Friday, November 27, 2020

Moderate Dog? Manchurian Dog!

President Trump famously used to refer to the erstwhile "Maddog" Mattis as "Moderate Dog"--having, unfortunately, taken the measure of the man only after Mattis had been confirmed as SecDef. Now we learn that he's even worse--he's a shill for the Red Chinese. It's the Obama military. Via Don Surber:

Just the News reported, "In an online column denouncing President Trump's "America First" policy that includes measures regarding Beijing, ex-Defense Secretary James Mattis did not disclose his affiliation with an organization that fosters international business deals with communist China.

"As coauthor with three other writers in a Nov. 23 Foreign Affairs column, Mattis did not mention that he works for the The Cohen Group consulting firm. Nor did he challenge China's tough talk against U.S. policies regarding Taiwan, nor the strict economic retaliation Beijing levied against Australia.

"Instead, Mattis criticized Trump administration policies toward Beijing. Such policies, touted by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, are not in line with The Cohen Group's approach toward international business dealings with Beijing."

 There are, unfortunately, plenty more left like Mattis, still in the military.



  1. "Baddog" is closer to the mark.

  2. Most of Maddis's popularity and cult-like following came from a group of hard-core quotes attributed to him that went viral. What didn't circulate, is that most of those quotes originated from Chesty Puller, USMC, who was the Real Deal! Chesty was an ultimate Marine's Marine, most active in WWII, especially Guadalcanal. If you're not familiar with him, search on line. Mattis was dishonest not to give credit where credit was due. To this Marine brat, Mattis is as annoying as McRaven. Once they set out to profit from their 'service,' it's no longer service.

    1. I read about Chesty Puller when I was a kid, many decades ago. Mattis typifies so much of the modern military that has fooled so many conservatives, who think they're real no-nonsense patriots, instead of bureaucratic climbers.

    2. Mark,
      You're so right! As a nitpick, I usually refer to the military command structure, or the bulk of the senior officers, rather than the whole 'military.' There are many fine men and women serving selflessly and valiantly, no matter what their specialty is, in the military. Just not as many in the ones who become generals and admirals!

      This is where the press coverage of Trump goes awry- trying to say the 'military' hates him! Many of the inside-the-beltway generals and admirals do hate him- but I'd say very few of the rank-and-file do!

      Chesty was a great quote machine, because he lived the life. Mattis used the quotes to live a lie.

    3. Mark,

      Who was more of a bureaucratic climber; Mattis, or Colon Powell? And no, that wasn't a typo.

    4. And Trump himself went awry - he respects the military so much, that he thought he could surround himself with generals and everything would be great - and yet they all let him down.

      Even - I hate to say it, because of all he went through - even Flynn.


    5. @ Frank -- totally my view, too.

  3. Trump continues to reveal the corruption of the deepstate, even in the military.


    It's astonishing that Trump is just now getting around to banishing these agents of Davos-Man.
    Tom S.