Friday, November 20, 2020

Finally? Sidney Powell Says, Yes, The Scytl Servers Were Seized

H/T to an anonymous commenter.

We've all been puzzled over the seeming confusion surrounding whether or not the Scytl servers in Germany have been seized by the US Government. Yesterday, after a Trump Recount staffer specifically confirmed that the servers had been seized, at the Big Presser Sidney Powell appeared to back away from that somewhat--saying she wasn't sure whether "good guys" or "bad guys" had taken possession of the servers.

I commented last night that I thought Powell was being cautious, unsure--as a personal lawyer for Trump--whether she could confirm a government action that she most likely knew about.

This morning Powell appeared on the Glenn Beck show--Tucker Carlson will be mightily miffed over that--and this time she forthrightly confirmed that the servers were seized by the US Government. Note, however, she first speaks of "our forces" "confiscating" the servers, and then refers to the "US Government" working on an "investigation." Note, too, that Powell offers some very specific information regarding the configuration of the servers. I continue to believe that, while various agencies of the Government may have had some involvement, DoJ must be driving this or controlling the process--it's the only thing that makes overall sense, given that this is all occurring in the context of legal processes:

The servers at Scytl in Germany WERE confiscated the other day. I'm hearing it was our forces that got those servers. So I think the government is now working on an investigation of what really happened. But we're getting evidence, also, that there were lines into the servers from four foreign countries--all extremely adverse to the interests of the United States.

Regarding Powell's reference to "lines in," that sounds like the four foreign countries would have had access to the data on the servers and would have been able to manipulate it. I personally doubt that. My suspicion is that the connections were for the purpose of the server operators accessing the foreign countries' data. Others may wish to weigh in on the security implications of that setup.

Again, this type of investigation was always going to take time. Demands for EVIDENCE NOW, while understandable, are unreasonable in the current circumstances. Powell is obviously being very careful to maintain the necessary distance between her private representation of Donald Trump and what is a government led investigation of election fraud. No matter that they share common interests, they cannot act as, or be perceived as, a single team.


  1. 1. Maybe Powell's remark yesterday (... don't know if the good or the bad guys have it ...) hints to her lack of confidence in (parts of) the DoJ ?

    2. "Lines from four foreign contries" does not strictly imply that it is the foreign governments of these countries or parts thereof. It could be anyone, even US nationals, acting from the soil of these countries.

    1. 1. If this was led by DoJ then it was led by AG Barr. You're surmise doesn't hold water.

      2. Lines into the servers would not have been from "anyone". The phrasing suggests to me that the investigation that Powell refers to has ascertained the sources of the lines in.

      What's your problem?

    2. What I took from her comment was that she didn't know whether the good guys (Barr) or the bad guys (CIA) had it.

    3. That would be a far more reasonable guess.

  2. If the above is accurate, doesn't the DOJ or FBI have a duty to give some kind of indication of what is going on? To show a little bit of their hand. This is roiling the country.

  3. "Lines into the servers" is too vague to draw a meaningful conclusion.

    First point is servers can run multiple applications for multiple users concurrently. It's what servers often do. Four foreign lines into the server could be for completely orthogonal applications that have nothing to do with Dominion Vote tabulations. (For data secuirty reasons, it's probably a bad idea to have any other apps or users accessing the server that handles election data, but that's a different, though related argument.)

    It's also possible the four lines in were configured for read-only access. No threat of data manipulation.

    Or, if the four lines had full access to the server, and could interact with the apps running on it, including the Dominion applications and data, one cannot trust the results.

    Would love to know if one of the foreign entities having access was China, given their extensive cultivation/investment in the Biden Crime Family ...


    Also interesting to note Powell's comment earlier today that, regarding her claim that votes were switched with regard to Dominion software, she claims she believes she will be able to prove it within the next two weeks.

    1. Servers, ie specialized computers, can run/host multiple applications. Yes, it’s what they do.


      A server farm, RAID compliant, I am assuming for redundancy, is run by a single agency, aka firm/company/corporation.

      Think GoDaddy or Blogger.

      Ok. So?

      This does not negate anything.

    2. My assumption is the "four lines" server access would be supplemental to the "connection lines" necessary to interface the server w/the computing room network. further, I doubt very seriously there is any "read only" access for lines/connections as this would need to be at the application layer and not at the server layer. Databases within servers can have read-only access once the data is written to the server however.

      So to summarize, I believe Powell is sharing that there are 4 connections to the server that "shouldn't be connected".

    3. Yeah, that sound probably right,

      Long ago I wrote a C program that sat on an open port on a Unix box. My VB front end on a PC sent commands to the program to run Oracle jobs. The reports were FTP’d back to show on my VB front end.
      It was unauthorized, I did not get permission. I just got tired of going to my Unix terminal emulator to run Oracle DB jobs.

      That was at my first job out of college, Not hard at all.

    4. Plus the four connections to a server would be attached on the other end to a router. The router manages network traffic based on IP addresses. Those IP addresses would be traceable. Not difficult stuff to whomever is in charge now.

