Thursday, August 12, 2021

Briefly Noted: Totalitarians, Crazies, Covid

I'll do a bit of a selective news and views roundup for now. The common connecting theme is the Covid Regime and how it plays into the move toward totalitarian control that we saw discussed in Session 2 of the Doctors For Covid Ethics Symposium over the last two days.

1. First up is Tucker Carlson's piece last night: Schools are creating tribalism in our kids--Academic standards are in free-fall across the country. The title doesn't actually do justice to the wide ranging monologue. Tucker starts with masking, which makes a natural transition into other forms of totalitarian controls--as manifested, for example, in, yes, pronouns. The Irish have done a study on masks in school. Are you sitting down? They found that masks serve no benefit whatsoever--but do have significant downsides. So the Irish aren't going to use masks on kids. Meanwhile in the US, Tucker tells us of study touted by the NYT, claiming that examination of "one million students" shows that "masks work." Except that there was no control group in the "study" and the author wouldn't return phone calls or answer questions. 

Repeat after me: It's NOT about any kind of science an actual scientist would recognize. Scientism? Yeah, maybe that. Behavior modification--accustoming people to obeying arbitrary instructions from authority figures? Definitely. From there it's off to the schools and to the craziness in Australia--don't talk to your neighbors, but do inform on them! One part I especially liked was the government school teacher in Loudon County who resigned live last night--and urged parents to "flood private schools" with their children. Yes! If you love your kids, get them out of government schools.

Will all this craziness serve as a wake up call to semi-normals? Election 2022 will tell us.

2. You've probably heard the news from Chicago about the female cop who was shot and killed? Yesterday the straw purchaser of the gun that killed the cop--he's also the owner of the car the perps were driving--was released from federal custody on a $4,500 unsecured bond. If you're looking for an explanation of the legal aspects you can find it here: Judge Orders Release Of Jamel Danzy, Accused Straw Purchaser Of Gun Used In Slaying Of CPD Officer Ella French. I was a bit surprised that CBS News included this paragraph (with accompanying video):

As CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reported, Danzy also dances online – and some of the videos he posts are in a classroom setting. He has been employed as a Head Start teacher’s aide in the Merrillville Community School Corporation since 2019.

The gun was a Glock 44, which is a .22 caliber. Whose lives matter?

3. Pivoting back to schools, Covid, and what liberals are doing to the kids they invoke only for political purposes--to further their totalitarian agenda--American Thinker has a story that may interest: Loneliness and COVID-19. We've heard often enough of the devastating effect Covid Isolation has on the elderly, but Mask Isolation and/or School Lockdowns --which I continue to predict will be coming this fall--with the attendant loneliness is a very real thing among the young, as well.

4. Also at American Thinker is a purely anecdotal piece, but nonetheless very suggestive: My troubling COVID vaccine story experiences. The author isn't vaxxed, but he tells of his encounters with similarly aged persons--60s. These are people who suffered heart attacks up to a month after being vaxxed. One of the persons suspected a connection, another apparently didn't. These were cases that never made it to VAERS, but the possibility that injuries from the gene therapy injections are occurring weeks and months later is one that we've been warned about.

5. Here's a fairly lengthy article cum interview at NYMagazine:

Don’t Panic, But Breakthrough Cases May Be a Bigger Issue Than You’ve Been Told

If you comb through the article you'll find that the concern or "bigger issue" is that those who have been vaxxed may turn out to be particularly vulnerable to Dread Delta and follow on variants. Boosters? We're already hearing of boosted folks in Israel dying from side effects, much as Sucharit Bhakdi has warned. Now, the interviewee doesn't put it quite like that--he mentions "natural immunity" only once and appears to believe that "natural" and "vaccine induced" immunity are basically equivalent--which we know is not the case--even though he does raise the issue of "immune escape" from Delta. Still, some food for thought.

