Sunday, November 8, 2020

MAJORLY UPDATED: Read Jay Valentine At American Thinker

This is Sunday morning, and I also need to rake leaves today.

There are lots of good articles out there documenting the indubitable massive election fraud that has occurred. Jay Valentine has two of those good articles.

The first is intended to make you feel more optimistic--he goes state by swing state, except I think he misses GA:

Wait Just a Minute! Some Very Good News May Be Coming

His second article explains why the Dems may have bitten off more than they can chew this time. A lot of things have changed in the world of data analysis, especially when the data is all in digital form and is basically forever. The FBI has gotten pretty good at this stuff. Valentine explains here:

There are no software 'glitches'

Vote-counting software — checking if it actually counts votes for the right guy is something one does pretty early in the process.  And if it works, it will continue to work — unless something changes.

So when you hear that there is a "glitch" in the dark of night and votes got moved around, you can bet it wasn't the lightning strike or a broken water pipe.  It was someone changing something.  It likely left some tracks. 

And my experience is there will be lots of tracks.  Competent forensic investigators know just where to look.  They are likely to find that someone changed something, and it was not a "glitch."


UPDATE 1: In an otherwise fine article, Clarice Feldman includes another author's indicators of fraud that specifically target swing states:

Swing state voting irregularities:

Biden outperforms Senators in swing states, underperforms in VA, NH, RI

Biden underperforms Hillary/Obama in cities, except in MI, PA, GA, WI

Biden mail-in dumps with 100% margins

GOP lose ZERO House races

Compare that with this--note the low turnout in Philly as compared to Milwaukee (89%), which is as many expected. Blacks were disillusioned with Biden, yet that's the high turnout demographic Dems have always relied on. That correlates with the low turnout in other major metro areas like NYC and CG:

Consider Pennsylvania. The Biden candidacy was sinking like a stone in Pennsylvania in the closing days of the campaign. In plain English, Biden was toast. On November 3, Trump had a 12-point lead over Biden, amounting to a whopping 650,000 vote margin. People much smarter than me were saying on the morning of November 4 that no, there is just no way that Democrats could possibly make up the deficit, no matter how many ballots they tried to fabricate. Simply not possible! 100,000 fraudulent ballots? Easy-peasy. 200,000? Doable. 300,000? Well . . . maybe. 

But 650,000? Sure, smart people said, Democrats will try their level best, but even they can’t possibly generate 650,000 fraudulent ballots.

Or . . . can they? Democrats kept counting, and counting, and counting—and they are still counting. As of this writing, that 650,000 vote lead gradually vanished, and Pennsylvania has turned blue, with a 33,000 vote Biden lead that is inching upwards. The more they counted, the more those shy Biden voters were turning out. 


In the city of Philadelphia itself, 60.5 percent of the voters came out. Sounds reasonable, right? Those recent riots, arson, and looting (pardon me, those “peaceful protests”) weren’t going to stop those enthusiastic Biden supporters, even if they had to brave “peaceful protesters” to get to the polls! 

But 82.3 percent of Montgomery County voters (just west of Philadelphia) came out to vote overwhelmingly for Biden and 78.6 percent of Bucks County voters (Philadelphia’s outer northeastern suburbs) couldn’t wait to darken that bubble for Joe. Meanwhile, 80.7 percent of Chester County (Philadelphia’s western suburbs) did their civic duty. Some 75 percent of Delaware County voters (south of Philadelphia) came out for that senile old geezer. 

There are rumors that 750,000 more ballots have been “discovered” by Pennsylvania election officials, and are yet to be counted. It hardly needs saying that they will be overwhelmingly pro-Biden votes. If true, this will push statewide voter turnout rate to a gargantuan 82 percent—with turnout in Democratic urban/suburban counties dramatically higher than turnout in Republican-leaning ones, probably exceeding 90 percent.

This is insane. A 65-67 percent turnout is normal, 70 percent turnout is excellent. Getting a 72-73 percent turnout would be spectacular. But 82 percent? Ninety percent? The media, naturally, refuses to see anything wrong here. 

Deep Blue IL turned out at only 67%--and yet that was a HUGE increase over 2016's 56%. Go figure, right?