  4. Known fraudster Dennis Montgomery, who once scammed the Pentagon...

    Debunking Hammer & Scorecard, a cheap hoax spawned by a con artist

    "The man behind the 'Hammer and Scorecard' fixed election claims that is setting the media ablaze is a serial fraudster by the name of Dennis Montgomery."

    1. "Okay, so how did this serial hoaxer’s claim go mainstream? It relied initially on the credibility of a retired Air Force General named Thomas McInernery, who has been promoting Mr. Montgomery’s claims since at least 2017."

    2. Note that Rudy was asked specifically about this stuff (HAMMAER/SCORECARD) yesterday at the PRESS CON. He said he didn't know anything about it.

      I'm hoping this means the Campaign's legal team has avoiding falling into this scam/trap.

    3. Anonymous has a bee in his bonnet.

    4. Why would this even be considered credible?


      Flat out.

      He spied on Congress, the Senate. He spied on journalists. He put into place the Russian Hoax, along with Biden.

      With the election, it appears only 5 states have this mathematical anomaly. The same 5 states that turned the election to Biden after a tactical pause in the middle of the night.

      So, to assert that the General is wrong and debunked, while maybe true, is logically not out of bounds.

      Tom Clancy or Robert Ludlum never imagined the crap we have been through and still are in.

    5. I meant ....

      “So, to assert that the General is wrong and debunked, while maybe true, the General’s assertion is logically not out of bounds.“

    6. Anon, just a little helpful hint when you're trolling maybe go a little more subtle, maybe just tell us that Dennis Montgomery is a "known fraudster" and leave it at that because pretty much a fraudster always a fraudster. Adding the "serial" fraudster on top kinda makes it look like you're trying too hard...

    7. I never heard of Montgomery before two weeks ago and was under the impression that his story was important.

      Can someone fill me in?

    8. Democrats are addicted to election fraud.

    9. @ mistcr

      I posted this link up a few weeks ago regarding Dennis Montgomery.

      You would have to do a lot of googling to get past the negative hit articles flying right now. Sidney Powell awoke the kill Dennis tribe back in the Flynn case and threw fire on them in the past two weeks by mentioning Hammer.

      There has been a "Dennis is a fraud" campaign for some time but the US government spent a lot of time loosing in courts trying to wreck the guy.

      It reminds me of William Binney, Sibel Edmonds and dozens of other american whistle blowers they have tried to bury deep in false ligation and smear campaigns.

      My take is he's legit, I believe that because of some of the personal data he produced to several individuals targeted by Hammer. But please by all means do you own research and draw your own conclusions.

    10. Thank you, exactly what I was looking for.

      I figured there was a good chance of disinformation if I simply googled him.

  5. Why do we demand investigations now?

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s because of Sundance and the intransigence of major GOP figures (Ryan, Sessions, etc). Maybe it’s because the Russian Hoax, the faux cases against Stone, Flynn, and even Manafort.

    Supposedly, the only Republicans to go to the recent protest in DC, Million MAGA March, is Trump.

    Obama gave a press lip service to Trump on transition, but opposed the transition behind the scenes. The GOP did not help in the transition and publicly stated Trump will be neutered if he “transgressed.” To this day, in places all over, like Georgia, the GOP has made it so Trump will lose legal or illegal.

    I was angry at Trent Lott saying the Tea Party should be cut off at the knees mainly referring to Ted Cruz. Like a lot (pun not intended) of Republicans of his time, Republicans were not supposed to upset the tacit power structure. Ted Cruz, and later infamous Jeff Sessions did.

    All that is long gone. It’s existential.

    But, hey, at least Orange Man gone. Jerks!

    1. Trump is not gone. His coatails brought a new kind of republican into the house.

      Rob S

    2. Uhhh ok ... opposition. ... if they actually do it.

      For example ... “coattails” ...

      And there ya go, the GOP using Trump.


  6. Speaking with Howie Carr, her account changed a bit:

    1. I'm listening to the Howie Carr interview now and it's quite interesting. More detail in some respects than I've heard to this point.

    2. Just finished Carr/Powell interview. Have to ask what you make of her comments re FBI and others failing to seize machines, taking possession of software, etc. She is alleging law enforcement is on the sidelines here. Does not add up here if “Govt” is seizing servers and yet
      not being proactive in the States? Gonna be a helluva ride!

    3. Sidney Powell on the Howie Carr Show:

    4. better audio:

      >> <<

    5. This happened through DoJ, and that means FBI. I'm hearing that the servers are currently in Quantico, VA, which happens to be the location of the FBI's main computer forensics lab. I have no idea why Powell is saying some of these things.

    6. Some observations after listening to Powell's segment:

      Powell was outspoken in her criticism of FBI/DOJ and IC for not investigating and uncovering this plot; complaining she and others as civil attorneys are having to do DOJ/IC's job.

      But notice the dog that didn't bark!