I haven't read the whole article, but here are some excerpts:

The term itself, perhaps, is a problem. “Breakthrough” sounds bad — implying an immune-escape mutation, likely rare, and therefore alarming.

The vaccines were never tested to prevent transmission, only symptomatic disease, and those who knew the science expected, from the outset, that we would see some number of such cases, and that they would be, overwhelmingly, mild. But Delta appears to have changed things. Not everything: The vaccines are working to suppress severe outcomes from COVID infection — ... But most of the data in that analysis comes from before the arrival of the Delta variant, and during the current surge there does seem to be considerably more “leakage” in the protection that vaccines offer against pandemic spread than has widely been acknowledged. While more severe breakthrough cases remain, in relative terms, very rare, we may be seeing a rise in those numbers with Delta, as well.


We know that people start to lose the physical architecture of their immunological memory development system as they age. It’s why we get shingles. It’s why we get all kinds of infectious diseases as we get older. It’s why we get cancer, in large part, because our immune system no longer surveys the way it should.

So I think when we hit eight or nine months post-vaccination, we should expect among the elderly — especially those over 70, 75 years old — a really significant waning of immunological memory.

How significant? Enough to prevent a successful immune response for many of them? 
Well, probably a large fraction would still be able to mount a successful immune response. With almost no data, if I had to put a number to it, I might predict that roughly a third of the people above 70 who are vaccinated might no longer be particularly well-protected. Half might still get symptoms.

And the other half might do just fine.
Something like that. That other half will probably still be able to participate in a transmission, but probably won’t be nearly as susceptible themselves. So we’ll still see a much lower degree of severe disease and mortality in terms of the rates of those people who get infected.


... we’re going to start seeing seasonality really take hold. So I think it will be very similar in fact to what we’ve seen across the world and across this country before — multiple waves, spatially segregated. ...

And when you compound the seasonal effect with immunological waning and even immune escape, from Delta and what will inevitably become the next variant …

How worried are you about that?
The next variants will be worse, because Delta is now the baseline. All the lineages will derive from Delta. And when you compound the two and you say, okay, you have immunological waning at the same time that you have a new variant, then all of a sudden, we’re in a much more dire situation with the elderly, where people who think that they’re protected, just won’t be.

It’s not going to be everyone. There’s going to be plenty of people who have a good “immune age” — despite being 85 years old, your immunological clock might still be doing just fine. But there’s going to be a lot of people, maybe as much as a third, who are really not protected anymore. And I think we have to come to grips with that and we’re going to have to figure out how to deal with it.

Hearing you talk about the fall, it sounds pretty bad: Herd immunity is out the window, you say, so the disease can’t be eliminated. But there are also going to be these flare-ups among the vulnerable elderly, which make it somewhat more threatening than the other endemic diseases people often talk about when contemplating this endgame. It won’t threaten at the scale it did in 2020, but also won’t just be the flu, and we’ll be managing it in a sort of ongoing way without a real expiration date in mind.

I think that’s basically right, 


I’ve always said that we’re going to age out of this virus. People are going to keep getting exposed. And whether it’s to Delta or to a variant in five months from now, every time you or I or anyone else gets exposed — they’re really building up a decent cushion of immunity with each of those exposures. So it’s only a matter of time before we actually have not only vaccine-derived immunity but natural infection-derived immunity, too.

It's encouraging to see a relatively sensible article like this in a liberal publication.

6. Finally, here's a brief piece that I missed previously, from late June:


Dr. Anthony Fauci’s name appears on four U.S patents for a key glycoprotein that seems to have been inserted into the SARS virus to create COVID-19., a legal portal, lists patents by inventor Anthony Fauci involving a glycoprotein in HIV-1.

This same glycoprotein, identified as Glycoprotein 120, or simply as GP120, has also been found to be a key component of the current COVID-19, a disease that appears to combine a HIV-1 attack on the human immune system, with SARS CoV-1, the pathogen from the original SARS 

Medical scientists in India reported four intersections in the spike glycoprotein that are unique to COVID-19 and not present in other coronaviruses. The article was taken down after it was suggested that Covid-19 was created in a lab by inserting the glycoprotein from HIV-1 into a sars virus.