In Was the Election Stolen from Trump? we find 12 highly suspicious circumstances or indicators of fraud (edited) and coordinated collusion to influence outcomes over the entire election cycle, in a broad sense:

1)  Discussion of exit polls has disappeared from the media.

2)  In the early states that reported, particularly Florida, Trump made big gains among Latinos, African Americans, and Asians.

3)  In every election, early patterns suggest trends to follow, as one should be able to extrapolate from baseline results to overarching conclusions.

4)  The benign interpretation of the Biden comeback would be the “Red Mirage” effect we have been warned about so extensively. We are asked to “be patient as all the votes are counted,” and as we get used to accepting elections that are not concluded on the same day but last indefinitely.

5.  The New York Times needle showed North Carolina leaning toward Trump at 95 percent most of the night, ... yet North Carolina was not called despite most of the vote having come in. 

6)  Apart from a handful of outlets such as this one, there has been little acknowledgment of the unprecedented yearlong polling discrepancy, which dwarfs the “error” of 2016 by a large magnitude.

7)  For months we seem to have been subjected to unrelenting psychological warfare warning us that there would be an illusory “Red Mirage,” that Trump would try to steal the election and that he would turn out his crazy followers on the streets in a display of fascistic violence if the results didn’t go his way.

8)  The DNC openly stole the primaries from Bernie Sanders, ...

9)  One of the most egregious anomalies in the Democratic primary was Maricopa County, ...

10)  When Trump won Ohio by a huge margin (8 percent), the three of us on the podcast felt that it bode very poorly for Biden in Pennsylvania and the rest of the industrial Midwest.

11)  Likewise, we felt that with Trump increasing his margin in Florida from 2016, and doing so well among Latinos and African Americans, Georgia and North Carolina should be out of reach for Biden.

12)  The Democrats suffered substantial losses in the House, and apparently failed to win the Senate, ... how is it possible that at the same time the Democrats would do so abysmally in the House and Senate races despite spending enormous sums of money?

I agree with the author's bottom line:

Perhaps most worrisome of all is that a reign of blatant censorship has been in effect in the liberal media since March, as Big Tech appropriates more and more of the burdens of open propagation of deep state aims. The way in which Trump’s tweets since the election have been censored is a very bad sign indeed, and soon we can expect any questioning of election results to be entirely banned in the name of protecting readers from disinformation. 

I hope Trump doesn’t concede as long as he is in office, and uses his remaining time to expose the potential for fraud in great detail, putting it all on record while he has the chance to do so. He should pursue every constitutional and legal means to dispute these funny results and take it all the way to Congress. 

It likely won’t be long before Twitter and social media, and the media in general, ban him and anyone showing any signs of the illness known as “Trumpism” from an open platform, all in the name of protecting the public from misinformation. 

The past four years represent a rolling coup d’etat against Trump’s truth-telling politics, starting from criminal investigations based on fantasy to the final insult of an election at odds with public opinion sneering at official propaganda. As with the rest of his presidency, we have seen two elections take place, one unfolding in real-time, the other playing out on the media’s timescale. 

UPDATE 2: I haven't read this in detail and am about to run out for more leaf bags, but ...

Yes, those 'glitches' are from the same software that made Venezuela's elections so free and fair


  1. I agree about the "glitch" thing. Software doesn't just switch vote counts by a nice round number of 3000 votes. I'd really want to know if any other counties are similarly concerned and counting their votes manually. These vote tallies affect not just the presidency. So even states where the president's race is not close, down-ballot votes need to be looked at.

    1. Yes, human data entry errors are pretty much never on both sides of the ledger. When they show up on both sides of the ledger, is malfeasance. Software "errors" of the same nature are the same.

  2. Yes, but...time is of the essence.

    We have only until December 14th, then the window closes.

    (60 mph wind gusts here so our leaves are headed to Wyoming)

  3. Good articles!

    I agree the Dems over reached.

    This is why the huge, over the top, narrative efforts that Biden won and is a healer, and talk of election fraud is baseless and divisive.

  4. Swag:

    Sounds like a Lot of actors involved in this huge voter fraud across multiple states.

