Sunday, November 29, 2020

Go Figure!

But while you're trying to make sense of this graph, remember that "this claim of election fraud is disputed."

Justin Hart is a big time data expert and you can read LOTS MORE of what he has to say about data anomalies in the election tabulation at Just The News:

Data expert: Vote tabulation feeds in PA, GA show 'anomalies' suggesting Trump missing votes

“There's a lot of anomalies in that data ... When you go look at, for example, the training videos on Dominion, you realize how quickly all this can go south." -Justin Hart, data expert

And just for fun, once you've got that one figured out, try this one on for size:

Still puzzled. How about this?


  1. Of course they think he'll be a great President, otherwise they wouldn't have voted for him in three states.
    Tom S.

    1. Well, the guy in the trench coat swore it was for just one ballot each, but the easy access of copiers these days, who knows how many times they "voted". Like their master they made sure they got paid their pound of dog biscuits for a paw print on a ballot up front. They just have to make sure the Big Guy gets his cut . Hey, as they say in the Wilmington pound, "Lay down with a Biden, get up with fleas."
      Tom S.

  2. Rescue dog Major is so excited that he tripped up Biden, who then had to go to an orthopedist with an injured ankle.

    Could definitely put a hitch in Biden’s attempt to look perky and fit…

    God works in mysterious ways….

  3. Is he wearing a boot now - perhaps to hide something?

    (internet rumor)


    1. Another rumor involves Biden talking turkey w/ Mitch (e.g. from Gnews TV).

    2. I'd not be shocked, if this dog-anl;e story is cover for something much bigger.
      I could see Biden talking turkey w/ Mitch, about, say, a deal involving concessions for pardons.

      My guess is that each side has reason to fear, that the fog of war could sabotage their respective grips on their "troops", e.g. if DJT could bring big declasses into the mix.
      Does he have the means, to ensure that such declasses could be known planet-wide?
      Do his foes have the means, to ensure that such declasses could be mostly unknown (esp. planet-wide)?
      My guess is, both sides do have incentive to talk turkey, as each of them approach The Brink.