Sunday, November 29, 2020

All-Time Propaganda Achievement Award?

It really is pretty impressive, when you think about it. You'd have to go back to Goebbels to find anything comparable.

From Robert Wright's Fragile and Unsustainable Lies:

Precisely because it is ostensibly private and domestic, America’s mass media, tarnished as its reputation is becoming, retains more credibility than any state-run media ever possessed. Many pundits have noted how 2020 resembles 1984, except the propaganda so far has come from a political resistance movement backed by parts of the government (FBI, CDC) rather than “the” state per se. 

The phalanx of private media and sundry have convinced tens of millions of Americans that: 

  • we are better off imposing lockdowns that cause far more harm than the virus itself (and sundry cognates, like the virus is super serious and novel, spreads easily via asymptomatic people, yet is stopped by irrational policies like curfews, as if people won’t simply start drinking earlier!); 
  • the current president is somehow illegitimate (Russian election interference, Ukrainian quid pro quo); 
  • nation-altering Constitutional reforms are necessary (de facto elimination of the electoral college, creation of additional states, SCOTUS enlargement); 
  • calling all people of Euroamerican descent racist isn’t itself racist;
  • a virus can differentiate between good protests (pro-BLM and pro-Biden) and bad ones (anti-lockdown and pro-Trump);
  • the American people chose a candidate who essentially did not campaign or set forth a coherent policy platform over one who, for all his faults, was president when the economy finally palpably improved and made enough progress in the Middle East to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Most impressive of all has been the way the mass media censored or downplayed Biden’s many weaknesses, his deplorable record on race, his almost half-century of self-serving political machinations, and his family’s dealings with Ukraine and China.

Thankfully, the Truth always prevails, it is just a matter of when and how. When the real world is heavily involved, Lies quickly die.

For four years or more it's been one hoax after another, and 10s of millions have bitten each time. It's a remarkable record of success.


  1. I'm pretty certain the reason for the lockdown is to justify a multi-trillion dollar relieve bill the moment they can get it to Joe. Seems like everytime there is an election, there's some reason to spend trillions -- and all that money gets funneled to the right people who are connected.

  2. Study that shows the media suppressed 8 stories that, had Biden voters known about them, many of them would have voted Trump.

    82% of Biden voters were unaware of at least one of these issues.

    Can we say we have a democracy if the media brainwashes the electorate to such an extent?


  3. In a way it explains why the Party Media is so happy Joe is going to be installed. They need a vacation. All this non-stop creativity must have been exhausting.
    Tom S.