    I wonder how wide spread the coordination / communication was across state lines? Or was it just local actors?

    Ate the Democrats using lawyers as a firewall for communication?

    Sounds like it was known this would happen for months by the Democratic leadership. How?

    Perhaps Biden’s comment about the largest voter fraud organization ever was the truth, but due to cognitive issues, he said what he was thinking / knew / had discussions on?

    Probably due the the gop consent decree, that forbid the gop from even raising the issue, the Democrats felt invincible on the voter fraud?

    1. I believe pretty massive coordination, from other indicators.

  5. Rake? If you do my lawn too, I'll loan you a leaf blower....:-)

  6. Our pastor this morning said, you'll hear a lot of talk about 'unity,' but God doesn't unite with Satan. Barn burner.

  7. Given the allegations of blatant and rampant fraud…which, if still not quantified, are undeniable…and the fact that several states are still counting, and that there will be validly predicated recounts and serious litigation, not to mention the fact that no results have been certified and delivered to the state legislatures…isn’t it awfully presumptuous of the media in the face of this and its own verifiable historical bias to declare Biden the winner without qualification…and then for Biden to accept the declaration?

    I still can’t get over the fact that Biden has even come close to winning. He has always been stupid (bottom of his class at the non-academically selective University of Delaware and Syracuse Law), dishonest (serial plagiarist), lazy and unprincipled. And, based on his past actions and associations, probably the real racist between the two candidates.

    On top of all that, the Joe Biden who presented himself as a candidate this Fall is also an increasingly angry and senile geriatric. We are witnessing his dementia rapidly advance before our eyes. How long before he is utterly non compos mentis...or dead? And we are to believe he won the support of the American people without even campaigning...or answering a campaign question?

    When he was a knowing and corrupt member of the Obama Administration which conspired to destroy Trump before he was elected and then doubled down to remove him by coup when he was elected? When he is also obviously a corrupt influence peddler who has used his family as bag men for his grifting in Ukraine and China…with the result of the obvious destruction and downfall of his only surviving son? When there is little question that he is literally owned by China and his associations with the Chinese can’t possibly withstand the scrutiny and disclosures which are inevitably coming? When there is a good chance that his son will be indicted for pedophilia and/or money laundering (which Joe benefited from) before he even takes office?

    It is virtually impossible to imagine that American voters are really stupid enough to vote for him in the numbers necessary for him to win.

    Occam's Razor suggests it has to be fraud.

    1. "presumptuous of the media... to declare Biden the winner without qualification… and then for Biden to accept the declaration?"
      Presumptuous (esp. Biden's TV extravaganza), and, to my knowledge, unprecedented in possible recount-type circumstances.
      Yeah, the Trib famously proclaimed Dewey to have beaten Truman, but not at the clear behest of the GOP, or as part of a huge drumbeat from other pro-GOP organs, let alone the Candidate himself.
      And, JFK sat tight, until Nixon announced he'd pass on pushing for recounts in IL & TX.
      And, Gore & Dubya sat tight, until SCotUS ruled on the FL recount.
      I don't know the score on the 1876 dustup.

  8. The article is a bit wrong- it isn't just Pennsylvania that Trump needs to prevent Biden from winning- the 290 number doesn't yet include Georgia. Trump, at a minimum, must win AZ, GA, and PA. Lacking AZ or GA, he needs to overturn MI.

    I think what is going to be found in PA is that the ballots weren't segregated as ordered and that even while it will be proven pretty conclusively that PA officials did count late arriving ballots, there is no remedy available in removing them from the tally. The same will apply in Michigan and Wisconsin.

    In short, I am quite sure the ballots for Biden exist in all of the states- any software frauds will be uncovered because you can do a hand count of the physical ballots if you have to, so I don't think the Democrats would have relied on that to any great extent other than to buy the time necessary to "find" the needed ballots.

    I think a full audit of the states in a recount is a requirement for half the country to accept the result, and innocent Democrats who claim to be uniters would support such a thing- we have the time to do it and to do it right. The time issue only becomes critical in the first week of December. I am just watching to see that Democrat leaders do, not what they say.

  9. The honest media should use the word Hack and not 'glitch'.

    Appropriate impetus must be semantically clear imo.

