Monday, November 23, 2020

UPDATED: Things Fall Apart

Highly entertaining pick-me-up article by Jay Valentine at AmThinker: Why Industrial Scale Fraud Is Just So Hard To Hide. Valentine, a former insurance fraud investigator, recounts how two major frauds--Bernie Madoff and Elizabeth Holmes--DIDN'T go undetected for years. That's right. DIDN'T. There were pain-in-the-ass people all along who pointed out that these emperors of fraud had no clothes, but those people were resolutely ignored by the "smart people" and their media acolytes. How smart were the dupes? Well, you be the judge. In the case of Elizabeth Holmes the dupes included: 

Henry Kissinger, William Perry (former Secretary of Defense), Mad Dog Jim Mattis, remember him?  And rounding out the team with a core Republican, meet George Shultz.

So, people "smart" enough to run the world. Or so they would have us believe. And, amazingly, these "smart" people refused to believe irrefutable evidence that they'd been duped. Instead they attacked the accusers and whistleblowers--even family members.

It all took me back. As a young agent I cut my teeth, so to speak, working fraud cases of various sorts--including a union election fraud case (and I did get a felony conviction, despite, well ...). I returned to these sorts of cases later in my career--for a couple of years. Nothing had really changed, not in the basic way frauds work. Including the number of people who would be in denial that anything untoward had happened. Valentine's central theme makes perfect sense to me, as it will to anyone who's been involved with a fraud. Big scale, industrial scale, fraud just gets too complicated to hide--once someone comes across the loose end of the yarn and starts tugging on it.

So after that entertaining account of two major frauds that took in any number of "smart" people, Valentine applies those ideas to a major fraud or hoax of this century--right up their with the Covid Hoax and the Russia Hoax. It's the Biden Hoax. And the pain-in-the-ass people who are likely to spoil the whole thing are people like Sidney Powell--although there are plenty more, because the internet empowers people like that. Imagine what a pain in the ass Powell must be for the Republican establishment in GA! Apply an exponent to that when you turn to DC.

I'll let you fill in the blanks when it comes to the "smart" people. It's not that hard.

The problem starts with [people like] Sidney Powell and Lin Wood.  These people are a major pain in the butt. 

First, they won't go away.  Second, they keep digging, third, they find stuff, then they pull a thread and they get a starting point.


Sidney Powell, Lin Wood and their team are pulling a bunch of threads, starting points.  When things start to fall apart, they cascade.  First a few clues come in, then a bunch then everything comes loose.

In the early day, which is now, there is a human tendency for many not believe their lying eyes.  The media, all in on this, ...

Sound familiar? Biden is "appointing" all these people--that means he's President! Ya gotta believe it!


Witnesses were threatened.  Attorneys attacked for probing.  ...  This is how this stuff works!

In the end, which is not far out, it all comes apart.

It always does.  Industrial scale fraud is not sustainable because lies that big just cannot be hidden.

Sidney Powell and Lin Wood aren't going away.

Get some sleep.

UPDATE: And speaking of hoaxes and frauds, I deeply enjoyed this video:


  1. "Smart people do that. It is one of the best covers for fraud – people will fight their own lying eyes, their own common sense, because they want to believe they were not stupid."

    Exactly. How many times have we seen all of these 'smart' people deny the glaring markers of fraud flying all around us? These are people Ive been reading and formerly respected. Instapundit. PJ Media. Powerline. All of them to a degree can't see the massive election fraud an inch from their collective face. Worse, they denigrate those of us who do see it and refuse to meekly accept our proper place in the pantheon of graceful chumps.

    There is a major shakeup going on here. 2016 and Trump was just a small crack in the Establishment Order. 2020 is the full out breach and the floodwaters must pour through. God give me strength to do what must be done if that time comes.

  2. The video is hilarious, as well as a serious critique of "our" media. Madison's Federalist 10 never imagined a media that could coalesce into one political faction that dominates the multitude of interests that arise.

    "the great and aggregate interests being referred to the national, the local and particular to the State legislatures" resulting in a decentralized governmental structure would make it "more difficult for unworthy candidates to practice the vicious arts by which elections are too often carried."

    Not difficult enough, apparently...

  3. I would think that right about now Ms. Powell is receiving an influx of donations AND an influx of informants like they're coming through a fire hose.

    1. I just sent a three figure donation. Not much, but the Nation needs it far more than I do.

  4. One stop shopping for evidence of vote/election fraud. Fascinating.

  5. Was getting rid of Trump this important?

    Everyday more and more details of the fraud are being exposed.

    Swag - the anger among Trump voters on this fraud is being low balled.

  6. Yes, getting rid of Trump is existential. He, a former Democrat, held views that are subversive. You know, Americans first. It’s a view that strikes at the heart of the power structure in our government that has been in place at least half a century.

    We need war. We have to have war. We need our jobs go overseas, especially for non college graduates. We need a massive influx of unskilled labor. We need to gradually succumb to another world power, this appears now to be China. We need to have no national sense of country. We need to be cognizant of just how bad the United States of America is.

    Get with the program or it will be forced upon you like Robert Reich stated.


    Interesting podcast. Sounds like confirmation of many other threads, etc. we've been reading.