Friday, November 6, 2020

Barr Haters Will Hate

I just had to post this, so the Barr haters could hate on it:


  1. Not a hater, not even by a long shot.

    Carter and Barr called it, flat out.

    Problem is, so?

    Really, so?

    1. Same here.
      OK, so he called it, but he still ducked on SpyGate for too long (unless he, w/ Sidney etc., can pull out of their hats, the rabbit to which your post of one hour ago).

  2. Down vote for the fat kid... Not because I hate him, it's purely to make Mark roll his eyes!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

    Keep the faith! πŸ‘

  3. The Barr haters have seemed to be a bunch of amateurs with no experience in the law except, perhaps, a parking ticket, who decided they knew how the sprawling Spygate mess should be dealt with and how little time it should really take. They also don’t know the difference between breaking departmental regulations (which is usually an HR problem) and breaking the law. Committing a criminal act. And then there’s that sticky little thing called “evidence”. Our being sure that someone has to have broken the law is not evidence. I still believe Barr is doing the best he can with what he has. Almost every day we see that he and Durham aren’t doing anything. How on earth does anyone know what they are doing? Has anyone ever gotten daily status reports from prosecutors on other criminal investigations?

    1. Excellent points all. All one needs to do is watch that video of Barr. He's clearly a guy who doesn't suffer fools gladly, has a real temper, and has deep and strong principles. That doesn't make him perfect, but I can't begin to imagine a replacement.

    2. From the Barr-Hater “Is that all you’ve got?” file:

      The Barr-haters often mock his playing the bagpipe as though that makes him some sort of wuss. Weak. Unworthy of being AG. Once again, ignorance prevails. They should have a read here. No Highland regiment went to battle without a piper at its head. And the Highlanders were fierce warriors. One Highland regiment piper was tried and hanged by the Brits after the battle of Culloden for carrying “a weapon of war”.

      The other dead cat they drag out is that it was reported that Barr’s wife attended Bible study classes with Mueller’s wife. Quelle horreur!!!!! That the wives of two government officials might be in the same church’s Bible study group does not mean that they are “BFF”, as one expert said. (He doesn’t know much about women’s BFFs.) But even if they were friends, would that be prima facieproof, as the Barr-haters allege, that their husbands were so close that they’d be engaged in criminal hanky panky at the highest level of government? That they’d somehow be in lockstep? A sample of the internet forum ridiculousness that has fed the Barr is Bad types...

    3. Very true. The other horror they trot out is that Barr and Mueller invited each other to family weddings--as if those weddings were close knit family affairs. I daresay, many Barr haters never heard of Barr before he became AG FOR THE SECOND TIME. Barr, by virtue of his lawyerly excellence and force of intellect, and Mueller, by virtue of being FBI Director for so long, were both major stars in the DC legal firmament for YEARS AND YEARS. That they should swap invitations is not surprising.

    4. Exactly. With no intention to deride small towns, those who live in them have no clue as to the nature of the social scene in any big city, let alone the nation’s capital.

      In past years, we have had slews of what I call “cocktail party friends”. And maybe a handful of longtime friends, close, the kind who’d go to the mat for you… Different worlds.

    5. “slews of cocktail party friends”. And maybe a handful of longtime friends, close, the kind who’d go to the mat for you..."

      Understatement of the year.
      How often does one see, or actually talk to, “cocktail party friends”?
      Has one ever been a "guest of honor" at the home of, or had at one's home as such a guest, the “cocktail party friend”?
      How often does one have a phone conversation with, or send/ get personal emails from, the “cocktail party friend”?
      How often has one traveled with (as more than part of a large tourist group), the “cocktail party friend”?

      Even if you're not sure, that they'd go to the mat for you, they still may well be far more important to you than are “cocktail party friends”.

    6. I’d hate to be judged on the basis of who was invited to my own wedding!

  4. Somewhat off topic, but welcome news:

    >> <<

    >> John Basham
    BREAKING: Next Week There Will FINALLY Be A Significant Action Taken In The #RussiaCollusionHoax By @TheJusticeDept
    's #JohnDurham That Was Delayed From Action Due To The Election. <<

    1. I know you're lying, because Tom Fitton and Lou Dobbs.

    2. It could well be, that Barr sat tight ‘til after the election, so that him *then* bringing charges could forestall most of the likely Dem whining, about the charges being “election interference”.
      If indeed this pops next week, such charges could hugely change the emotional dynamic, even in DC, let alone in flyover Country.

    3. The Dems are desperately trying to avoid the House getting to pick DJT, e.g. via riots, and lockdowns of GOP social media/ web sites.
      At some point, it’ll be impossible to hide such lockdowns from the whole world, with potentially deadly consequences for Sil. Valley (e.g. these firms’ stock prices).
      It’s looking more and more, like the choice the Dems face is, allow the legal process to do its thing, or provoke the Mother of All Financial etc. Crises.
      I quite doubt that Sil. Valley will risk rioting to get so bad, that the web outright collapses.

    4. Ok,it's next week now and I'm hanging on the DoJ press conference scheduling!!!

      Which John do you think will speak first? Huber or Durham? 😁

  5. Tom Fitton definitely overplays a lot of things and makes me nuts in doing so. But we've heard this anonymous source "next week" thing so many times now that it makes Tom look rational.

    Friggen Infowars has been more accurate on this than most of the press has so far.