    The computers didn't make mistakes, they were commandeered to reassign votes.

  10. I have surveying the results in the maps this morning in detail. I think where I would start looking first isn't necessarily the big cities, but in the collar counties. Georgia, in particular has some truly eye-popping changes in the Atlanta suburban counties- especially the counties of Cobb and Gwinnett. Those counties have been slowly drifting left of the last 6 elections as they grow- I barely recognized Cobb, Gwinnett, and DeKalb Counties when I was there last year. I had lived in DeKalb County for 2.5 years in the early to mid 90s when I was a post doc at Emory University- the place.

    Basically, Clinton won Cobb and Gwinnett by about 28,000 votes combined in 2016 out of around 650,000 cast in the two counties. This year there were 800,000 votes in those two counties- an increase in participation of 30% even though the population increases in four years is probably on the order of less than 5%. Biden won the two counties combined by 120,000 votes- Biden, in other words won 92,000 of the new 150,000 voters this cycle. If there is a software "glitch", you might find it there.

    Of course, it is possible that Trump just lost the suburban mom vote, but like one of the article writers you linked to, it is difficult to understand Biden of all people taking such a vast majority of the new voters this election.

    I am going to look around to see if anyone has collected and graphed the data for suburban counties' changes from 2016 to 2020- the changes around Atlanta look like outliers to me- it will interesting to compare Atlanta suburbs to Birmingham suburbs, or Memphis suburbs, and those in Texas, Florida, and Tennessee.

    1. Yancey, I think you'll find confirmation of this in my update, re the Philly suburbs v. the City proper--which had an historically weak turnout.

      I haven't tried to run the numbers, but I believe you may also find something similar with CG and its suburbs.

  11. Greetings and support from England. I follow a climate blog which had this post today. Be nice if it were true! Not holding my breath though.

    1. Thanks, David. Yes, we're very much in need of support right now and a FISA would definitely fit the bill. We know that the FBI has had a FISA that was, among other people, scooping up or possibly doing so, the Bidens' friends. So it's not entirely far fetched. We're simply in uncharted waters here.

    2. It was definitely a weird location for a press conference. Even if it was a mistake, it would have been an easily fixed one before holding it you would think, so there may well be a message in it.

      Not sure what to make of the campaign donation list. There is one RNC linked donation under "Winred". I am not sure the employers are linked to each other either. One is from CA, one from MA, and one here nearby in Knoxville, TN. I may drive out to it tomorrow to see what it really is- it does have a website I just visited, and seem a legitimate business. The name "Four Seasons", of course, could just be a fairly common term for a landscaping business if you think about it- all year round landscaping needs.

      But, again, I go back how I deal with things I desperately wish to be true- I apply a large amount of discount to the idea.

    3. All true. There's also this. There's probably nothing Rudy doesn't know about election fraud. In addition to half a century prosecutorial experience with organized crime of one sort or another, he was mayor of NYC and was ousted via election fraud. Which means he'd be a good guy for Trump to have on his legal team when Trump has repeatedly stated there'd be fraud. In itself, a pretty obvious surmise, but ...

    4. I've never heard this about Giuliani's ouster.


    5. Definitely,the fraud that ousted Rudy was in the vote on proposed term limits. If he could have run in 2001, he'd have won handily.

  12. The disgraceful national news media and their acolytes in Big Tech will attempt to bury, censor or ban Trump, but they will not be able to ignore court rulings favorable to Trump that require actions be taken by states - should it comes to that. And the amount of evidence so far seems to indicate a massive conspiracy to commit voter fraud on an unseen level in the history of the nation - and apparently only in the swing states.

    Just a hunch that stock in Parler is about to increase significantly while Fox News and Twitter stock will suffer inversely.


  13. Mark - great update! I missed the exit polls. Great point.

    More Swag’s:

    1. This was planned for a while, and is business as usual in blue controlled areas.

    2. The Dems believed their own polls and only expected to need to cheat a little. Enough win, but not enough to get noticed.

    3. Software count was another cheat, but was expected it would be spread out so much it would never be noticed.

    4. Somehow Internet and media giants were ready for the narrative of no proof of voter fraud, and supported this with censorship.

