Thursday, November 26, 2020

Newt Gingrich: Their Sloppiness Will Be Their Undoing

Terrific article by Newt Gingrich: The Thieves Who Stole Our Election Got Sloppy. I hadn't heard about this--everything that went on in Pennsylvania. Gingrich covers a number of illegalities in this article, of which I've selected one very important one. Note that Gingrich gives credit to The Thomas More Society's Amistad Project--which has intervened in Wisconsin and Georgia, so far. It appears that they've been active nationwide, and for some time have anticipated The Steal. They also appear to be working closely with Matt Braynard--as I've previously mentioned. I stress that point because it shows that the Amistad Project isn't just a couple of lawyers winging it. They've got some really solid organizational backup that's feeding them explosive data.

Before we get to Gingrich, I want to interject a bit from Don Surber's Election theft and the Audacity of Evil--highly recommended! Surber is looking at the BIG picture, while Gingrich will provide us with some stunning detail. Surber observes, commenting on Gingich's second paragraph (below):

These people were good enough to plan and execute a heist involving 10 million ballots in 11 key states (the six they swiped plus their failed attempts in Iowa, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas; why do you think Fox was so slow in calling those last two states).


To that list I would add Virginia and Minnesota. It's hard to overemphasize what Surber and Gingrich (below) are saying. The Steal was operating on a mammoth scale combining the efforts and huge monetary backing of politicians and private actors.

Surber continues:

They could have done so stealthily. Instead they wanted to get caught. They wanted to rub their theft in the noses of their opponents. This is an act of political sabotage. Like all terrorist acts, the perpetrators want full credit.

The left already has caused Americans to lose faith in the press, in the government, and in science. Donald John Trump gave us one last hope in that we could defeat Satan at the polls.

This year, his minions took that away from us.

My guess is they have been stealing elections for years. Perhaps they underestimated President Trump in 2016.

And he concludes:

They want this to be the last free election. They wanted to be caught because that demoralizes the opposition.

Only one person stands between them and mission accomplished, and President Donald John Trump won't stand down.

God won't let him.

We will see in the next few weeks what the Supreme Court decides to do with this blatant election theft.

Next up is Newt. In line with what Surber maintains, the brazenness of The Steal is breathtaking. Each state was a bit different, depending on particular circumstances. What's remarkable is how brazen Dems were in PA, even with a GOP legislature:

Laziness leads to sloppiness, and sloppiness is how the most brazen heist in American history is being exposed.

Stealing the 2020 election was a mammoth undertaking, involving widespread lawlessness and illicit partnerships between private actors and public officials. They’ve been working to cover their tracks since Election Day, but they didn’t work fast enough. Now, the courts need to stop them from destroying any more evidence so that the people of Pennsylvania—and the rest of the country—can accurately assess the ramifications of their wrongdoing.

Explosive new litigation filed in federal district court on Nov. 21 details and documents a wide variety of illegal practices that were used to inflate the number of votes received by Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, including disparate treatment of voters based on where they live and outright manipulation of Pennsylvania’s voter registration system by partisan activists.


That’s not the only way Democrats broke the law to give their candidate an unfair advantage, though. Extensive on-the-ground investigations conducted over the past year and a half by attorneys and investigators with the Amistad Project of the nonpartisan Thomas More Society have uncovered another element of the plot that involved even more egregious behavior.

Boockvar also exceeded her authority by granting private, partisan organizations—including the notoriously pro-Democrat group “Rock the Vote”—access to the Commonwealth’s Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors (SURE).

“Rock the Vote’s web tool was connected to our system, making the process of registering voters through their online programs, and those of their partners, seamless for voters across Pennsylvania,” the lawsuit quotes Boockvar as saying.

That’s not supposed to happen. It’s one thing for outside groups to submit registration applications to the state on behalf of would-be voters, but election clerks are the only ones who are supposed to enter this sort of information directly into the records.

It’s easy to see why by inspecting post-election voter lists, which contain names such as “Mary April Smith,” followed by “Mary May Smith,” “Mary June Smith,” “Mary July Smith,” and so forth through the rest of the calendar. When the same voter lists were purchased just a week later, however, those suspicious names had mysteriously disappeared from the rolls.

Under the circumstances, that’s direct evidence of a systematic effort to conceal wrongdoing. All further alterations to the SURE system should be immediately halted to allow a thorough investigation of the records before any more evidence can be destroyed.

The thieves who attempted to hijack the 2020 presidential election were bound to slip up somewhere, and now they’re trying to clean up the glaring evidence of their wrongdoing before the full extent of their crimes can be exposed to the American public. We can’t allow that to happen, or we may never be able to trust the integrity of our elections again.

This Thanksgiving, pray that I'm right in my estimate of the mettle of the New SCOTUS. Then maybe on January 20 we can sing the Te Deum.


  1. The more people involved in a conspiracy, the easier it to prove it. Add in the in-your-face arrogance and sloppiness; it was inevitable that they would be found out.

    It is now to the point that even most corrupt judges will not be willing to be associated with it regardless of their political leanings, but there will be a few.

    I suspect we will be seeing a number of 9-0, or 8-1 rulings at the SCOTUS. The wise Latina might be a holdout.