In recent weeks media platforms have stopped banning content that suggests COVID-19 was made in a lab after president Biden called a search into the origins of the virus.

This is totally unsurprising. We referenced the Indian studies, which came out almost in a dead heat with Covid's appearance in the US. This particular technique isn't new, but it's significance is that it is a sure sign of a lab origin. Every scientist worth their salt knew this almost immediately, so ... why was it so necessary to suppress the Indian studies, which were known to be valid?


  1. To me the question isn't whether or not it came from a lab. It is was it accidentally or intentionally released.
    A year ago I would never have believe anyone was evil enough to intentionally release it. But now, today, its much more likely. Especially if you needed a global crisis to institute a great reset or world globalist socialism. Which seems to be the end game.

    1. We know that it was intentionally allowed to spread outside China (and not inside).

      We know Fauci predicted a pandemic during Trump's administration.

      We know the virus contains Fauci's tech (BTW, would now be a bad time for him to sue for patent infringement?)...

      We know that Fauci funded the research through Daszak (sp) despite it being prohibited...

      We strongly suspect that he strong-armed that other doctor to rescind his lab suspicions in exchange for grant funding...

      We are experiencing the totalitarian surge in the virus' wake....

      Seriously, it's a tiny step, no longer a leap, to suggest that the virus was intentionally released.

    2. The beauty of it is, how do you prove it was intentional?

    3. Water boarding comes to mind.

    4. @Mark, it will never be proven, except via circumstantial evidence. I wrote this a full year ago, and every point still stands:

    5. @mark

      What do you mean, how do you prove it? It's beyond doubt that the CCP allowed tens or hundreds of thousands of Wuhan residents on international flights at a time when they were restricting domestic travel. That's intentional. Res ipsa loquitur.

  2. Last nite Tucker also had on the author of "Woke Inc:
    Inside the Corporate Social Justice Scam", Vivek Ramaswamy.

    He minced few words about the cabal, of the Woke, Sil. Valley, & the ChiComs.


  3. Mark I'm slightly burnt on the subject but I thought you'd find this interesting.

    1. Can you tell I'm rather burnt, too? I pretty much reflexively dismiss stuff that we know will be a pack of lies.

      I did notice that Walensky and Fauci got their wires crossed today. She said only immuno-compromised would need a boost, he said ultimately everybody. I say split the difference, acknowledge that the vaxxed are immuno-compromised as a result of the gene therapy, then debate the real issue: the risks of being immuno-compromised vs. the risks of repeated gene therapy injections.


  4. The shots from Moderna and Pfizer were highly effective in preventing transmission of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which causes COVID-19, between January and June, researchers with the Mayo Clinic and the Massachusetts-based data analytics company nference discovered.

    But the efficacy of Moderna’s jab dropped to 76 percent in July, with Pfizer’s plummeting to 42 percent, the researchers said.

    An up jumped the Delta variant...

  5. "...the risks of being immuno-compromised vs. the risks of repeated gene therapy injections."

    That's exactly the question lots of people are going to have to deal with, and I have a feeling some large chunk of them aren't going to be happy they were put in that position, given they were promised the jab (one and done) would be their covid salvation.

    And it's one more reason the blame game will continue to be king. Specifically: it should be obvious on its face that if a virus variant gets around a vaccine, it is able to do so only because it was the vaccine itself that applied the necessary, specific evolutionary pressure. But since no one has yet made a big enough deal, publicly, of that fact (not that it's easy to do so in our censorship environment) means that the idiots claiming it's actually the unvaxxed that caused the mutations are getting plenty of traction, at least judging by the citizen-idiots with whom I find myself in regular contact and who aren't at all afraid to lament to me how the unvaxxed are causing all the variant problems.