    5. Huge support by main stream media, including fox and my post of “President” Biden

    6. The expected Supreme Court with RBG and Roberts would not rock the boat, and allow for the coronation of “president” Biden

    7. They did not expect Trump to fight back. Trumps previous attempts to fix voter fraud were defeated. And all previous GOP allowed Democratic voter fraud.

    8. The Dems expect the GOPe to successfully pressure Trump to stand down. Hence Jeb! and Romney congrats to Biden. The Democrats don’t understand how the gop is Trumps party now.

    1. Ray, re

      "This was planned for a while, and is business as usual in blue controlled areas."

      a friend e-mailed me this last night:

      early Wed morn past, BBC's chief diplomatic correspondent stated:'' We are now certain of one thing. The 2016 election was no aberration".

      Which I told him was on a par with Biden's second to none fraud team.

    2. Mark, a fun fact for you and your readers. You will well remember the Abscam investigation around 1980 in Philly. FBI agents dressed as sheiks bribing local pols and a world class sting. Convictions of 31 politicians(1 US senator and 6 or 7 US House reps). Fast forward 40 years and this summer a Philly elections judge pleads guilty to fixing elections. The guy bribing him-Ozzie Myers who went to prison 40 years ago in the Abscam sting. Ozzie has been “consulting” in Philly offering his advice and counsel to upcoming pols for many years. The place has been a cesspool forever and someone will have to shove the necessary changes down their throats to get anything done. You will be amazed to hear that virtually all convictions involved Democrats. Philly may be the worst but the other cities in question today have been running the scam for a long time.

    3. Fun fact, indeed! I was a young agent at the time. We were all excited about Abscam, but then it backfired. That's when the FBI was put on a leash by Congress.

    4. Of course! You simply cannot have law and order types running around and messing with their control of their political lives. The message was sent by the “but for the grace of God” crowd that we cannot send my pals to prison. The crowd has gotten much bigger over the years! Election reform would be a much needed outcome here and no I do not do drugs and I have not started drinking early but I continue to have some hope for something positive.

  14. I'm withdrawing from the title waves of news and individual instances of rapid reporting fraud schemes until I see some court filings.

    I believe the fraud exists on massive scale but I've also seen some really
    bad calls on GWP and others in this with deletion vs retraction.

    That type of thing sets a really bad tone to this and it takes away resources and time from legitimate issues. It also drives stupidity in not understanding the differences between legal vs bad policies.

    Everything becomes "treason"!

    I'm expecting both Trump's team and the state houses to start laying out better evidence paths that we can currently only guess at.

    In the mean time I'll keep my bags packed and sitting by the door. I see this getting messy and if I can find somewhere to jump in and help I'll be there in whatever capacity I can.

  15. "Now we take Georgia, then we change the world." Who said that? Was it General Sherman, Stalin, or the execrable Chuck Schumer? Watch out for the Georgia runoff elections. We could very well lose the Senate, too.

  16. A plan would look like this:

    (1) Benford analysis on every single vote update totals given across all 50 states. Do the analysis on the vote totals of every single vote total in the cumulative fields across time from early Tuesday evening until present time. This is the single most powerful forensic tool to detect accounting fraud when you don't have witnesses and recordings. It is almost impossible for a human being to make up numbers to obey Benford's Law regardless of the method he is using to make them up because it isn't just the first digit the law applies to, it applies all the digits. I have seen many posts using Benford's law so far, and they look damning, but then I can't verify easily that the people making the analysis aren't themselves making up the examples. See my point?

    (2) Get a recanvess and recount ASAP in all the states in this election. All of them.

  17. Two words - Transaction logs. If there was tampering in bulk then the database transaction log for that vote tabulating software application will have recorded the transaction. 6000 votes changed at 6am in other words, there's a log entry in the database (and presumably backups of the database) for that transaction. Rogue progressive CIA hackers would understand this you say and use magic algorithms to update the DB transaction logs as well as any redundant transaction logs the application itself is keeping? Maybe so but they would still have the problem of the point in time reporting and chronology in which an audit would deal, ie when did the physical ballots arrive at the counting station over. What time period were they entered into the system by a human being / insertion into scanning machine. All would be logged. They can manipulate sure, but also cover all their tracks to survive an audit? Not so much. The report of the "glitch" is a giant tell that they did not have time enough or capacity to cover their tracks completely. If you prove a systemic breakdown in that one part of the system, there is no way you can validate the system as a whole. It's merely a question of political will not of technical capacity to prove fraud.

