Thursday, August 19, 2021

Turley On The Regime's Assault On Our Constitutional Order

I understand that Professor Turley would prefer a more nuanced title to this post, but in a practical sense it's hard to characterize what's going on much differently. Turley has written two good articles, both arising from the Covid Regime, which illustrate a shocking disregard both for the federal republic that the US is supposed to be under its Constitution, as well as for the rights of the individual citizens.

I'll keep this brief.

The first article addresses the outrageous scheme by the regime to pay Florida teachers to break Florida laws:

Federal Subsidy or Accessory? Biden Pledges to Effectively Subsidize Violations of State Laws By Teachers

There was a great deal of criticism of President Joe Biden’s press conference from his refusal to take questions on the Afghanistan situation to his calling for the use of Civil Rights laws to oppose any state laws barring mask mandates. One line however received little attention but contained a breathtaking and troubling pledge: “If a governor wants to cut the pay of the hard-working education leader who requires masks in a classroom, the money from the American rescue plan can be used to pay that person’s salary 100%.” With that line, Biden pledged to indemnify people who violate state laws, including orders upheld by the courts. ...


Biden’s pledge could create some new law. The Supreme Court has long held that it is unconstitutional to coerce or commandeer states to undermine their authority under federalism guarantees. Now a president is openly calling for the defiance of state laws by state employees and promising to financially support such violations. He is moving from commandeering state legislatures to commandeering state employees.

When he ran in 2020, President Biden promised that he would end Trump’s disrespect for the courts and return the country to “the rule of law, our Constitution.” Subsidizing the violation of state law is a curious way to fulfill that earlier pledge.

If the GOP is raising a ruckus over this, I haven't heard about it.

Next, Turley addresses the whole issue of "coerced consent", which of course is no consent at all. He's talking about the way the regime is using private entities to coerce citizen compliance with the regime's preferred citizen behavior. He addresses the legal and constitutional issues, but ends on a political note--political in the larger and more philosophical sense:

The Biden Administration Goes To War With The “Non-Vacs”: Is Coercion the Answer?

... The push by the Biden Administration for private companies to enforce mandates and restrictions has increased in the last week. There is a high likelihood of a new round of litigation as pressure builds for new mandates and even lockdowns.


 ... the Biden Administration is using private companies as a type of direct surrogate for a public mandate.

“They didn’t get vaccinated.” Those words from President Biden summed up why his administration made a critical shift in its COVID policies, from mask recommendations to mandatory shots for federal workers. And that represents a third stage of government policy, toward a more confrontational approach to “them” — the increasingly demonized unvaccinated class that is roughly half of America.

But this stage could face legal challenges in coming weeks, as citizens and some states push back on mandates.“


We are now entering the “coerced consent” stage. Unable to persuade or purchase consent, many are arguing to make it difficult to be gainfully employed or functionally active without proof of vaccination. It is a type of de facto pandemic passport [which, in turn, is simply an internal domestic passport under a different name]. After indicating the administration was considering a federal vaccine mandate, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said this week, “I was referring to mandates by private institutions and portions of the federal government. There will be no federal mandate.”

Unwilling to face the legal or political challenges of mandating a vaccination program, the Biden administration has actively encouraged companies to bar unvaccinated people from planes, restaurants and other venues. The danger is that using companies to censor opposing views and restrict people can amount to a type of government-by-surrogate, a shadow state.


The greatest danger with the coercion model is that it will further deepen our divisions and turn vaccine resistance into a type of patriotic resistance for some people. Recently, a shocking poll found that almost 50 percent of Republicans believe “patriotic Americans [might] have to take the law into their own hands.” The poll shows how many Americans are increasingly alienated from the government, the media and the established order. Conversely, some commentators on the left have declared that the unvaccinated are terrorists using “biological warfare” against the nation.

Threatening to make the lives of the unvaccinated a “living hell,” or isolating them from society, likely will do little to increase the level of vaccination — but it will do much to increase the level of alienation in our society.

One observation. Whereas previously the DC regime has demonized mostly whites, whether they realize this or not these notions of making life a living hell for the unvaxxed will directly target the Dem base.


  1. I doubt there are any in the dem base still unvaccinated. This has become a political issue, dividing people along party lines.

    1. On a percentage basis blacks are far and away the least vaxxed demographic.

    2. There goes any argument that Black's have a lower IQ than whites.

    3. Two most solidly vax hesitant demographics: blacks and PhDs. Fact.

    4. They are way out on the wee limb now. The Rochelle and Tony show was ridiculous. Comparisons to Afghan fiasco are now quite foremost in our minds. Tony looked positively pissed that someone made him go on record with the "immunological basis" for the booster. Denninger was no doubt laughing down his sleeve at such science. Dr. Malone is still probably too polite to skewer this fraudster, but I'm sorry -- Everything Rochelle and Tony discussed about the need for the Booster was in the concern for the unvaccinated's own protection, gone is any pretense that vaccination will protect others...oh they're so compassionate, so concerned...and yet...and yet...they must mandate I take the vaccine in order to save me from myself? Uh, you'll vaccinate me over my dead body. Mark A

  2. Interesting read by Lee White:


    1. What does Turley mean by "Trump's disrespect of the courts"? I can't think of a single instance where DJT violated any court ruling.

    2. He's quoting Zhou and the Dems' talking points against Trump to show the hypocrisy.

    3. Typo:

      Lee Smith



  3. Starting to wonder if the vax is not Biblically “The Mark of The Beast”; know I posted on a thread some time ago from a Biblical scholar that it was not, however the level of increasingly heavy-handedness & coercion gives one pause. It’s getting to the point where you can’t function in society without it which The Bible makes clear is what happens with The Mark of The Beast.

    Makes one pine for “the good old days” where all we had to worry about was the German Army.


    1. The Mark of the Beast (on the right arm or forehead) is in contrast to the Seal of the Father and the Lamb (on the forehead of believers).

      The forehead is the seat of the will; the right hand is the seat of action. The best will require total commitment.

      The seal is clearly symbolic, so the mark is probably symbolic too.

      But that doesn't mean we're not approaching the moment that was envisioned.

  4. I was trying to not go on forever in my post to "Can An Entire Population Become Mentally Ill?" and decided to leave the CDC disinformation for another time and of course here one now. Recently, I've seen at least 4 outright disinformation pieces from either the CDC or the WHO. The first one was a few weeks ago regarding the "leaked" CDC powerpoint. A commenter over on Substack, Brian Mowery, wrote a long and detailed piece analyzing some of the leaked data and what it means as for what purpose it was intended - to rile up the Covid Cult.

    "The purpose - if we offer a theory of purpose that strictly infers intention from effect - is to whip the already-vaccinated into a froth; to stoke in their minds a veritable frenzy of resentment and alarm about the unvaccinated who are “holding us back” from “putting Covid behind us!”

    "Indeed, the tone online (I go there sometimes) today is one of explicit violent coercion against the unvaccinated: If we aren’t going to “see reason” (meaning that the reasonable arguments in favor of vaccination have all been dismantled), then we must be forced."

    "So, if effect implies intention, the CDC has just made a brilliant maneuver. 60 million American citizens have been turned into their neighbors’ Other overnight. But really, why should we imagine that their powers of understanding of public behavior are nearly so acute? Indeed these powers seem not to exist at all; if they did, the CDC would not have wasted time with the narrative-muddling song-and-dance of lifting masking guidelines in the first place; moreover, we would all be vaccinated by now."

    I can't help but think of the sign I saw online recently in German that basically said "gas the unvaxxed". Brian goes into great detail as someone that I imagine is one of those savant analysts and uses some interesting imagery in his writing to show you how they have twisted the numbers for effect, and he has it all laid out for one to clearly see their desperate attempt to manipulate the masses.

    As to the other 3 recent fake studies, the Kentucky Natural Immunity not being as good as vaxed, the WHO study on vaccines being better than NT - tweeted as total false by the most dangerous man in immunology - Dr. Malone, and now this latest pre-print from the CDC on the that spends all the time talking up the Gruesome Gamma and obfuscating the obvious which is all the Naturally Immune never got sick again despite the dreadful mutant variants". For the acolytes of Faucism, they make work, but reasonable people can see through this with information from folks like Mark and Denninger. The challenge is getting around the censoring from our good comrades in the ether.

    If someone wants me to cite the links, let me know, but I'm out of gas for now.

  5. Oh, I forgot I wanted to comment on Biden bribing the schools in FL. I'm sure many will recall what happened when the air traffic controllers went on strike. Reagan fired them all. Result - we've never had a strike by them again.

    I believe our Gov has the power to remove these officials by means of mal or misfeasance. If you recall, the head of elections for Broward County was fired when Rick Scott was governor as they were grossly inept. Desantis needs to fire them all and as soon as possible once they accept Biden Bucks or for whatever else he can boot them for which will shock and awe the rabid rabble-rousers to not do it again.

  6. The more I read around the web the more convinced I am that we are witnessing some kind of internal fight amongst the Criminal Syndicate factions breaking out.

    For whatever reason, one or more factions decided they wanted SPOTUS gone and orchestrated the Astan debacle for maximum damage to try to force him out. And they have been keeping the pressure on with continued stories about leaving Americans in Kabul stranded, SPOTUS not taking calls, SPOTUS being increasingly debilitated etc.. There is an active push to remove SPOTUS.

    On the other side, there are factions that have decided, on balance, that they want SP to stay for now. Maybe they think a change will derail their Jab Tyranny and continuation of the Scamdemic Narrative. Whatever the reason, SP isn't being thrown under the bus by everyone. Pelosi, for one, has issued absurd statements of support.

    And then we see that there is silence from the usual blabbermouths--AIC, Omar, Schiff, Schumer.... so there is a lot of uncertainty and people hedging their bets. We aren't seeing the usual monolithic messaging from Big Media either.

    My SWAG is that the fate of SPOTUS will tell is who prevailed in this internecine fighting. How far will the military and IC go to remove SPOTUS? How far will the SPOTUS faction go to keep him there? Is it possible that the entire Criminal Syndicate may crack up under the strain of Astan, Jab Tyranny, and the AZ audit report? Cpuffs