Saturday, November 14, 2020

Recommended: Biden's Great Leap Forward In Wisconsin

I highly recommend this blog from AmThinker this morning: Biden's Great Leap Forward: A split second in Wisconsin. What the author documents is simply put:

From the beginning of the election Trump basically cruised along in WI with a 3-4 point lead. That margin held until, with 90% of the vote counted, at 3:42:20 AM the lead changed from a 3.6% Trump lead to a 0.3% Biden lead--courtesy of a sudden vote dump 17 times larger than other vote dumps, and which went 85% to Biden. A slim Biden lead having thus been established, the tabulation continued with a steady Biden lead.

The author concludes:

"The statistical word for this is bullfeathers."

The question: Why would a statistically impossible percentage of Biden votes be withheld from the count and appear so suddenly. The only plausible source for that number of votes would be Milwaukee, which would be close to the processing centers. The conclusion must be that those votes were deliberately withheld. Why? Or were they manufactured?


  1. Re the question of Milwaukee voter-turnout (also highly suspicious) we see high 80's/low-90's in several contiguous wards all around 70th/Oklahoma. Never thought of that area as a (D) stronghold, but the numbers for Biden were HUGE.

    The serious question: does current Wisconsin Ass'y and Senate leadership have the cojones to use their Constitutional power to name the electors to the college? R's own VAST majority of both houses.....

  2. As to your question: of COURSE they were manufactured. They were PRE-manufactured and "appeared" at the central-count facility (the old Blue Cross bldg on 5th/Michigan) when necessary. Barrett knew they were in trouble by 8PM; they parceled out just enough to make it impossible.

    Or so they think.

  3. Another tidbit

    One of the Wikileaks emails, from a Smartmatic person, to Podesta and Brazile, way back in 2016:

    "I'll be meeting with Soros later this week for some 'pre-programming of machines'"

    Apparently some question that the email may not be genuine... considering this seems to be a Q account


  4. Here's how the source of the great leap was described at the time:
    "Trump held a lead of some 100,000 votes early this morning before absentee ballots from central count locations in Kenosha County and the city of Milwaukee reported around 3:30 a.m combined to give Biden a slender lead of roughly 9,000 votes.

    So it was "absentee ballots" (presumably that includes mail-in ballots not just traditional absentee ballots) that were fed through the machine.

    Kenosha County had about 90,000 votes cast with Trump getting 50.83% per DDHQ. By contrast, Milwaukee County gave Biden 317,251 to Trump's 134,355. So I think it is pretty obvious that if there were suspect ballots in this dump, they came from Milwaukee.

    Andy S.

    1. So check this out:

      ‘Indefinitely Confined’ Not Requiring Voter ID Plaintiffs also took issue with a 238 percent increase—from 72,000 last year to 243,900 ahead of the Nov. 3 election—in a type of absentee ballot registration where voters self-report as “indefinitely confined.” This type of registration would mean that the voter wouldn’t need to present the ID normally required of a standard absentee ballot.

      Wisconsin law regarding voter ID provides exceptions for individuals who declare as “indefinitely confined” either due to age, physical illness, infirmity, or disability, on their absentee ballots.

      The suit alleged that the town of Menominee in Menominee County in early spring “encouraged” voters to vote absentee and provided instructions (pdf) that said “indefinitely confined” voters “are not required to provide a photo ID.” The suit also noted that Dane County and Milwaukee County earlier this year had “openly advised voters to indicate that they are ‘indefinitely confined.'”

      All three counties saw notable increases in “indefinitely confined” voters.

  5. And True the Vote has sued based upon the statistical likelihood of fraud.

    The download link for the actual complaint is at the bottom of that webpage. Footnote 11 of the complaint mentions proceeding with a statistical analysis: "The disjuncture between the time needed to gather and present evidence of widespread voter dilution by illegal ballots and the time inherently available to do so underscores the need for the reasonable method of providing plaintiffs the data-based statistical approach that is proposed herein."

    Andy S.

    1. Seems reasonable to me, given the unreasonbly insecure and ripe for fraud systems we have pretty much nationwide.

  6. They had to suspend voting at 10:30 pm on Election day and not start up again until Thursday because the didn't make up enough fraudulent ballots before the election.

  7. They obviously needed to know how many vote to manufactor. That is why the late drop.

    Rob S