if they do the future is nearly unimaginable...

      And some portion of America (Dems) thinks its all okay...

      WTF. Words fail me.

    2. Anyone care to give/ take odds, of Durham indictments before EVs are counted next month?
      If we see such busts, I'll guess they'd make a big diff to SCotUS, even if not officially.

    3. Cassander, well said, exactly what many of us are feeling. Odds on indictments? Zero. The Democrats and their henchmen in DOJ/CIA/DOD/State Dept are NEVER indicted.

    4. Up Vote on the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!

      My brain hurts from all of this, I don't see our country navigating from where we've fallen to any type of safe harbor anymore.

  7. Thanks, Mark, for your articles on this subject.

    1. Yeah ditto on that!!!!

      I never feel like I can say it enough. THANK YOU MARK for sharing a place with us to sift through the crazy while managing to keep the crazies at bay!

      It's busy busy busy I'm sure!!!

    2. Thanks. I've been a bit burned out today. It's a matter of trying to stay informed while trying to write from a perspective that's different from other sites and without simply regurgitating technical detail from lawyers like SWC or the internet researchers that are being posted elsewhere.

    3. Mark, hopefully some of what we do here helps recharge your batteries.
      I'm sure many here would be delighted to entertain any tips from you on this.

  8. It seems to me that one way to verify the election fraud would be to examine the data in those Congressional districts that flipped. Maybe also compare John James Senate loss's numbers with Trump's numbers in Michigan.

  9. You are missing one thing.
    Sidney Powell after the raid referenced "releasing the Kraken” The Kraken a relational data base link analysis software program.

    – and not just any program. It is not a CIA program either. Kraken is a DOD cyber warfare program that tracks and hacks other systems to acquire evidence of what can only be termed “nefarious actions” of other nations & enemies of America.
    The 2020 electon fraud investigation started Nov 23rd 2016 When Adm Mike Rodgers of the NSA visited Trump at Trump Tower without Obama knowing. Rodger resignd for the NA the 24th. Also on the 4th Trump moved his transition team out of the bugged Trump Tower.
    IN 2018 Trump signed off EO 13848 – the MSN wasn’t interested – of course. Read and you will see that the EO is the most powerful plan of action possible for the current events – Call it a business case for results

    It's a DOD investigation
    Designed to draw out Americas enemies both domestic and Foreign - is it working?

    1. You really think DoD in on Trump's side? Even with his new team at the top I doubt it.

    2. i thought the Kraken is the 305th military intel battalion. MacInerney said as much.
      Seems if they had any monitoring in place for the machines that were internet connectd - trump has the basis for triggering the state of emergency referened in the 2018 EO - and then he may be a ble to go qafter the people in the judiciary and the rest of the govt or media that has been pushing misinfo - all of the cases that were called out in the EO. It will be massive news idem- they will scream he's a authoritarian, but they cried wolf long enough that people may just be ok with it

  10. mark wauck, is it possible that there is a framework in which monitoring domestic elections is a mandate for intelligence operatives and that a specific team has been assigned the general task of doing so through electronic surveillance? Yes, prolly is documented someplace and provides cover.

    As for reaching into domestic elections, that would clearly be unconstitutional, however, how close is surveillance and reaching in, in terms of the ease of relenting to such a temptation? Very close, prolly.

    If the IC has been infiltrated, then, what I described as a temptation becomes THE MISSION and so a little nudge here and a little nudge there and we were off to the races. Then we have entered a battlefield of blackmail, coercion, and who the hell knows what else, as deeply embedded in a nearly autonomous power source within our own government. And so that would siphon off all kinds of funds leading to another layer of laundering and dealmaking.

    The election fraud is only a surface presence of the surveillance state come to full bloom.

  11. i have a theory:
    Trump got a lot of judges in, but many activist judges remain and some of the appointed ones may well be turncoats. So there is a problem if what you are after is to remove the opposing faction from the judiciary, so perhaps you create a "sting" of sorts where you force them to expose themselves and acquire liability by supporting some seditious effort that is clearly illegal - but no clear statute exists
    2018 Exec Order declared a state of emergency regarding foreign interference and the various penalties allowed for those involved in it.
    2020 Elections kick off, even tho the system is in blatant violation of the rules- internet connected, observers blocked, stolen USB cards etc...
    NSA monitors the IP traffic- establishes certain foreign actors connected to machines along with some domestic.
    Lots of lawsuits started- and repelled by questionable reasons by judges pushing the limits of their authority
    Once evidence of foreign access is publicised- you have the reason to operate the emergency powers in the EO.
    You go after a lot of opposition agents in the judiciary, with military justice rather then civil.