    It will be very interesting to see which Democrats in Congress will be implicated. Shumer, Pelosi and their leadership teams had to know. The future DOJ and FBI Directors, Powell and Grenell will be indicating them.

    1. I want to know how many of the media knew.

      Rob S

    2. I think the entire senate intel committee is compromised.

  2. "If more than one person knows something, it ain't a secret."

    Words to remember.

    1. Russian proverb: The maximum number of people who can keep a secret is three...and that is if two are dead.

  3. "The left already has caused Americans to lose faith in the press, in the government, and in science."

    It's a win-win for the Dems.

    Even if they "lose", they've managed to cast as much doubt as to the legitimacy of Trump as they managed in 2016.

    So let's be prepared for another few years of "resistance", and a couple years of riots, at a minimum.


    1. "Even if they 'lose', they've managed to cast as much doubt as to the legitimacy of Trump as they managed in 2016."

      That's just it, isn't it? The Dems have set up a scenario that Trump is harmed either way. The ONLY way to address this is to arrest anyone who committed crime. Meanwhile, we're still waiting for justice from what the Dems did to hamstring Trump the first time around.

    2. @ Frank

      We conservatives are so naive and oblivious at times. We get so focused on the battle right in front of us that we miss the bigger strategem.

      As you say, the larger strategy of the Left is a win win. They are following a Gramscian and Cloward/Piven strategy aimed at collapsing all institutions and values that hold our society together. Remove certitude. Sow doubt and fear.

      How does this election play out? The Transition Integrity Project mapped it out. Should President Trump prevail in either the courts and or the House, the Left will implement their TIP plan to foment insurrection and maximum chaos including the threatened secession of California, Oregon, and Washington (along with others you can be sure). Their aim is to ratchet up the pain while using all their mass media to demand Trump's concession/removal, to the point that they can eventually call on the military to remove him.

      So let's not have any illusions here. The current battle over fraudulent elections is just that-- a battle. The first battle. It will not end there. We had better be thinking and planning ahead for the battle to come, the Left's plan B to take power by force. Thankfully the President is thinking ahead. His removal of Esper and the realignment of SOC to Miller were strategic moves. The US military will inevitably be dragged into this fight. If we're lucky there will not be a split in loyalty a la 1930s Spain.

      On the positive side, if our republic puts down this rebellion there is real hope of a golden age where a party (GOP or perhaps new party) will forge a broad coalition of voters who will dominate politics and allow the deep reforms needed.

    3. "will forge a broad coalition of voters who will dominate politics and allow the deep reforms needed."
      We could hope for, not only a broad coalition of voters, but also of (segments of) those elites, who are at least ambivalent about the Dems'/ MSM scorched earth moves (starting w/ RussiaGate ploys).
      Such elites would be mainly moderate liberals, and "never-Trump" righties, esp. in DoD and DS bureaucracies.
      Such folks would likely be horrified by any Lefty bid, to produce a split in loyalty a la 1930s Spain.

    4. As for the strategy aimed at collapsing all institutions and values, Barr's failure to get Durham to bring "fireworks" looms large.
      Such fireworks could do much to clarify the magnitude, of the threats to such institutions and values.
      The lack of such (heralded) fireworks likely emboldens the Left, to continue to deploy these Gramscian and Cloward/Piven strategies, and intimidates many of the Left's foes, who had by now expected to see such fireworks.

  4. It's my feeling the riots will have a different feel if they move from their usual stomping grounds. Try varying the location to the suburbs or rural and the "resistance" they meet will a horse of a different color.

    1. It won't be antiFa, it'll be Feds trying to enforce "consent" decrees, housing regs, etc.

    2. Might want to study insurgencies.

  5. "why do you think Fox was so slow in calling those last two states"

    What is this saying? Does it mean Fox knew what was going on and was waiting to see if they could pull it off?


    1. That's the clear implication as I read it. The question then is, What specific individuals can be included as "Fox."

    2. The running hypothesis is that Fox, along with the rest of the MSM, were slow to call Trump victories so that Biden would always appear to be in the lead.

      It's just a small part of the virtual reality being foisted on the nation: when controversy arises, as it has, no one can point to a moment when a Trump lead in the electoral college was flipped to Biden. (Expect this to be a big MSM talking point if Trump is successful in overturning the fraud in enough states to flip the election.)

      I don't believe it requires us to believe that Fox was in on the overall fraud strategy. It's enough that they bought into the polls and Democrat framing of how the flow of the election would proceed, with Trump ahead on election night and Biden coming back via the mail-in votes.

      As to the question of individuals...We need to recognize that Fox's 'coming out party' doesn't require believing that they were or are now leftists like CNNBCBSABC or that a lot of individuals needed to be in on it. They are anti-Trump, pro-Globalist; in other words, GOPe. This is coming from Robert Murdoch and Paul Ryan.

      The actual implementation of the election night reporting shenanigans was engineered by the Decision Desk under the leadership of the Democrat Clinton supporter who was brought on board for that purpose. He was likely to have been privy to the larger scheme, and I'm assuming that that hire was orchestrated to some degree by RM or PR, who also would have been privy.

      As for the rest of non-primetime Fox News, they have been trending more and more anti-Trump for most of Trump's presidency. Chalk that up to whatever internal cultural dialog has been occurring under the aegis of RM and PR.