    1. I have no tech expertise, but it strikes me that something very like what you're saying must be the case. Fraud on this scale is hard to do by hand, and it appears that they DID have to wing it at a certain point--the Trump numbers were too overwhelming. And, as you say, there's always gonna be some sort of audit trail or physical trails to compare the system trail with.

    2. Yes the Trump swell was the unanticipated factor that changed their job from a little tweaking - perhaps the Michigan adjustments - to a lot more tweaking - the 4:00 am cheese head miracle- to full blown weak-long insurance policy Pennsylvania pants on fire fraud...that is going to leave a trail there are millions of Americans who would know exactly where to look.

    3. @ Mark A.- It's not quite so simple but yes in some cases. I don't think anyone would be stupid enough (I know, big assumption) to directly write data changes into already created tables for exactly the reason you are stating. The auditing (assuming they have it) would stand out.

      I think the major part of this cheating is happening between the district level data being moved into the state level database.

      It's your best chance to change numbers on a wholesale level without throwing audit flags.

      I'm kinda thinking this is what happened but they took it too far. Meaning there were too many groups plotting too many cheats in too many places and they seriously overshot the statistic possibilities.

      Software hacks + dead people voting + ballot harvesting + ballot printing + double voting + out of state + + + +.

      No one group knew what the others were up to and we're finding out what happens when the dog catches the car.

      My guess is we will see some actual legit exhibits in filings this week that will throw the brakes on certifications. Hopefully the courts and state houses will bring the rain on the parades.

    4. This entire video is worth watching. It’s from a day or two before the election (which is wierd). However Sidney P appears around the 9 min mark. She claims they have the creators of this data manipulation system working on somehow tracing evidence of fraud.

    5. I mispoke. Sidney does appear there, but it’s actually Lt Gen McInerney who claims they have the architect of Hammer/Scorecard working on this.

    6. Brother,

      Good find on the video clip!

      I've had a few years of chasing the CIA usage of Hammer particularly on US persons.

      The FBI was handed a rock solid case in 2015 involving Robert Muller, John Brennan and James Clapper with over 600 million pages of data on 47 hard drives. All of which were evidence of the tool being used on US citizens between 2008 and 2012'ish.

      The FBI promptly buried that into a deep hole after trying to bury it's creator.

      I am happy to see that this has again been dragged out into the light and I hope this time we can get some honesty out of our government.

    7. Yeah, it all makes much more sense to me now.

    8. Mark here is a good catch up article for Hammer / Dennis M.

      I do however caution; where there is a lot of truth in this particular article the site it's self often runs off the deep end in conjecture.

      It's an interesting history!

  18. Huge news tonight. There are reportedly 132,000 change of address flags in Fulton County, Georgia ballots. These ballots are likely ineligible. Kyle Becker and People’s Pundit on Twitter announced moments ago that 132,000 ballots in Fulton Country Georgia are likely ineligible. As noted above, the current difference between President Trump and Joe Biden after days of ballot harvesting by the left is around 10,000 ballots. If these ballots are deemed ineligible, the state of Georgia is almost certainly won by President Trump and this is before the illegal voter harvesting in recent days is addressed.

    1. Bebe,

      I saw that article and I'm questioning the word "flagged". I wanted to find the criteria for what they were using in the query and was not able to.

      Of you see / find a clear definition of what they were searching for I'd be interested.

      My fear is that they are overstating the numbers with antidotal evidence.

      Example: 132000 people filed for change of address.

      Or 132000 people file for an out of state address.

      Or 132000 people filed and 32000 just moved to a different county.

      Or 100,000 moved across the same county.

      See my point?

      GWP makes me a little nuts with their reporting. The Hoft brothers are horrible horrible propaganda / click bait artists.

      If the headline will drive traffic they will post it and if they get questioned they don't print retractions, they delete it as it never happened.