Monday, November 30, 2020

Is Ticket-Splitting The Ticket? Don Surber Calls BS!

Last Saturday the NYT ran a "story" that was supposed to explain how it was that 2020 was such a banner year for the GOP--yet Trump somehow lost to a cellar dwelling, corrupt, half wit: 

How Democrats Suffered Crushing Down-Ballot Losses Across America

In statehouse races, suburban voters’ disgust with President Trump failed to translate into a rebuke of other Republicans, ensuring the party’s grip on partisan mapmaking.

See? We're supposed to believe that heavily Republican suburban counties voted massively straight GOP ballots--except that they hated Trump so much that they voted for Biden. Not only that, but these laser like targeted split ballots showed up ... only in a handful of states. Convinced? Me neither. Here's how the NYT tries to gaslight its readers--notice the colorful language that gives the game away:

WEXFORD, Pa. — Just a few seats shy of a majority in the State House of Representatives, Democrats in Pennsylvania this year zeroed in on Republican-held suburban districts, where disdain for President Trump ran hot.


Across the country, suburban voters’ disgust with Mr. Trump — the key to Mr. Biden’s election — did not translate into a wide rebuke of other Republicans, as Democrats had expected after the party made significant gains in suburban areas in the 2018 midterm elections. From the top of the party down to the state level, Democratic officials are awakening to the reality that voters may have delivered a one-time verdict on Mr. Trump that does not equal ongoing support for center-left policies.


That dawning truth is evident in the narrower majority that House Democrats will hold in Congress next year, and especially in the blood bath that the party suffered in legislative races in key states around the country, despite directing hundreds of millions of dollars and deploying top party figures like former President Barack Obama to obscure down-ballot elections.

This year, Democrats targeted a dozen state legislative chambers where Republicans held tenuous majorities, including in Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina and Minnesota. Their goal was to check the power of Republicans to redraw congressional and legislative districts in 2021, and to curb the rightward drift of policies from abortion to gun safety to voting rights.

But in all cases, Democrats came up short. None of their targeted legislative chambers flipped, even though Mr. Biden carried many of the districts that down-ballot Democrats did not. It could make it harder for Democrats to retain a House majority in 2022.

ALL cases. Not some, not most. ALL cases--every single one. Despite massively outspending Republicans. And yet these included the states that will supposedly put Biden in the White House. Or in its basement. Says the NYT, 2020 was a BLOOD BATH for Dems, but Biden magically sailed through. Haha! Y'know that famous bridge in Brooklyn? Have I got a deal for you! 

Democrats’ failure to flip any of their targeted chambers means that Republicans will have control next year of 20 state governments that will collectively draw 188 congressional districts, according to one analysis. In a bright spot for Democrats, the party is closing in on a supermajority in the New York Senate. That outcome would help give Democrats control of mapmaking in states with a total of 73 House districts.


“The most important consequence of the elections is that Republicans prevented a decade of liberal gerrymandering and gave Republicans the chance to take back the House in 2022,” said David Abrams, the deputy executive director of the Republican State Leadership Committee, which raised money for state races.

If you've been patient enough to read this nonsense, here's a treat: Don Surber, in top form, takes that NYT "story" apart--Down ballot proves Democrats cheated. This is how he starts, and it only gets better:

The New York Times ... would have you believe that 12 million Americans were so angry with Drumpf that they spent hours in line to vote against him, and then they turned around and voted a straight-ticket Republican ballot.


... The Democrat House campaign was flush with money, and yet at last count they had lost 10 seats.

But we are supposed to believe there was a magical Biden Landslide that carried only him and nobody else.


We know what happened.

All the signs point to a Trump Landslide.

Democrats would have you believe Michiganders and Pennsylvanians were so angry with President Donald John Trump that they voted him out -- but voted Republicans in down the ballot.

If so, why did Ohio not flip? President Trump carried Ohio by 8 points in 2016, and by 8 points again in 2020.

Biden and company campaigned their hearts out in Florida. President Trump carried it by 3 after carrying it by 1.2 points in 2016.

Not convinced that Democrats stole the election?


The U.S. Supreme Court has until a week from Tuesday to fix this theft. We shall see if we still have justice in America.

But we do know who we elected president on November 3rd, and it was not Joe Biden.



    1. Yes, thanks. Very nice overview by Patrick Basham. Of course, some of us aren't deeply puzzled--and I doubt Basham is, either.

  2. When Don says that the "Court has until a *week* from Tuesday to fix this", does this relate to states' EV certifications, the meeting of the EC, or what?
    How would the key cases get to the Court fast enough, for it to have time to study the evidence, to issue rulings big enough to make the sort of dent Don expects by next Tues.?

    1. I believe he's mistaken about the significance of that deadline. What Trump does after that date will likely be dictated by what is discovered between now and then. As it is, it appears that more and more evidence is accumulating.

  3. Trump is an in your face Republican. He was a registered Democrat for a long time and from NYC which accounts for that.

    That said, to assume the Republican electorate approved of his policies, but rejected the man to the point of overwhelmingly supporting down ballot Republicans makes no sense especially when you take into account the approval rating of Trump with the Republican electorate. This is even more buttressed by the fact Trump put millions upon millions more voters for him in the election, so much so, it is record setting for any incumbent president.

    To assert Biden outperformed Obama in his 2 presidential races, but lost all areas except a few flyover areas is beyond credulous, especially when you account for the fact he could not garner enough support to counter Trump down ballot.

    Today, the top of the ticket dictates party policy and preference. This inherently means that, if true, the American electorate approves of Trump’s policies, but not the man. That inherently means, then, that the American electorate is overwhelmingly willingly to elect someone, Biden, who is antithetical to the stated desires of the electorate, desires as evidenced by the down ballot.

    Yes, it’s BS!

  4. Biden did not legimately win. Biden is illegitimate. There is only one direction this snowball is rolling --- DOWNHILL!