      Have you heard Trump utter a syllable criticizing DOJ/FBI or the IC for not picking up on this conspiracy to commit fraud in the election? I do not believe he's said a peep criticizing them at all. We all know Trump has a low threshold for criticizing things he is unhappy about, so why is he not screaming his head off at DOJ/FBI and the IC over this?

      The only reason I can think of is that he knows more than Powell does. What he appears to know, from the circumstantial evidence, is they DID pick up on this conspiracy, and they were investigating -- possibly a FISA warrant due to foreign involvement (China?) and are likely to produce substantive results before this election process is over. Were it not so, what would hold back Trump's ire from tweetstorming how pissed he is at Barr, Wray, Haspel, etc., for botching it so badly that it could cost him the election?

      Yet he says nothing.

      Trump is, I think, playing his cards very close to his vest.

      And that would explain why he is not worried about the legal dumpster fire going on around the campaign's after-election day efforts. If Dems are focused on Powell and Rudy -- even if it's a sh*t show -- they won't see Barr coming after them until he stomps on them and their foreign co-conspirators without warning.

      Can you imagine if they have phone call recordings, emails, text messages, IMs, etc., plus insiders who are willing to testify against the leaders of this coup conspiracy to steal an election from the American people?

      That, to me, is the explanation for why Trump "didn't bark," and isn't going to.

    7. I am beginning to entertain the idea that this is a bit of an Abbott and Costello routine with some of Powell’s rantings about Wray/Haspel
      needing to be fired. Trump has moved on DOD and yet not on the clear obstructionists above. I can certainly believe Powell does not have all of the inside information, but am very surprised no one has asked her about Barr’s role in this. She says they are going right into federal court
      on their lawsuits. Does not seem you get to the nuclear level needed without the servers , but Feds are running their own investigation. When do these intersect? Need the lawyers again to explain.

    8. Very true. His calm has almost been eerie.

    9. Serene, almost ...

      All the foaming at the mouth is among Dems and MSM toadies, who I suspect are also on the Chinese government's payola budget, directly or indirectly.


  7. Zerohedge has good info, from Wikileaks, on the origins of Smartmatic. Good reading.

    1. FYI, go check the history of revisions to Dominions page, and who is editing. Wikipedia* not Wikileak. Cheers, Dave

  8. I'm surprised no one has brought up the possibility that it might be the DIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, that seized the Scytl servers. Giuliani and Powell have both stated this is a national security issue, so it makes sense that the military might be involved in investigating some of these foreign goings on. If so, I personally would have more confidence in the DIA than the "Justice" Dept., CIA or FBI.

    1. I'm not surprised. This happened through DoJ, and that means FBI. I'm hearing that the servers are currently in Quantico, VA, which happens to be the location of the FBI's main computer forensics lab.

    2. @ Third Coast, I mentioned that last week after the first news was coming out about the seizure and everyone was debating DOJ/FBI involvement. (I say they were not involved then)

      My thought at the time was no one can trust anyone within the IC anymore so it would make perfect sense to go as far around normal channels as possible.

      I believe that's where the "military" angle was coming from and wouldn't be surprised if the facility it's self in Germany was a CIA operation. (a shocker that would be!?!)

      Im questioning why not Spain in addition to Germany?

      The answer may be that Spain was a private facility and would have involved too many legal issues to fight through in order to get through the door. While also involving the classic channels Mark previously mentioned.

      @Mark... I pray that server is not in Quantico!!! USC?... Hell I'd trust the SVR more!

      Yeah... I know... đŸ™„ But in my own defense if there is anything we're all learning (rapidly) in the past few years. We as a country are in neck deep!

    3. I hear you... My brain is searching for a way out of the insanity of doing the same thing over and over.

      If we're to believe Sidney at face value here were all trying to absorb the following.

      Our election races are for sale to the highest uniparty bidder.

      Our IC is more than likely involved, or at a minimum highly suspect.

      Thousands of individuals are involved.

      The DOJ is not / will not / has not / is already too late in some cases for evidence seizures where there is cause. We obviously don't know what that is but in taking her word "as is".

      I'm taking my Reagan default of, if it has a .gov email it's not to be trusted. Those wonderful civil servants whom parachute in to take a policy violation wrap in exchange for completely derailing investigations.

      In my own disparaging thoughts can't find enough tin foil to insulate from the ramifications of all of this. Past history has always held to the "to big to fail" so "bury it" standard.

  9. Lin Wood interviewed today, discusses Powell's evidence re: Dominion Software, and much more.

    >> <<

    Note especially his comment about "Trump knows what was done."... "I think the best is yet to come."

    "Corrupted by Chinese money" ... refers specifically to GA governor.

    1. The part about the Chinese money was very interesting. Remember Hunter Biden had a list of "domestic contacts" for the Chinese--virtually all Dem politicians. That was a few years ago.

  10. O/T, but I have been puzzling over this since it was announced. Why did Gina Haspel visit McConnell? And why right after AG Barr dropped in on McConnell.
    I welcome any thoughts.


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