Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Establishment Wagons Circling? Regime Change Comes To US?

Sundance has a good post up, and you may be able to file it under--What goes around comes around, sub category Regime Change:

Something Sketchy in the Blame Game, Joint Chiefs Chair General Mark Milley, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Pentagon Collectively Throwing Biden Under The Bus

I wouldn't call this exactly sketchy. What it looks like is that the Deep State is trying to come up with an exit plan for Zhou that would allow them to remain in place. Sundance is citing a WSJ article, which means the sourcing is Deep Establishment. Notable for now is that this is the military--the institution most obviously under the gun for the Kabul debacle. We need to watch who else gets on the CYA bandwagon. 

Don Surber's latest post gets into this, too. Surber cites a CNN article that appears to be throwing Zhou under the bus--you know that's coming from the top. The NYT is citing Intel sources blaming Zhou, so there's another establishment power base that clearly wants Zhou gone. How long can that go on?

Well, there remains the Kama Sutra problem. That's a BIG problem.

Sundance asks:

So why is the Wall Street Journal trying to defend the Pentagon from the mess they created, and also throw Biden under the bus?

Joe Biden, General Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Austin are all equally to blame.

The Wall Street Journal appears to be defending the military industrial complex, by separating Biden from Milley and Austin.

I would refine that a bit to include the IC in that Deep State complex. But that's basically correct--the DC establishment is in CYA mode. We had a competent and stable genius in the White House who could be thwarted but couldn't be bought off. They staged a coup, and now they own the results. They want We The People not to notice that.

Surber observes:

The cratering has only begun.


Biden blew it.

He must pay. He must walk the plank. He must get on the helicopter with Jill, wave buh-bye to a crowd of reporters, and fly back to Delaware.

Don't think it won't happen. Corporate media and the deep state seem to want to get rid of him.

Consider that Times story that I mentioned.


"The drumbeat of warnings over the summer raise questions about why Biden administration officials, and military planners in Afghanistan, seemed ill-prepared to deal with the Taliban’s final push into Kabul, ...

The two problems remain:

1) The establishment owns the Zhou problem. They--including GOPers such as Bluto Barr--foisted Zhou on the nation. Him and his appalling family.

2) The Kama Sutra problem--apparently the result of string pulling by Barry and La Michelle--remains. And that's a serious problem. Just like #1, the establishment owns that problem. And there's no reason to believe it will go away. The options for somehow skating around that problem are not apparent--short of outright bribery. Well, no one said regime change isn't messy.

Circling your wagons is a tactic, and in these circumstances it's inevitable. But it's not a long term strategy. 


  1. And what if more & more evidence comes to light of voter fraud?

    That’d really cook his goose.


  2. 86/46 because he ain’t

  3. "He Has Betrayed His Motherland" - Taliban Demands Arrest & Return Of Former Afghan President

    So ridiculous. I mean, what are they gonna do to make use send him back? Hold somewhere between 10-40K Americans hostage? They'd never do that. Would they?

  4. On TV right now, Milley and Austin doing what I call the Colonel Blimp ‘wuff-wuff-wuff” (sounding very like Haig did when Reagan was shot). Reading talking points and trying to sound forceful, that everything is under control. We know better.


  5. It is fascinating to watch secret agents of our intelligence services and top brass of our military spilling all the beans. So much for operational security.

  6. How do we clear the whole Biden-Harris-Pelosi disasters off the deck? None of them should be president. They are unfit.

  7. It will be interesting to how this all plays out but shows us a few things...

    The DS is not married to a party, people often over simplify this and want to point to their default "not my side" punching bag.

    We simply don't have a side in this game, not like that anyways. In the end all factions will default to protecting the insututions by saying on thing and doing another, they always do.

    With all of the flack going on from all sides I'm still waiting for a reentry plan for military intervention to surface. We must "save the Americans" though we've no idea if their are 5000, 10000, or as Fox News says 40,000) this behooves both the MIC and Biden.

    Beyond the face saving and blame games the economy is flat lining and inflation is predictably skyrocketing. Pumping dollars, QE, driving up energy and our favorite export "War" are the usual solutions.

    I can't even look at the poles... I'd be accepting them as valid when I know they are paid political markers. Heels up Harris and her base AND her faux anti-base doesn't care either, "not Trump" is still "not Trump".

  8. Not sure Kama Sutra is really such a problem. Recall that when crunch time hit in 2020, the Obama Crime Syndicate had no trouble convincing Bernie and Fauxcahontas to drop out. It's nit difficult to imagine that they will be equally...persuasive w KH if she refuses to step aside.

    That leaves a problem w who takes over the Sock Puppet role once Zhou and KH are gone but i believe the Squeaker of the House is next in line. How...convenient.


  9. The Dems thought the Harris pick was sly because it checked the 1) black, 2)female 3) casting couch boxes. What they ignored completely was her stupidity. Harris is DUMB. So, in keeping with the metaphor, Dems may have boxed themselves in. It wouldn't stun me if in the days ahead we began hearing some positive talk in the mainstream press about election audits. An acknowledged stolen election would get rid of both idiots, create a momentary constitutional crisis, but could end up with Trump--and Pence, back in office. What better way to neutralize a resurgent DJT? Stick him back in when you still have all the control knobs. Bat him around for three more years. And get to look all patriotic and honest in the bargain.

    1. She's no improvement on Zhou, and that's a big problem. By all accounts she's totally unable to run any office she's been in. And now OO?

    2. If I was a cynic and looking to hasten the point at which more Americans see what they keep refusing to, I would tell the GOP to forcefully advocate that Joe stay right where he is. he is the 'elected" president, after all. To pull a switcheroo would be spitting in the face of your own citizens.... right...?


    3. @Anon - I would joke with a buddy of mine (maybe 6 months ago) that they should do whatever they can to keep Xioe from turning the baton over to Kackle-A. It's what one would call the lesser of two weasels, but at this point they are running the ship dead into the iceberg with the reactor at 105%. You just can't be this stupid. What's their plan then?

      They then have Nancy and Blinken next in line. Yikes! It would be entertaining if it wasn't so scary/depressing.

    4. Their plan--and I'm not kidding--is to have Zhou address the nation and tell us all to get boosted. The likelihood is that no one will tune in.

  10. security analyst Thomas Joscelyn explains reality on the ground:

    Just two weeks after President Biden announced on April 14 his decision to withdraw all American forces from Afghanistan by September 11, the Taliban launched a massive offensive. Since May 1, the jihadists have captured a large swath of the country, laying the groundwork for the resurrection of their Islamic emirate. America and its allies have remained mostly indifferent — retreating from the battlefield as the jihadists advance.

    This is what a lost war looks like.

  11. Answer, Donald Trump is returned as president and kicks the usurper out. He then invites the Deep State to a meeting and arrests them.

    Rob S