Saturday, August 21, 2021

Briefly Noted: The Threat

Two very diverse seeming links--but as with so much else going on these day, it all ties together.

I've featured Catherine Austin Fitts previously, in a transcript I did of a symposium in which she spoke with--among others--Richard Werner and David Skidmore. You can read about her background here. A reader sent me a link to a video interview Fitts did recently--she actually does most of the talking, which is a good thing. The interview reprises what she said at the symposium I referenced above, but also goes beyond that. You can watch the video here:


Financial Expert and former White House Official, Catherine Austin Fitts, reveals how the central banking system has utilized economic turmoil during the #Covid19 pandemic, to advance a plan to centralize wealth, reengineer the financial system, and what we can do to stop it.

A major point that Fitts makes is that injection mandates and passports are simply a backdoor way of instituting internal control passports. These will integrate with the projected digital currencies that will give the authorities 1) control over every purchase you make, and 2) the ability to easily turn the screws on anyone

who resists their dictates. Don't want the latest injection? Do you wanna buy groceries?

One of the great things about the Covid Regime's pushing of vaxxes--and now boosters--is that it sets up Big Pharma to be injecting the global population in perpetuity with all sorts of ... stuff. Who could have guessed? Ha ha! Joke's on you. It's great for Big Pharma, though, and a handful of the mega wealthy. The plan is to put us all on a lifelong medical conveyor belt, including injections for strictly social control purposes. Listen to Fitts talk about it. And please read Reflecting On Legitimacy if you haven't already.

Here's another part of that lifelong medical conveyor belt. You thought it was only to keep us safe from viruses? Guess again. Pedro Gonzalez notes in the NYPost:

Transgender people require lifelong medical support, making them ideal customers for the health-care industry ...

Medical support? Health care industry? Gonzalez actually means: Pharmaceutical support. That's exactly why the super wealthy--like Illinois' own Pritzkers, who gave us Obama--are heavily invested in Big Pharma.

Do yourself a favor and read the full article:

Gender ideology is a boon to Big Pharma and threat to parental rights

There's big, big money involved in all this, and as we should all know by know, when big money is at stake nothing so simple as parenthood will be allowed to stand in the way of profits for our power elites. Gonzalez' concluding lines:

In Pakistan, people flee from terrorists; in the United States, they flee from social workers. 

In our brave new world, a culture of depravity preys on children. That culture insists that the state and medical professionals revoke guardianship from the adults to whom kids were accidentally born. The implications for this are terrifying, yet neither political party seems to have the courage to speak for the sanity and safety of American families. Meanwhile, Big Pharma cashes in handsomely. 


  1. When entire populations become in lifelong mortgage debt, they become peasants. The middle class is priced out even from their own homes, because the gap between wages and real estate prices has widened due to endless printing and bubbles.

    Most of those doctors, lawyers, bureaucrats cannot afford to stand for the truth, simply because they have huge debts. The voice of the minority who don't have debt or brave is suppressed with cacaphony and censorship.

    This processes started long ago and we are at the end stages now.

  2. Cliche time.

    Big picture - Looking at the forest, not the trees stuff.
    What better time than now to move to the next phase of the "Global Reset?" Chaos breeds opportunity.It seems that the financial world,or at least its puppet masters, are in a position to take action. Follow the money to get ahead of the curve.
    Every fallen empire needs its fall guy. Given the attacks by the Deep State on the White House, President Clusterf**k is it. Apologies to Lee Majors and Clint Eastwood.

    And finally, look over here at my left hand, that way you won't see what my right hand (and foot maybe) is doing.

    Mark, All kudos to you - you are way out in front of what is really going on when it comes to working out the "history" that is befalling the world now.

  3. So, if you look at what they need to pull this off, it requires ubiquitous network access since currently there are lots of gaps in connectivity across the US. I was surprised how bad connectivity still is off the Interstate when we had an extended family trip from the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone and a lot of places in between. How do you process a digital transaction anywhere with spotty coverage? You can't. You would still need physical currency or something that could authorize a transaction while offline and sync up later. Something like your atm today allows you to withdraw a preset amount if the connect to you bank id temporarily down.

    Well, just think what just happened in the Senate. The "Infrastructure" bill with all type of the garbage that we don't know but we do know carves out federal dollars for Broadband as infrastructure. If you live out in the woods, they still intend to control you, your money, and whatever else they can just like all the city folk.

    I also just read the UN Secretary's Office of Technology. Their goals certainly look similar to the those Mark documented with the presentations on digital currency etc. the other day.

    My favorite (/s) categories are Digital Human rights, digital inclusion, digital cooperation, digital environmental sustainability, and AI. Wth?

    Just can't wait until they start auto-billing me for their mileage usage tax which likely needs broadband on every road along with whatever else is part of the control agenda.

  4. This doesn’t fit on this post, but listening to Trump at his rally is a breath of fresh air.

    If he had a chance to actually be a normal president ...


  5. "Don't want the latest injection? Do you wanna buy groceries?"

    The Regime had better be very very careful here. I can't think of anything that would turn the mass of working and middle class sheep into raging, frothing, blood thirsty mobs than restricting their ability to get food. I lived in DC during the DC Sniper torment and if a pair of whack jobs like that can cause that level of fear and disruption, it's unthinkable what a mass would do. I just don't get it. Do these people not go home at night and have neighbors and friends? Do they all live in highly secured compounds like in latin America? Talk about a parallel society. Grg

  6. I'm not all that worried about the working and middle class. These 'geniuses' will trigger a stock market crash and a Great Depression and as I recall, although I was only a kid, those who trusted FDR and the government starved. The others muddled through and even did well for themselves.