    Watch for this battle over who is causing the variants, and therefore the vaccine failures, to get ever louder and crazier. As long as a sufficiently large control group of unvaccinated, therapeutic-using individuals remains, the comparatively low hospitalization and death of this group should hopefully tip the blame game battle in favor of the good guys, but the bad guys won't go down without a fight, that's for sure.


    1. Well put, Brad. Sooner or later I believe a large number of people will catch on to this.

  6. Barrett just flipped the bird to Indiana U. students, by refusing to block the vaccination mandate there. My sense is, that the Fed. Society pushed her.

  7. Don't know if you saw this in Dr. Malone's twitter:

    The premise is that the neutralizing antibodies and facilitating ones differ between variants with fewer neutralizing and more facilitating with Delta. Kind of fits with the reduced efficacy of Pfizer and looks like their anticipated justification for jab-a-rama - round 3.

    "The epitope recognized by this antibody on the flat NTD surface is dramatically affected in the NTD of Delta variants1, suggesting a significant loss of activity in vaccinated people exposed to Delta variants. More generally, it can be reasonably assumed that the balance between neutralizing and facilitating antibodies may greatly differ according to the virus strain (Figure 2)

    Current Covid-19 vaccines (either mRNA or viral vectors) are based on the original Wuhan spike sequence. Inasmuch as neutralizing antibodies overwhelm facilitating antibodies, ADE is not a concern. However, the emergence of SARS-CoV-2 variants may tip the scales in favor of infection enhancement. Our structural and modelling data suggest that it might be indeed the case for Delta variants.

    I liked the picture on figure 2.

    George Jetson - "Jane, get me off this crazy thing"

    1. It'll be like an out of control merry go round.

    2. Here's some more on the few neutralizing antibodies and more facilitating antibodies for Delta.

      "These antibodies fall into three categories :

      antibodies that have no effect on the viral infection (neutral antibodies)
      antibodies that block viral infection (neutralizing antibodies)
      antibodies that facilitate viral infection (facilitating antibodies).

      Immunity in an individual is therefore not only based on the ability to produce antibodies to the virus, but also on the neutralizing properties of these antibodies. In this context, the balance between neutralizing antibodies and facilitating antibodies must imperatively be in favor of the former, to the detriment of the latter."

      Facilitating antibodies? Being from the the IT world, I've never heard of such a thing. Until now. So if there is a bias towards more facilitating and fewer neutralizing in Delta (and who knows whatever variant they've either cooked up in the lab - wouldn't be surprised at this point), does anyone wonder then how these variants are getting created out in the multitude of mutation factories out in the wild (us)?

      All this nonsense make me think back to the sci-fi movie 12 Monkeys (Bruce Willis). Where a bad actor flies to major cities around the world to release the deadly pathogen that kills off a large part of the world's population. It does have a great last line (and hopeful ending) said to the bad actor for those who haven't seen it.

  8. So, what's the endgame regarding China? Accidental or intentional release - does it matter in the long run?
    How about Fauxi - what's to be done with Mr. patent holder?
    This conversation is not going away. Maybe the regime wants to prolong the panic, however, at some point the piper will be paid. Sooner or later?


  9. Being forced to take the job or lose your job if you refuse seems at some point to rise to the level of a Constitutional issue. Not so to Amy C. Barrett, who apparently agrees that Indiana University has the right to compel students to get the jab. She too is turning out to be a bust, like "7/31" Kavanaugh.

    What if down the road, students begin to suffer serious consequences, even death, as a result of being forced to get the vaccine? Is Indiana U libel?

    1. That would be justices Amy and Brett. And, no, rule of law is out the window. Normally a requirement to participate in a dangerous would be unenforceable and would lead to serious liability. But justices Amy and Brett have the last say on what the law is.

    2. I'll bet you meant "a requirement to participate in a dangerous *medication* would be unenforceable".

  10. Looks like the military will allow exemptions, if you do it right: