Tuesday, August 17, 2021

One Is Left Speechless--Thank God For Keyboards!

Where to start? Well, this looks like a good place:

Ask yourself--if you were a "world leader" and an aide said, 'Hey, Zhou's on the line, he wants to talk to you!' how would you react? Wouldn't your first thought be, 'Wait a minute, I'm being pranked. His handlers wouldn't let him phone me direct.'

True. In the best of times we don't have a "complete picture" of where every article of "defense materials" (aircraft carriers?) is. Nevertheless, "a fair amount" probably translates into "a sh*tload."

And then there's the 'Who are we to talk?' aspect of it all--as even the Taliban is quick to point out. In fairness, as the Canadian McIntyre graciously notes, we didn't actually elect these bozos:

Is anyone else annoyed at Mitch defending the military establishment by saying Zhou didn't listen to them? Where were the leaks, where were the retired brass speaking out--as would have been the case under Trump?


  1. Don’t know where their equipment, etc., is? When I was a baby bride years ago, I worked for some months in the Memorandum Receipts department at the Marine Corps Supply Depot in Barstow, CA. We had to have a record of everything from the ubiquitous little mechanical pencil sharpeners up to every single piece of the heaviest of heavy military equipment…

    Word has it that Sullivan will most likely end up under the Biden bus...

  2. Mark, the “retired brass” are fools like Michael Haydn.

    The retired brass talk only when television media give them a call….

    I saw a clip of pathetic Petraeus mouthing something today - looking like a plucked chicken. I didn’t even bother to listen.

  3. Back in the old days of the 18th & 19th Century, when an artillery unit was in a bad position & we’re going to be overrun, the artillery men would “spike the guns” - literally driving an iron spike down into the breech touch hole - so the gun could not be utilized by the enemy. World War II is rife with equipment & vehicles being destroyed so that they would not fall into enemy hands.

    It’s unfathomable that today’s military hierarchy can seem to grasp this. The Chou Bi Den admin along with the eggheads @ the Pentagon have served up on a silver platter all our latest technologies, weapons, & vehicles for reverse engineering by the Chicoms, who are - reportedly - in talks with the Taliban.

    Moreover, General Thoroughly Modern Milley - along with some other Pentagon flack - prance around in tunics emblazoned with ribbons of…exactly what? What wars/campaigns have they won recently? The Campaign for Transgender Inclusion? The Battle for the Gays to Serve Openly? Or are they for reading Karl Marx & understanding “white rage”?

    May God help us. These people are not serious. General George S. Patton would slap the sh** out of a buffoon like Milley but then again a Parton-esque type couldn’t survive in today’s “woke” military.

    Bi Den should be immediate impeached, not only for this disgusting spectre in AF, but for his dereliction of duty in guarding our southern border.

    Think Bi Den’s “presidency” is effectively over; who’s going to trust/take him seriously after this?


  4. I keep waiting for a reporter, any reporter, with an ounce of integrity, to ask one of these credentialed idiots to outline what real life experience they have to be a national security adviser to a US President.

  5. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse -

    It did:


    1. They have their priorities:

      Biden admin pledges to crack down on schools that don't allow trans athletes in girls' sports

      It's all chickens that should be comin' home--to roost! And to poop on the heads of everyone standing underneath.

  6. Yeah ... grown ups!

    What was that line from “The Planet of the Apes?”

    Don’t trust anyone over 30?

    Phssshhh ... don’t trust any Democrat or NeverTrump Republican who call themselves “grown up.”

  7. On order: a 20-foot-high fence around the White House, topped with razor wire.

  8. The Vanishing Legacy of Barack Obama - Matt Taibbi

    I guess the bloom is finally off... didn't Taibbi used to be a lefty?

    "Obama was set up to be the greatest of American heroes, but proved to be a common swindler and one of the great political liars of all time — he fooled us all. Moreover, his remarkably vacuous post-presidency is proving true everything Trump said in 2016 about the grasping Washington politicians whose only motives are personal enrichment, and who’d do anything, even attend his wedding, for a buck."


    1. "he fooled us all"

      He knows better than that, but can't bring himself to acknowledge it.

    2. He's still a lefty. Just one barely honest enough to be embarrassed by his fellow progs.

    3. But not honest enough to see that Obama’s presidency was as vacuous as his post-presidency.

  9. I am curious to know how much of this is stupidity and incompetence and how much of this is the willful destruction of America and our world standing, engineered by the globalists and foreign nations who have bought America, and masked by the supposed stupidity and incompetence of an unfit leader.

    1. They're not stupid.
      Does that help?

  10. This is all just too convenient...too many coincidences not to be planned.

    Not saying i have it figured out. Here is what seems to be going on:
    1. Biden is being set up for removal.
    2. A new crisis is being created to justify uninterrupted defense spending.

    These people in the Pentagon know how to stage a withdrawal. This clusterfark has all the earmarks of a designed disaster. It violates every precept of orderly evacuation. Even now it's being so mismanaged that it has to be intentional.

    Figuring out the why and for whom is the puzzler.


    1. Just one more brick in the wall of the great reset. The goal is to dispossess we the great unwashed and unelite of our freedom and our property. Without causing too much of fuss, you understand. Mark A.

    2. Don't underestimate Joe's ability to f**k things up
      Barack Obama

      I’ll agree with Obama. Hubris + incompetence led to this.

      > too many coincidences not to be planned.

  11. I feel like I'm missing something here, because it seems to me that JB's actions in the last few days is part of the reason China put him in office and his down-payment for all the cash they gave him. Billions of dollars worth of our best and latest military stuff! Just waiting for them to decode it and use it against us! Am I being hysterical or historical?
    BTW I've been reading your articles for months, recommend them to anyone who will listen, and so appreciate your perspective. EAP